Hi guys! I know many of you didn’t expect such a reason behind Om’s condition of being a drug addict. But I believe it’s high time that we move on from this ice old tradition of a person being an addict just because he wasn’t awarded with his love, so I hope so this was different and maybe you guys liked it as well. And SORRY if the previous part made you cry and another SORRY in advance if even this one makes you cry. And coming to your questions guys don’t worry they will be answered most probably in this epi only, if still you have some kind of confusion then you all are most welcome to ask that in the comments section.

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One month after Om’s arrest.
Riddhima /Zayma enters Om’s cell. Om is sitting in a devastated and dejected condition holding a photograph in his hand that is pressed on his chest, his eyes are at a loss of tears and his face has lost it’s entire charm. He raises his head to encounter Riddhima standing their smiling seeing his condition. On seeing her his eyes burn in dismay of seeing her again. His displeasure didn’t go unnoticed by the devil standing in front of him.
Riddhima throws a file of papers near him.
Riddhima: Sign them.
Om just turns his face in alter direction.
Riddhima: Don’t you dear ignore me Om. (on getting no response she smirks folding her hands across her chest and says) Hmmm Omika right that’s what you christened her na. But dearie what will she do of that name if I don’t let her know about that ever.
The threat in Riddhima’s voice came as a frequency of disgust to Om he looked at her spitting pure venom through his eyes and then took the papers and read it.
Om shouts in rage: Why are you doing this Riddhima?
He says getting up from his place with file in his hands.
Riddhima: Omi darling you have so much of time to think, just keep doing that sitting in this cell why do you want to waste my energy, just sign these papers.
Om throwing file at her says
Om: No never. I will never let you sell my daughter just for some stupid money.
Riddhima: Klklkl no don’t take me wrong dear I am not selling her I am just putting her on private adoption that will earn me some ¥50 thousand only. That’s it. Deal has been finalised now just sign these papers.
Om: What the hell made you think that I will be abiding by you.
Riddhima: Nothing just the fact that I can do anything to your darling daughter, sign these papers and hand over the custody of my niece to me (she smirks) and then I will fly away with her to New York city and over there she will be adopted by her foster parents. And if you don’t want to do this then in next few months you will be sentenced to life time imprisonment on the charges of killing my sister aka your wife Riddhima Omkara Singh Oberoi and molesting her sister aka me Zayma Khana and obviously after that Omika’s custody will be transferred automatically to me.
Om: Why will anyone believe you? No dead body is found till date.
Riddhima: From a cliff at approximately 700 m high if even by any chance before the blast a person falls within the forest area who knows that by the time anyone reaches there the body would have served a delicious delicacy to the wild. Moreover, which sister are we talking about for your kind information it’s just factious character, I have no such sister alive and the credit goes to the Oberoi’s.
Om: What?
Riddhima: That’s enough of the knowledge you have gained out of me Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi now sign these papers.
Om: No ways I won’t hand over my daughter’s custody to a witch like you.
Riddhima in utter anger: FINE don’t sign, I have many other ways as well.
Om: Get the hell out of here.
Riddhima leaves in full rage.

Riddhima enters banging the door.
Navadita (Riddhima’s mum): What happened why are you in such a rage.
Riddhima: Rage, that blo*dy Omkara is again becoming a thorn in my way. He is not ready to sign these papers and by no means we will be able to proceed with the adoption proceedings without his signature. These Oberoi’s suck. Firstly I fooled him into a love marriage and then I had to unwillingly give birth to the ominous girl of his and now he is stopping me from destroying his life. I won’t let this happen I will avenge him for my father and sister’s murder I will destroy the entire Oberoi’s peace, I will make them crippled by destroying the edifice of their life, I will destroy Om whatever it may take.
Saying so she goes near a crying Omika whose wails are irritating her and loosing the control over her anger she mishandles the little princess of Omkara.
Navadita: Brilliant.
Riddhima: What?
Navadita shows her the recording of the present incident.
Riddhima all confused: What is this?
Navadita: Just show this to Om tomorrow and warn him that if he doesn’t agree to sign the papers then what all you can do. That emotional fool will sign these papers with leopards speed.
Riddhima laughs.
Riddhima clapping her hands: WOW WOW WOW mom you are just brilliant, no words for you. How can you do this, your granddaughter is being hurt by your daughter and instead of scolding her you are suggesting her ways to blackmail Omkara.
Both look at each other with serious expressions and then burst out into fits of laughter and share a hi-fi.
Navadita: You are over Oberoi’s.
She smirks.
Both leave the place leaving a semi unconscious Omika sobbing in her cradle.

As planned Riddhima shows the video to Omkara.
Riddhima: You see your lovely daughter had to pay for your deeds. Now decision is in your hands will you do as I told or…
Om looks at her his eyes all ablaze, his every single breath is cursing Riddhima, while his every single heartbeat is praying for Omika.
Om: You are such a wrecked and crippled women, you are using your own daughter to destroy me. Get some wits Riddhima.
Riddhima giving a ‘who the hell cares’ look.
Riddhima: Sign the papers and dismiss me.
Om with a heavy heart and shivering hands signs those papers, at that time all he prayed was that at least his daughter’s foster parents shouldn’t be so naive as the girl standing in front of his eyes who is no less than a witch from hell and he could no more afford to see his little bunny in misery. He looked at Riddhima in such a way that if his eyes really had a potential to emit fire till now Riddhima would have been driven to ashes.
Riddhima gave vicious smile and took the file.

As soon as Om ended disclosing his past to Aru the room feel silent like a graveyard at 12. Neither of the two had any word to say to the other the dead silence was neither awkward nor calming it was hopeless both of them were sitting like a newly made statue, whose even a single movement would send it back to it’s past the mud. Om’s eyes were all occupied with dry tears as he had nothing more to shed off the past four years after his way back to home he had cried every night all alone keeping his thoughts and grief all by himself. Today for the first time letting it out made him out off words. While on other hand Aru was totally lost and distressed her vision was blurred due to continuous flow of tears, all she knew was the fact that this was the second time after her mother’s passing away that she had cried so badly and in silent sobs. Om’s distasteful past was a shock to her. The inner turmoil of the two was something that in no way seemed to be in a synchrony with the outer calm condition. All the while something that held Aru the most was the eyes of the man which she had seen a number of times and always they had some new tale to narrate to her and today those eyes held the purity of an innocent child and helplessness of an old man, lost liveliness of a young father and a wonder filled life of a teen age brother. They were longing for a single look of his daughter.
Finally after a long silence Om found his words and spoke again dragging Aru’s attention towards himself
Om: I am afraid of all the possibilities Aradhya, every night I get nightmares about inappropriate things happening to my little doll. When I was freed from jail and went in search of my doll, people use to speak about all the possibilities like kidnapping, human trafficking, selling of organs (OmAdhya’s heart clenched itself thinking about all this and a layer of fear travelled their respective faces.) and what not. I die every second thinking about these things.
Aru looks in his eyes that were afraid. This was the most vulnerable sight she had came across since the time she entered Om’s life. After another long gap. Om again speaks all shattered.
Om: You know all these years I kept blaming Mr. Oberoi for being a useless father and a devilish husband but the truth is he is much better a father than I am at least he knows where his kids are, I don’t even know where my daughter is. Neither could I be a good father nor a protective brother. I lost everything.
Aru frantically shock her head in negative and getting up from a place in a half standing form, placing her hands on his straightened up knees said
Aru: No you are a wonderful father and a remarkable brother it’s just that the situations were no where in your control. Any body in your place would have done the same.
Om looks at her with not at all convinced look.
Aru: Please try to understand you are no where at fault.
Om: Aradhya today when I saw those kids struggling with their disability in the hospital and when I met Ira, I remembered my doll. She would have been of near about their age only.
Om’s eyes welled up.
Om: Shall I ask you something.
Aru nods holding back her emotions for a while.
Om: When was the last you cried so much?
Aru sits back and sighs, no one had ever asked her something of this sought but with a plain smile she said
Aru: It has been quite a long while. Last this happened when I lost my ma. She was a beautiful lady, with heart of gold, her tenderness is something long felt. The warmth in her embrace is only what that is captured in me. I miss her even now.
Om: Lucky one at least you could see her once and know that she will never be back.
Aru smiles: Ya true I know not knowing about your loved ones is really haunting but trust me this feeling is no where good too. People often say that time is the biggest healer but what if the wounds are given by time itself only, who will heal them. People go away from us not their memories a part of them always stays in us.
Om looks at her she was no less than a chameleon it’s colours were unpredictable and her thoughts and emotions. Those eyes were longing, longing to be loved, to be held, to be soothed. She was a big puzzle in herself, it’s rightly said that men can never understand women because they are too wiser by heart and too calm by brain.
Om didn’t know what to do he just silently laid down in her lap, Aru was shocked with his action but something in her stopped her from retaliating, she began patting his head gently and at times pressing his temples to release him of his stress. Om looked at the lovely lady via mirror, Aru even looked at him, both smiled at each other, there was some sought of calming sensation that both felt when they were with each other and then Om shut his eyes looking forward to one of the most relaxing slumber after years. He slept like a five years old. After rocking him to sleep soon the sleep overtook Aru’s highly tired eyes and she slept in sitting position resting her back on the bed.

Aru wakes up and feels some heaviness on her thighs when she looks down, she finds Om resting peacefully, smiling in her lap. She too smiles softly seeing him. She drags a pillow from the bed and then places Om’s head on it, trying her best not to disturb his sleep. She slowly leaves the room after seeing him one last time. She makes her way to Shivaay’s room.

All the youngsters were seated looking at Shivaay who was totally stressed and wasn’t saying even a word. He had stopped all of them from meeting Om, this was irritating everyone. Finally Anika spoke out all irritated by her husband’s all time problem of hiding things.
Anika: What the hell are you upto Shivaay, tell us what’s the matter at once.
Shivaay: Will you please shut your mouth Anika.
Aru knocks the door all look at her.
Shivaay calmly: Get in Aradhya.
Aru gets in and sits on a chair looking at everyone.
Shivaay: What happened?
Rudra: Ya didi is everything ok.
Aru: Nothing is okay guys.
She sighs and then tells everyone about the long treasured past of Om.
All are shocked beyond their wits. AniSoumRu are drifted to tears while, Shivaay has fisted his hand out of the violent rage that is clearly visible in his blue orbs.
Shivaay stands up and growls in anger
Shivaay: How dear that Riddhima do this to Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s brother. I will not leave her.
Annika trying to calm him down says
Annika: Relax Shivaay right now we shouldn’t think about that chudail (witch), right now Om is more important.
Soumya: Ji Bhaiya Bhabhi is right, what would be bada bal wala Bhaiya (long haired brother) going through all these days.
Shivaay revolves his gaze from Aru to Anika to Soumya and finally at Rudra who is crying silently. Shivaay makes his way towards Rudra and cups his face and asks gently
Shivaay: What happened Rudy.
Rudra raising his head with teary eyes says
Rudra: Bhaiya; O…
He wasn’t able to complete and just hugs Shivaay who pats him and says
Shivaay: Nothing will happen to Om, don’t worry I will make everything alright.
Rudra nods his head negatively and says
Rudra: Till when till when Bhaiya, till when will you face all the problems alone. I am also with you.
Anika comes forward and keeping her hand on Shivaay’s shoulder says
Anika: I am also in.
Soumya comes forward and says
Soumya: Yes Bhaiya even I am with you.
Shivaay nods smilingly.
Shivaay forwards his hand and AniRuSoums place their hands above his. Aru comes and placing her hand above all of them says
Aru: Even I am with you guys.
All smile at her.
Another hand is placed on the bunch of their hands everyone looks up to find Om.
He looks up at all of them.
Om stammering: I..I..I a..am s.sor..sorr…sorry.
ShivRu engulf him in a hug, AniSoums to join the brothers.
Rudra: Aare come on Aradhya di come na.
Aru pointing at herself: M..M..Me. No no I am fine.
Anika drags her in.
Anika: Come on stop it Miss. Fumble you are a part of our family.
Shivaay: Yes and we all are thankful to you.
Aru: It’s ok Bhaiya you need not to say right now. Collect all your thanks and give them to me once everything is perfectly fine.
Rudra: In that case how many total number of thanks we owe you di.
Aru: Hmmm. Ummm. Come on dude leave it give me a Cadbury silk instead.
Rudra: Okay done.
All look at the duo bewildered by their antics.
Soumya: So guys what’s going to be our next step.
Aru: We need to find out about Riddhima. Anyways I forgot to ask what was her revelry with Oberoi’s.
Om: I don’t know.
Shivaay: I know. I got her background check done after we got to know about Om. In 1985 when our first industry was set it was set on fire due to some causalities undertaken by bada papa and papa in which many workers died Riddhima’s father was one of them and her sister was the only eye witness to the happening but before she could say something in court she also died in an accident. Many suspect that bada papa and papa were the reason behind that and they only killed Riddhima’s sister after harassing her. Moreover none of the workers got justice for that.
Om in anger: Mr. Oberoi and his deeds, my daughter has to pay for that I won’t leave this man.
ShivRu stop him.
Shivaay: Please Om let’s search your daughter first.
Om calms down a bit.
Rudra: But you didn’t tell her name till now.
Om looked at ShivRu.
Om smiling at them: You guys only guess.
Rudra: How shall we guess you long hair creature are we antaryami’s or do we know telepathy.
Om: Shut up duffer. Think for a while you will get to know.
Both ShivRu give each other a blank look.
Anika: That’s why I say start eating almonds and chaymanprash your brain will get sharp.
Soumya: Right Bhabhi you Mr. Dumbel Oberoi start doing Sudoku for sometime instead of spending long hours in gym.
Rudra: Look Mr. Artist because of you we both have to bear tantrums of our wives.
Shivaay who was thinking and not concentrating on their nonsense talks spoke
Shivaay: OMIKA.
Aru: WOW how did you come to know I didn’t tell this to you and as far as Om is concerned he never shared his past to you, then how did you know this Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Because we had decided if any one of us has a daughter then we will decide her name and if we had sons then our respective wives will decide their name.
Rudra: Bhaiya what will be your daughter’s name.
Both ShivKara look at him shocked.
Om patting his head says
Om: Duffer from where did this thought came in your mind.
Rudra: O I was seeing TV with chotima and in one of her sas-bahu serial a naming ceremony was going on so I thought to ask you both what will be your child’s name as in that serial the hero had thought about the name from before his marriage.
Shivaay making weird faces: Rudra stop watching such useless serials.
Rudra: Come on bhaiya tell na.
Om: Stupid we didn’t think of something of this sought.
Rudra: So think now. Come on O you are an artist so first you tell.
Om to avoid this question says: Shivaay will decide my child’s name.
Shivaay: What the wuck?
Rudra pulling Shivaay’s cheeks: Please na Bhaiya please.
Shivaay: Okay okay let me think even Om you also think.
Rudra: For what shall O think.
Shivaay: My daughter’s name.
Rudra: Why only daughter if you had son.
Om: Then ask your future bhabhi’s to think of their name.
Rudra: Okay, now you both think.
After thinking.
Om: SHIVIKA, Shivaay’s daughter’s name.
ShivRu smiled. Rudra patting his shoulder said
Rudra: WOW Mr. Artist you are amazing.
OmRu: Now your turn.
Shivaay: Okay okay.
Shivaay: Ummm. OMIKA.
Both OmRu smiled.
Rudra: WOW Bhaiya you have become so intelligent being with me. In this case I think so then my daughter’s name would be RUIKA.
ShivOm give each other a confused look.
Shivaay: Why so?
Rudra: Aare after your first few initials ‘ika’ was put and your daughter’s name was made (ShivOm nod) similarly after Om’s first few initials ‘ika’ was written and his daughter’s name was made so like that only after first few initials of my name ‘ika’ will be written and my daughter’s name will be made. Logic. (He does his famous logic sign.)
Here in present both Anika and Rudra do that logic sign, while Soumya makes a michmichi (yucks) type face and says
Soumya: No never I won’t keep my daughter’s name as RUIKA.
Rudra: Why what’s problem in that name?
Soumya: It’s faltu like you.
Rudra: Oh really.
Rest all in chorus: NOT AGAIN GUYS.
Aru: I have one more question Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Yes go on.
All look at this newly found question-answer duo.
Aru: How did you release Om from jail?
Rudra: Aru didi.
Aru: Yup! Rudy.
Rudra: Have you seen James Bond.
Aru: No.
Rudra: Byomkesh Baksheesh series.
Aru: No.
Rudra: Crime petrol.
Aru: No.
Rudra: Sherlock Holmes.
Aru: No.
Rudra: Savdhan India.
Aru confused: No. Why are you asking all this.
Rudra: CID
Aru: Ya but long time back.
Rudra: That is the reason that you have become investigation officer today.
Aru: Aare no, that is also a reason but a bigger hand behind is of Sidney Sheldon.
Rudra: Whose she? Is she hot.
Soumya hits him on his head and says
Soumya: She is writer idiot.
Aru: Okay okay. Stop it. Bhaiya you continue.
Shivaay in his tadi/attitude: Nothing is impossible for SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI.
Anika: Lo again this Tadibaaz began with his nonsense.
Shivaay: Please Anika.
Aru: But that is London.
Shivaay: So what? One should have brain, then nothing is impossible.
Aru: But still.
Shivaay: Hmmm.
Anika: Stop your these noor jahan ka nakhra. (Stop showing attitude.)
Shivaay: Okay. As no dead body was discovered and Zayma was considered to be Riddhima’s sister and accept her testimony their was no other proof or witness and before the final hearing Zayma was also no where to be seen, so their was no solid case against Om. Left with no other option they had to release him.
Aru: Oh okay.
Anika: Now how will we find Riddhima and Omika.
Aru: I have an idea.
All: WHAT?
Aru: I will go to London and then to New York and will try finding something about the two.
Om: But.
Aru: Please.
Shivaay: Aradhya I will go instead.
Aru: No Bhaiya please let me go.
Anika nods at Shivaay to let her do this.
Shivaay: Okay but take care.
Aru: No worries Bhaiya. But ya before leaving I will make a proper chat of Om’s diet and medicine and you all will have to take care that he takes his medicines perpetually.
All nod.
Aru: And Om before you meet your daughter please get back to your old form.
Om nods.
Shivaay: I will arrange everything.
Aru: Okay Bhaiya. And well Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi I will leave my detective to keep a proper check on you.
All shocked: DETECTIVE.
Aru: Ya. I will make you guys meet my detective tomorrow.
All nod.
Aru: Everybody back to bed now.
All: Okay mam.
They salute her and then all have a hearty laugh and leave the place.

Aru’s detective.
Aru’s realisation.(any idea about what???)
Some masti (finally?)



SORRY for being late.

Stay happy
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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