Hi ? guy, I think so few of you were disappointed by Om’s behaviour, so let me clear it, he isn’t the kind of man who likes to force anyone rather he himself is against it but the outburst in yesterday’s shot was done keeping in mind the heat of the moment and rest why did I show that will be more clear once you read this part.

@SHOT 24

I am sorry Om, I am really sorry please forgive me for once, please Om. There is a reason behind this and I can’t let you know that. Om that will easily break you down and I can’t let that happen. Sorry Om. I AM REALLY SORRY


Om was sitting on the floor with support of bed, his eyes were blood shot red due to continuous crying, for the first time the tears weren’t for an urge, but in regret of that urge. His eyes showed guilt, fear, shame and what not.

After nearly an hour Aru enters the room just to find Om in a pathetic condition, her mind takes her to all the past incidents that she had witnessed with him being in such a condition, her heart beat stopped for a while and her face turned to the palest colour. She rushed to Om and bending on her knees cupped his face.
Aru: Om what happened?
Om without saying a word handed her the file. On seeing the file Aru understood the reason behind his condition and this took the floor beneath her feet away.
Aru as politely as possible: Om.
Om looked at her and took her in a bone crushing hug.
Om in-between his sobs: Why? Why didn’t you tell this to me?
Aru: Calm down Om, it’s alright.
Om: No it’s not. You kept listening to everyone but never spoke a word from your mouth why? Why Aru? Why even after knowing everything? Why didn’t you ridicule me after my today’s act? WHY?
Aru rubbing his back: Calm down Om.
Om questions her still hugging her: You knew it before our marriage right.
Aru hesitantly: Ya.. Yes.
Om: Then why did you marry me?
Aru releasing the hug cups his face and says
Aru: Om my love for you isn’t this weak, that it will break down just because… Just because….
Om: Just because I am sterile.
Aru sits beside him while nodding in agreement.
Aru: Om it’s alright, it wasn’t in your hands.
But this wasn’t enough for him, the tears in his eyes weren’t willing to stop, Aru took him in her embrace and tried to pacify him.
Aru: Om it’s okay, relax please. Look I am with you.
Om: And I spoilt your life.
Aru: No you didn’t.
Om piercing his lips with hesitation trying to make sense out of the situation reasons with Aru.
Om: But how come all of a sudden. I… I… mean Omika…
Aru keeps her hand above his to comfort him and says
Aru: Om, it’s DRUGS.
Om looks at her with blank expression.
Aru: Look Om, drugs aren’t something that if you stop taking them you will get back to square one. They often have long lasting effects and this is one of them. Drugs do destroy the entire body at times and at times just few body systems. You are lucky enough that your entire body is intact and today you are in much better condition.
Om: I am sorry.
Aru smiling sadly at him: For what.
Om: I can never give you any happiness.
Aru: No, Om it’s nothing like that trust me I am having a perfect life with you, life was never been better then this.
Om: Hmm.
Saying this he looks at the floor like in search of some historical antique. By now he was a bit calmed, yet few tears made way through his eyes occasionally and rather than rubbing them off, he let’s them dry on his cheeks. The inner turmoil was at a high although from outside he managed to compose himself.

Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
Agar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

Aru rubbing her palm at back of his hand.
Aru: Is it that manly thing that’s disturbing you.
Om: Umm. Ya sort of. Maybe.
Aru: Om look here.
He is still busy in searching the depths of floor.
Aru sternly: LOOK AT ME OM.
Om looks up at her.
Aru calmly and politely: Om what you are thinking about isn’t a parameter to judge someone’s manhood. According to me you are the perfect man. You know why? (Om nods in no.) Because you have the strength to face your weakness and drawbacks, you have the strength to fight with drugs and come back all hail and hearty. You are very brave because it takes guts to face reality and to fight for yourself.
Om: But I can never give you a child.
Aru: Well! I don’t need one.
Om: Why?
Aru: Because I already have six kids.
Om: Six?
Aru: Ya. Ira, Omika, Shivika, Ansh, Ruhi and…
Om: And…
Aru naughtily pinching his cheeks: YOU.
Om innocently and childishly cribs: I am not a kid.
Aru: Let it be, you are no less.
Om: Oh well please.
Aru: Fine but you are one.
Om: Whatever.

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
Agar tum saath ho

Both sit comfortably on the floor with Om’s head resting on Aru’s shoulder and her head above his. They let the silence to absorb their pain and the thin air do all the words stuff.

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Slowly days begin to pass as Aru hoped that Om will get over it, her wishes seem to die with every passing day, Om started to seclude himself more day by day and the change didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.


Om was sitting and thinking about the day when he got to know everything, it was nearly an incident of five days back.
Aru comes there and placing her hand on his shoulder distracts him from his thoughts.
Aru: What happened Om?
Om: Nothing, come sit.
Aru sits beside him completely unsatisfied by his answer.
Om: Aru, you always use to ask me that why I don’t bring Ira home permanently.
Aru nods.
Om: This is the reason. You know happiness never comes as a permanent resident in my life, it always comes just to leave.
I am afraid of bringing her because if one day her real parents came and claimed over her then I will never be able to send her. I am afraid and yes I am really insecure about her. She isn’t a part of my life, she is my life and like you a reason to live. I can’t think of loosing her even. Till when Aradhya, till when, I will have to stay in this world fear.

He says looking in her eyes, the eyes that have always spoken volumes to her today again, showed the pain and fear. That was increasing day by day and this was becoming unbearable for Aru, she couldn’t see Om dying like this every day.
She hugs him as tightly as possible, her embrace is so protective, as if she wants to steal all his pain from him and secure him from the eyes of world.

Palkein jhapakte hi din ye nikal jaaye
Bethi bethi bhaagi phirun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai

Finally, that day even ShivIka and RuMaya decided to enquire about Om’s changed behaviour and his off beat mood from OmAdhya.

@8:30 pm.

Shivaay, Anika, Rudra and Saumya come there and enquire OmAdhya and OmAdhya tell them everything.

ShivRu hug Omkara as tightly as possible.

Rudra: O don’t worry, I am your first baby and I promised you that I will always be there with you.
Om slightly ruffles his hair and plants a kisses on his forehead. They release the hug.
Shivaay: Om this is really not fair, how can you hide such a big matter from us.
Om: I didn’t want to hide but I myself couldn’t muster enough courage to face all this.
Shivaay: Om you need not to face anything alone we all are there with you. And don’t think so much about it. It’s okay.
Anika: Ya Om, please don’t stress yourself.
Shivaay: Om it’s okay, there is always a way out. Even this will have one.
Anika: Ya Om. Aradhya.
Aru: Ji Bhabhi.
Anika: Aradhya you are a doctor you would know a way out of this.
{These all are artificial or scientific ways to have a child. They are quite prominent methods now a days.}
Aru: Yes, Saumya there are many ways.
Rudra: Great then why don’t you guys go for them.
Aru hesitantly: We can go for them but.
Om: But? What happened?
Aru: Om, I really don’t want to go for them.
Shivaay: They are very safe, what’s the harm in trying.
Aru: I know Bhaiya they are safe and there is no harm in trying them still they all are artificial means. I don’t want to go for them.
Om: Then what do you want to do Aru, I will do whatever you want.
Aru holding Om’s hand in an ensuring way: Why can’t we adopt a child? You seem to be ready for a child, I also want a child. Then why don’t we adopt Ira.
Om get shocked with her reply and sudden output of wish.
Om: Umm. Ira… I don’t think so.
Aru: Why? Don’t you love her.
Om: It’s not about that. I already told you. Moreover, I don’t think so that I can be a good father to her, I am scared, I can’t loose her like Omika.
Aru: I think so that you are loosing her and btw if you are ready to nurture a new born, then what’s the problem with Ira.
Om: But.
Aru cutting him in mid just being fed up of his insecurities: Still there is any room for if’s and but’s. Why the hell can’t you accept it that you love Ira and consider her more than your daughter. And if you aren’t ready to get her here then trust me you aren’t worth to be called a father ever. Ira has always been there for you and just tell me one second when you didn’t think about Ira. Any festival or any function you are the one to get Ira here for everything, in every matter the first and final word for you is of Ira. Still you want to think about it.
Get one thing very clearly Om, the fear that you hold in yourself if you didn’t get rid of it soon you will definitely land up loosing everything and your insecurities for god’s sake get over them, once you accept Ira as your daughter, no one in the world can take her away from you moreover we all are with you. Please think about it Om.

Saying this she storms out of the room, completely frustrated. The reason for her outburst was that she couldn’t stand anymore seeing her husband die day after day just because of his fears, she knew it that these fears were killing him from inside and just to make him understand she had to use this last method of her’s.

Shivaay placing his hand on Om’s shoulder says gently: Om go get Ira.

Om looks at his elder brother who never failed to understand his unspoken words and today again he is showing him the right path, the path to which his heart always agreed but he had denied it million of times.

Shivaay: Stop thinking and just go.
Om: But.
Shivaay: You always trust me. (Om nods) Then trust me on this too, I will take care of everything, no one will ever be able to take Ira away from us. Just go get your daughter.
Rudra: Go Om, the GREAT WALL OF SHIVAAY is on duty now.

Om hugs Shivaay tightly and pecking his cheeks rushes out.

Anika shout: Take Aradhya along.
Rudra cribs like five years old: This is not fair he just hugged Shivaay bhaiya and not me. He is so biased.

Shivaay smiles seeing his baby brother crib, who is presently fathering a three years old girl but his condition is even worse then his daughter.
Shivaay: Stop it Rudra.
Rudra making a cry baby face hugs Shivaay and Shivaay pacifies him. While AniSaum just adore the two brothers.


Aru was talking to Janvi and dadi, when Om came down rushing , he passes Aru but then comes back and holding her hand drags her along with him.
Janvi: Where are you two going?
Om shouts while rushing out: To get Ira home.
Janvi: Calm down, you can do that slowly as well what’s the rush and that too at this hour of the day.
Om stops near the door, while Aru bangs at his back.
Aru: Ouch.
Om: (To Aru) Sorry. (To dadi and Janvi) Mom, I am already to late and can’t wait anymore and btw why don’t you guys prepare to welcome Ira home.
Dadi: Why? She always comes here, so why these preparations.
Om: Because this time she is coming to stay with us forever and ever.
Aru smiles at him and so does the rest.
Om: I am going to get your great granddaughter dadi and your granddaughter mom. So won’t you two prepare. (Both nod, with a smile and happy tears developing in their eyes.)
Bye got to go.


OmAdhya reach there.
Om: Where’s Ira?
Aru: Om I have come here with you only, how will I know?
Om: Fine chill. Let’s search her.

Om to the Mother: Mother where is Ira?
Mother: Oh my child, you are here. But at this hour?
Om: Actually it’s something really important, we want to adopt Ira and take her home and if possible then now only.
Mother with tears developing in her eyes: I am so happy for Ira, both of you come with me I will take you to her, she is sleeping right now.

OmAdhya follow Mother to a room and Mother opens the door and shows Ira to them.
Mother: I think so you should talk to her now, I will prepare for adoption papers.
Aru: I will come with you mother.
(Mother nods. Aru to Om) I am waiting for my daughter so you better bring her.
Om nods.

Om goes and sits by a sleeping Ira’s side, he cares her hair and with a sweet voice tries waking her up.
Om: Ira.
Ira wakes up hearing his voice: Handsome, what happened what are you doing here?
Om seeing the other kids sleeping signals Ira to speak slowly.
Om: Ira let’s go out and talk.
Ira nods.


Om bends on his knees in front of Ira coming to here level.
Om: Ira can I ask you for something.
Ira nods sleepily.
Om: Ira you know you are the most precious gift of my life. Whatever today I am it’s all because of you.
Ira smiles at him.
Ira: Did you wake me up to say this, you could have said this tomorrow as well.
She says yawning.
Om ignoring her words: Can you accept me as your father please.
Ira gets startled by his words and tears make a way down her cheeks, a minute ago the sleep that had made a house in her eyes vanished completely in thin air. Om gets worried seeing her tears and rubbing her tears away says
Om: I am sorry Ira if I have hurt you I really never meant to dear.
Ira: No it’s nothing like that. You are really very bad.
Om feels disheartened.
Ira hitting him playfully on his shoulder says
Ira: You are sooooooo late in asking this question and why did you ask this question also. You know I have been dying to be with you forever to call you papa.
Om smiles at her. Ira hugs him as the tears make a way through her beautiful eyes and Om reciprocates to her.
Aru clearing her throat: Ummm… I am also here.
Ira: I love you Miss. Latalpatal.
Aru: Haw… You gave your handsome promotion to papa but I am still your Miss. Latalpatal.
Ira chuckles.
Om: Of course because I am more special isn’t it Ira.
Ira smiles and shakes her head in no.
Ira: You both are very special to me. Mumma and papa.
Three of them hug each other, feeling complete.


Ruhi: Where have the two love birds gone mummy.
Saumya: Which love birds Ruhi.
Ansh: There are only two love birds Jo yahan se furrr ho Gaye hain.
Shivaay: Furrr… What’s that?
Shivika: Take a chill pill pa and ignore him, you know his words they are simply out of the world.
Shivaay: Ya because he has gone on his mother completely.
Anika: Yes at least he isn’t fond of your stupid deals and all. And I really don’t understand that why do you make Shivi read business news with you.
Rudra: Bhabhi he use to do same with me too. He made me watch in numerous business news when I was young.
Ruhi: Stop it all of you I asked where are love birds.
Shivaay: Firstly, Ruhi you shouldn’t use these words you are really very young to use them; secondly, why aren’t you guys on bed yet and thirdly, whom are you referring to.
Ruhi: Three questions at a time, take a breath big pa.
Shivaay: Answer now.
Ruhi innocently: I am referring to Omi pa and Aru ma.
Shivaay: But why are you guys searching them?
Shivika: Because pa today is Aru ma’s turn to narrate the bed time story and she isn’t here.
Anika: Baccha, they both have gone to bring Ira home.
Shivika: WOW really, I won’t let her go back soon this time, I really need her in my team, these two break my head apart.
Ansh: Oh hello let me tell you that she will be at my side, I have to understand few sums from her.
Ruhi: No I want to play with her.
Shivika: You two are stupid and just have silly problems but I have a major discussion to do.
Ansh: Ya and what about the Fashion contest?
Ruhi: I don’t know tomorrow we all will play football, didu promised me and even papa, Omi papa and big pa too promised to play.
Ansh: But that was for Sunday not tomorrow.
Ruhi: Which day is it tomorrow?
Ansh: Friday.
Ruhi: How many days more to Sunday then?
Shivika: Two days Ruhi.
Ruhi: No problem we will play it on that day and tomorrow we will go to gym with papa.
All smash their head with their palms.
Shivaay smiling at them: Okay stop this guys and tell me what if your didu doesn’t goes back.
Shivika, Ansh and Ruhi: Really!!!
Shivaay: Umm… Yup!
Shivika: What yup?
Anika: He means to say that your didu will stay with us forever and ever now.
Shivika, Ansh & Ruhi start jumping and hooting.
Shivika: Okay I will go and clean my room and make space for didu, she will stay there only and that too forever and ever.
Ansh: No didu will be with me.
Ruhi giggling: You are a boy and didu is a girl.
Ansh: So what she is my sister, so she will stay with me.
Shivika: No me.
Rudra: Relax all of you. Ira will decide that where she will stay.
The kids hung there face in disappointment.
Anika: Why don’t you guys go and prepare to welcome her?
Kids together: Yup!
They leave.
Shivaay: God! Why are they always so hyper active.


OmAdhya come with Ira to Oberoi mansion, Janvi does their aarti and welcomes them in.
Shivika, Ansh and Ruhi take Ira with them to play.


Ruhi: Didu don’t you think I need to loose some weight.
Ira cupping her face: Stop it Ruhi, how much weight do you want to loose, do you want disappear in air.
Shivika: Leave her didu, she won’t get any sense not even by chance.
Ruhi: Please Shivi don’t say that, I am really very intelligent and this isn’t time waste you know According to a report issued by W.H.O. sixty percent of disease are caused due to obesity and the prime reason of that is that people do not take good care of their health and I don’t want to be a part of that list.
Ira: Fine, Ruhi calm down.

All the elders who have just entered the room shake their head in disbelief seeing the dangerous combination of RuMaya, not even in their dreams they had expected such a disaster.

Rudra goes and hugs Ruhi and pleads her.
Rudra: Ruhi please stop imitating your mother.
Ruhi: Chillofy pa I won’t eat paranthas at all.
Rudra sighs in relief.
ShivKara & AniAruSaums: Yeh ho kya raha hai?
Rest chuckle at them.
Shivaay: Come on all of you it’s too late, get on your beds.
Ira innocently: Please bade papa let us talk for sometime.
Shivaay gets emotional hearing “bade papa” from Ira and after all he could never deny her.
Shivaay: Okay.
All hoot.
Shivika: Aap sab bhi humare saath khelo na please
(You all also join us, please.)
Kids: Yes, please.
ShivOmRu AniAruSaums: Fine.
All settle down on bed.
Ansh: So what shall we play.
Ruhi: I have an idea.
Ira: Say.
Ruhi: One by one all of us will enact a character from a movie and rest will guess.
Ira: Great, let’s get divided into two teams. ELDERS V/S KIDS.
Ansh: Perfect, it will be fun to make them loose.
Shivaay: Shivaay Singh Oberoi never looses.
Ansh stands in front of him and with equal attitude: There is no word called loosing in Ansh Singh Oberoi’s dictionary.
Both together do the hair move challenging each other.
Ira: In dono ko dekh kar aise feeling kun aa rahi hai jaise hum border par war karne jaa rahe hain.
(After seeing them why am I feeling as we are going to fight at border.)
Rudra: The matter seems to get serious now. It’s about our respect.
Shivika to Shivaay & Ansh: Okay if you both are done with your tadi then can we start playing.
Shivaay and Ansh nod.
ELDERS team sits on one side while KIDS team sits on other side.



Ruhi walks to the mirror and styling her hair says: Not fair, tumhe koi haak nahi Banta ki tum itni khubsoorat lago.
(Not fair, you have no right that you should look so beautiful.)
Anika excitedly: 3KG.
Shivaay: 3KG, what’s that Anika? There no such movie ever made.
Anika: Are wooh hai na jiss me Sharukh Khan, Kajol se shaadi kar ke pardes chala jata hai aur fir Hritikh Roshan usse wapis lata hai. Waahi jiss me wooh dialogue bhi hai Jo aap log kehte rehta ho. Just chill wala.
Shivaay: You mean…
ShivOmRu, Ira, Ansh, Shivika, Ruhi together: Take a chill pill mommy.
Anika: Yahi wala.
Shivaay nodding his head in disbelief: Anika that movie is K3G.
Anika: That only.
All laugh.
Ansh: -1.
Shivaay: Why? She answered correctly.
Ansh: So what, but the name was wrong so -1.
Shivaay: That’s not fair.
Shivika: Everything is fair in game pa.
Om: Relax Shivaay, we will see these kids later.
Shivaay: Right. Next one now.
Ansh: Your turn pa.
Shivaay: Okay, now see.
Kids nod.


Shivaay stands on the bed and acting as a drunkard says pointing at Ansh at which Anika hits her forehead.
Shivaay: Gaun waalon, yeh yeh Jo Basanti ki bua hai na yeh mujhe Basanti se shaadi nahi karne de rahi issi liye me suicide karne jaa raha hun.

Gaun waloon mai jaa rahan hun,
Bhagwaan mai aa rahan hun.

Ansh normally: Sholay.
Shivaay being shocked: How do you know?
Ruhi: Firstly, this is one of the most famous movie. Secondly, this dialogue has been spoken in more than a dozen of movies. So anybody can guess it.
Shivika: And pa you really need to improve your acting skills.
Rudra: No problem bhaiya,I am there I will teach you acting don’t worry.
Shivaay: Shut up Rudra.
Saumya taunting Rudra: No seriously bhaiya, he is such a good actor and can fool anyone easily.
Rudra: Please Sumo.
All giggle seeing them fighting like kids.

Ira coming in front: Gentlemen now please take your seats. (Both go and sit.) So by now we end the first round and the scores at the end of first round are ELDERS TEAM -1 (kids laugh) and KIDS TEAM +1.
So now lets begin ROUND 2.



This time Ansh takes the lead and comes forward, he stands on bed and in attitude says
Ansh: Jo ek saath ek team ki tarhan nahi khel sakti, wooh kya aapne desh ke liye khailengi.

Rudra shouting at top of his voice: Chak de India.
Aru: Relax Rudra, we all can hear it.
All clap for him.
Ansh: Well done buddy.
Ansh sadly: ELDERS TEAM: +1.
Shivaay smiles at him with raised eyebrows and Ansh goes and sits on his seat.
Ira: Don’t worry bro still we are ahead of them, their score is 0 and our is one and we have one turn also.
Shivaay: So next turn is of Anika. Go for it Ani.
OmRu, AruSaums: Yes Bhabhi go for it humaari izaat aab apke haaton me hai.
Anika ensures them and goes in centre of room.


Anika stands in centre and correcting her throat speaks in male voice but cheerfully.

Anika: Babumoshai… Zindagi lambi nahi badi honi chahiye.

All the kids begin to think deeply.
Ansh: Which movie is this now?
Shivika: Aab toh humara popaat ho hi jayega.
(Now we will definitely loose.)
Ansh: That’s okay but What happened to your language all of a sudden?
Ira: Leave the language and think about the movie.
Ruhi excitedly jumps and says: NEERJA.
Ansh: Yippe! You got +1 for us.
He shares a hi-fi with Ruhi.
Shivika: Yes.
Ira: Hurray! 2 points, we will make these elders loose now .
The laugh and start jumping.
Anika: Wait, wait, wait. Who said you won?
Ira: What do you mean she said correct answer.
Anika: No, that’s wrong answer.
Ruhi: No I have seen that movie and this dialogue is there in it.
Anika: Agreed but it’s not original.
Shivaay: Yippee! You loose.
Now all the elders start to jump, while kids make an irritated face.
Ira: So which movie is it.
Anika proudly: Anand.
ShivOmRu and AruSaums hug Anika.
OmRu & AruSaums: Love you bhabhi.
Shivaay: Well done Panika.
Anika: Thank you billu ji.
Both smile at each other.
Ira: All of you can sit now.
So at the end of round two we have a tie both the teams are at zero.
So now the tie breaker will be conducted by a duet Jodi and that is of MRS. ARADHYA RAJPUT SING OBEROI AND MR. OMKARA SINGH OBEROI.
Both of them will conduct a scene and the one who recognizes first will win. So the stage belongs to you two.


Both OmAdhya sit on bed and hold each others hand.
Aru: Andhera ko andhera Roshan toh nahi kar sakta na.
Om: Andhera me aagar kisi ka saath ho toh andhera kaam zaroor lag sakta hai.

All just adore both of them as if in one single dialogue they had played the entire journey of their togetherness.

Both elders and kids together: KABIL.
Aru whispers to Om: Ho.
Om smiles looking at her and tightens his grip on her hand.
Ruhi cribs bringing them out of their trances: This is again a tie.
Ansh: So in short no one wins no one looses.
Shivaay: No Mr. Ansh till everyone is together we all win.
Ansh gets confused so he stands in front of Shivaay and questions him.
Ansh: What do you mean pa?
Shivaay smiles at him and caring his face says: Look all of us our happy, right? (Ansh nods.) So our prize is this happiness.
Ansh: So we all won.
Shivaay nods.
Ansh hugs him.
Ansh: Yaee! We won.
Om: Okay now enough of this, all of you go to bed now.
The kids hop on bed after wishing the elders.


OmAdhya are sitting in balcony.
Aru: Thank you Om.
Om: For what?
Aru: For the best gift of my life.
Om: Only thank you.
Aru: Don’t expect much.
Om: Come on.
Aru: No way.
Om: Look I know everything now, so it’s okay.
Aru: What do you want?
Om: My anniversary present.
Aru: Okay say.
Om: A happy and memorable life with you, Ira and our complete family.
Aru being a bit shocked: Really, you wanted this.
Om: Yes, what did you think? (says sheepishly)
Aru awkwardly: Nothing.
Om: Really!!!
Aru: Ya.
Om: Pakka.
Aru being shy: Pakka.
Om kisses her on her cheeks and says: I LOVE YOU.
Aru: I know.
Om: How mean. Won’t you say that to me.
Aru: I had said that thrice.
Om: Ya, I remember.
Both smile at each other.
Aru: Om shall I ask you one thing.
Om: Of course why are you taking permission.
Aru: Om I thought that once I will tell the truth to you, you may break down but whatever happened was completely opposite.

Om: Hmm.

Jab thama tune haath mera humsafar baan ke,
Jude hum haar pal tujhse mil ke,
Teri judai ne sikhaya hume mohobaat ka sabak,
Jab waqt ne toda hume patthar samajhke,
Tab tera wishwaas ne sambhaala hume kinaara banke.

He smiles looking at her and she too slowly and steadily she was able to understand his complicated shayari’s.

The camera freezes on a huge photo frame of the family together.


Hi ? guys this is the last part.
Okay firstly let me tell you that I am worse at good bye speeches still I will give it a go but I apologize in advance if it turns out to be disastrous.
This is my second ff that I have written on TU and even the second one as a writer but the first one which I am completing.
This journey was bliss, there were many who joined me during this journey and many who left and I got to know many of you and I loved the fact that you all shared your views with me about all the things you wished to and with your help I got to learn abundant of things and hopefully you guys too.


If possible then I will surely write the next season but I am not ensuring you about that.

I have a request from you all please review this season.


This one is dedicated to all of you from my side. Hope so you like it.


Keep smiling
Stay blessed
Singing off

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  1. Neha_Pheonix

    Very nic shayari…yaar you made me emotional as this is ending
    Nice goodbye speech
    Great message you convey
    Awesome work as a writer
    Fantastic update
    Love ya! Tc…come with another great story!

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot Neha for supporting me this really means alot and about another story I am really not sure as I am presently completing my previous story so I am not thinking about any new one.

  2. Dheemahee

    I was an awesome one…
    U have given me a most memorable fiction and mine most favorite one… I really love it but I m little bit sad that our this journey came to an end today..
    Hope so u will try to come back with it’s season 2…. please do consider back…
    And todays part was mind blowing… U really conveyed​ a good message in a beautiful way…hats off to u for that …
    I really love ira through your journey.. she is such a sweetheart ??…
    Ya so in short it was a fabulous one… And please do try to come back with the 2 part of it…
    Love u .. bye…?

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      THANK YOU ? MAHEE I WILL TRY WRITING SEASON 2 If possible but only once I am done with O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S till then u will have to wait.
      & THANK YOU ? for always supporting me and for me too this was one of the most memorable journey.
      Take care ?

  3. Alekhika20

    Nice update

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Alekhika20 for being really supportive.
      Bye ? and take care ?

  4. Yashu

    It was really good….sry couldn’t comment on last parts…..was busy…..read all of dem…n dis ff of urs was really really good…u gave a lot of information abt drugs which I didn’t knew…tysm 4 spreading awareness…..it was awesome dear…..

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      It’s okay Yashu you need to say sorry and THANK YOU ? for being so supportive through out this journey I have always cherished your comments and you have always raised my moral and I am glad that I was able to spread awareness.
      THANK YOU ? for being such an amazing commenter and a great support & friend.
      Bye ? take care ?

  5. Madhuani

    I would never remember you as I would never forget you…
    You would always be there in some part of my heart as you are very special to me sissy you won’t imagine that special.
    You have given us such an amazing story through which we could inculcate a whole lot of things…
    Your shayari’s are awesome.
    With your speech you made your di cry but never forget you rest in my heart.
    I so much want to say but see i’m at short of words now as always.
    N never again say a speech of yours as a goodbye one not to me atleast.UNDERSTAND…
    This journey of your writing was incredible n I myself have learnt a lot from it n from you too.
    Tnq is just a small token of love from my side to you for making me understand that we should not judge people without knowing their part of story…
    Love you…??????
    See you soon if possible for you.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Sorry di *puppy face * for making you teary, for saying this as good bye one I will correct myself and call it thanks giving I hope so that will be good.
      Di i am myself short of words as whatever you expressed has touch my heart today I am totally numb after reading it as i could never imagine that only by my writing somebody can love me so much.
      Thank you ? for everything di and trust me your this sis will never forget you and just to be with you guys i will try my level best to come up with season 2 of this story.
      I love ❤ you loads and tonnes.
      And I am glad that because of me you understood something it makes me feel that my reason of writing is fulfilled and I am really at ninth cloud after reading you comment.
      Bye ? take care ?

  6. Chandini

    Hi sweety…
    First I will speak about this part…
    Om and aru are perfectly made for each other……aru…the light who came to om’s life which was so dark that even his brothers can’t bring him out of that….but she changed him completely now made him understand what is life the drug addict om is no more but the drugs didn’t leave him so as aru she will always be there for him….
    Rudra a kid himself is having a girl child…..????????I am imagining when ruhanika will ask for a hug from saumya rudy too will cry that he needs one????I wonder what name he will keep for that moment…..I loved kids team and elders team???????ira she is cute if aru is the reason that om left drugs….ira is the reason he is living without omika….
    On the whole this war against the drugs is the best ff I have read in this genre….
    You know what if i haven’t known you before I would have thought that a 25+ girl is writing this….you are that good sweety…sensitive issue handled sensibly….
    And also in this ff you introduced me so many new medical terms which I don’t know thank you for that….
    Say a big no to drugs….is what this ff’s mantra and after reading this my mantra is A big hug to my sweety?????????
    Lov you sweetheart…
    It’s sad I will miss WAD but I know that it’s gonna end someday…anyways thank you for giving us such a wonderful ff…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Huggy Princess I need it desperately ?? come here and give me a tight one ??.
      THANK YOU ? firstly for making me feel that I am damn sensible but really answer me don’t you feel that this ff writer and the person with whom u talk daily seem to be two different people who are poles apart. I talk sense her and non sense on the group isn’t that a great combo of me ???? I don’t know when ever u say that I write something that’s above my age I feel ajeeb of my own self ???.
      Secondly, THANK YOU ? for always being there with me through out this journey I love you ? ? meri princess.
      BAs now I am at lack of words to show my gratitude towards you but I love ❤ you loads and THANK YOU FOR everything.
      Bye ? take care ?

  7. Ashwinee

    di you have stopped this beautiful journey of WAR AGAINST DRUGS 2 . both of the seasons were, are forever memorable. hope to see many more becoz i am really greedy and mean about your works . so SISTER INDIA, as your one work got completed regarding drugs, your one more work which is pending about women empowerment needs to progress ( dont ever end it soon). so will be eagerly waiting for that one. more than me you know what you have to do, so go ahead with your decision , hope to see you soon . love you loads. take care and bye for now

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Correction Ashwinee this is season 1 & I have to think about writing season 2.
      Anyways THANK YOU ? for always encouraging me and especially for giving me tremendous respect it means alot to me so much that I can never express it and maybe I have ended my work but I hope that this war continues till the date everyone doesn’t wins over it and about women empowerment yes I am back with it I have posted the very next part of O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S and one day that also will end but this journey will go on till eternity maybe at times in my heart and at other’s in someone else heart because these matters are quite tender and fragile and until and unless they do not end someone or other will raise his / her voice against these evils and that person can be anyone.
      Okay before I go too long i will stop here only but I am really thankful to you for every single thing you have done for me ?.
      Love ❤ you dear
      Bye ?
      Take care ?

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… You are an amazing writer… This W. A. D. is such a nice journey… Take care and stay blessed…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? soooooooo much dear for all ur comments and blessings as well.
      Bye ? take care ? you too.

  9. Ankita27

    Amazing… superb.. mind blowing update dear… u just nailed it.. Beautiful ending ??? .. loved it to the core… Great message u conveyed…. will miss u a lot n ur ff… if possible come back soon with another dhamakedaar ff…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? Ankita for being a great support and about a new ff I am presently completing my previous ff after that if possible I will write season 2 of this and I have absolutely no idea about anything else ?.
      Thanks for everything and bye ? take care ?

  10. Lalitha

    Hiiii shivi….
    Firstly I would like to say that u r an amazing writer…… I am a fan of ur first ff…. I never ever read this ff…. But yesterday when you sent the link I just thought to read….. & the first thing I felt
    Why the hell I missed such an amazing ff…. This ff is awesome dear…. & had a great message in it….. Now I started loving this ff but to my bad luck this is the last part…..
    Plz dear plz come up with the season 2 plz plz….. I will be eagerly waiting for the season 2 & the next part of ur other ff…..
    Love u shivi???

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      It’s okay Lali di kehta hai na dair aye darust aaye ??.
      I am glad that you read this and thank you ? sooooo much for commenting.
      Bye ? take care ?

  11. Amore

    Good job bachha… The end was really beautiful… The story that shows the end to be a new beginning is always overwhelming and you proved it again that you can write overwhelming chappies in an overwhelming way,…….

    Every writer has their own way of portraying his/her work… it depends how they play with words…

    The story start with Om’s guilty conscience, which was well handled by aaru… You know what is the best part ??? You didn’t let your plot change… This story was all about drugs and Om… Drug’s side-effect making him sterile showed that you still are on the very same plot as you were…

    This proves how determined you are … you were so determined not to change the story-line and gave a perfect beginning of FINAL CHAPPY with Om winning over drugs that had harmed him beyond his reach…

    And the way aaru made him understand what actually manhood is… made me like her more… bachha… you will make me miss her maturity so much…

    The family moment is always the best part of the series and here you marked that upto a new level… Aaru making him spill his insecurities and consoling him is too good.

    (I am patting my back with pride… I should have been a Psychologist… as looking on how I mostly tend to guess all correct hehehe … I was so right about Om’s insecurities.)

    The way kids were on their toes knowing Ira will stay with them FOREVER… I felt my eyes moistening… Not because i was emotional but the kids’ love for Ira was so very overwhelming…

    Ruhi is literally most adorable here… hehehe what a description..

    Ira made Shivaye agree her words just by 2 words “bade papa” which took my breath away for her quick acceptance…

    I know she wanted to be with them forever but the way she uttered those words… It showed how desperate was she to be an OFFICIAL family member… *note that I did not say an oberoi but a family*

    Dumb Charades was awesome… And the way Shivaye explained Ansh about Unity of family is so like THE SHIVAYE SINGH OBEROI making his son the NEXT GREAT WALL of the family…

    Hats off bachha… you did really well.. keep doing and I am glad for your PM… I feel really good to see that you value my words so much… Do keep telling me more (with PM) and I will always be there…

    I know I am late but I am having so hectic days… I am having My exams on my head so couldn’t comment… I will still be off for almost a month from now.. Then I will be back but do keep telling me about your works so that I can read it even if it is in a single go…

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      You see this is the reason…. The ultimate reason because of which I yearn to always hear it from you.
      The perfect analysis and definitely you are perfectly qualified for being a Psychologist ?? actually why don’t you try that field.
      I have no words to explain the fact that how much I love to hear it from you di, you have made me so much emotionally attached to you that I hardly find words to express myself but I seriously love ❤ you di as you have always been really fear with your words and supported me always by pointing at my mistakes you made me to learn and by your comments you have always encouraged me.
      Your genuineness has made me fall for you and respect you like anything.
      And the way you are loving me di I really can’t explain how emotional you have made me with your words I really fell blessed to have you by my side.
      How much ever may I thank you it will always be less but still THANK YOU for every single thing di every single thing…
      Love you ?
      ALL THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS and I will surely pm you and do tell me once you are done with ur exams we will have a good chat as I desperately need that.
      Just rock your exams di.
      Bye ? take care ?

      1. Amore

        Sure Shivu… I will message you for sure but lemme finish this simple-stuff-with-complicated-headache-material (exams in simpler words) first..

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