@SHOT 19

Aradhya is getting ready for her birthday party in her room. The party has been hosted by the OBEROI’S and RAJPUT’S jointly.

Hmm. Oh god why I am so hell nervous, it’s ok take deep breath Aru.
(She breaths)
To hell with this breath, nothing is going to work. I wasn’t this nervous even during my first case but today. God please bless me.
You can do this Aradhya.
Yes! Yes! I can.
But how?
God please give me strength.

Looking at herself for the last time, she finally moved towards her destination.
She is looking ravishing in her rose gold plain textured fluffy gown, with lightest make up on face but perfect eye make up and open half straight and half curled hair.

Om: Aru why did you call me here and that too now, you know na party is going to start.
Aru who is standing facing the other side now turned to face Om. Undoubtedly Om is awestruck looking at the beautiful lady.
Om: Gorgeous.
Aru: What?
Om: You are looking gorgeous Aru.
Aru: Thank you.

Om holding her hand and dragging her.
Om: Come on now we need to go down.
Aru stopping him.
Aru: Wait Om, I want to talk to you.
Om: Aru we can do that later too, right now everyone is waiting for you downstairs.
Aru: No, Om after this party Dada ji will come and take me back to Rajasthan tomorrow.
Om: Aru you will be leaving tomorrow not today, we can even talk after the party ends.
Aru: No Om please.
Om: Wait let me guess, you are worried about Ira right.
Aru: Yes, I am but right now I want to talk something else.
Om: Fine say.
Aru: Om come here.
She takes him towards the balcony and sings at the evening sky.
Aru: Papa use to say that ma is above their among the starts. Today whatever I am saying I mean it from my heart and soul and I am saying that in front of my ma.
Om smiles a little.
Aru: Om I have met many people till date but never became so close as I came to you all. Especially you.
Om looks at her suspiciously.
Aru: Om I don’t know whether you will accept this or not but please if you don’t want this, I hope so we can be friends forever.
Om nods in assurance.

Aru: Om I really love you.
Om is take aback although somewhere or other he knew what was coming and down his heart he wanted this too but he wasn’t really ready for this.
Om with his eyes down: Aru please we shall always be friends.
Aru nods: Don’t you feel the same for me.
Om: That doesn’t matter.
Aru: That matters Om. That matters to me.
Om sighs and looking at her says: Aru you are like a butterfly and I am fire. We were never meant to be one. Please leave this here.
At the same point Rudra comes to call them and Om leaves, while Aru stays on for a while and then she too leaves.

Shivaay in teasing tone: Aru we caught a very big secret of yours.
Aru: Hmm. Which secret Bhaiya?
Shivaay: That you are lead singer of ANGELS AND DEVILS GROUP.
Aru smiles.
Anika: So now you got to sing for us.
Rudra: Yes di please.
Aru: Aare no. Please.
Adhiraj: Moti stop showing tantrums and sing. You are being shy like a newly wedded bride .
Ira: Yup! Miss. Latalpatal please.
Surayaansh: Come on baccha.
Aru smiles and on everyone’s insistence walks to the stage and takes over the piano.

Aradhya sings the entire song looking at Omkara as if she is answering his queries:

Pyaar deewana hota hai mastana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai
Pyaar deewana hota hai mastana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai

Shama kahe parwaane se pare chala jaa
Meri tarah jal jaayega yahaan nahi aa
Shama kahe parwaane se pare chala jaa
Meri tarah jal jaayega yahaan nahi aa

(Om looks at her with questioning eyes ‘What she is upto’ .)

(Aru smilingly replies.)

Woh nahi sunta usko jal jaana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai
Pyaar deewana hota hai mastana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai

(Om nods in negative and starts to move away.)

Rahe koi sau pardon mein darre sharam se
Nazar aji laakh chhupaaye koi sanam se

(Both become teary eyed as Om feels helpless and Aru could understand it but she had no way out for that.)

Aa hi jaata hai jispe dil aana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai

Pyaar deewana hota hai mastana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai

(Aru sings the next few lines trying to stop him so that she could explain him.)

Sunoo kisi shaayar ne yeh kaha bahut khoob
Manaa karey duniya lekin mere mehboob

(Om looks at her with pleading eyes. She just smiles back sadly.)

Sunoo kisi shaayar ne yeh kaha bahut khoob
Manaa karey duniya lekin mere mehboob
Woh chhalak jaata hai jo paimaana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai

Pyaar deewana hota hai mastana hota hai
Har khushi se har gham se begana hota hai

All clap for her, while she descends the stage with a fake smile.

Suryaansh: What did he say?
Aru: What we had expected. Papa was my love so weak that I could not convince him.
Suryaansh smiling at her: Baccha you have just asked him and he denied, the journey of convincing is still their.
Aru: But we will be leaving tomorrow papa.
Suryaansh: Still you have time of over a night and I think it is enough to search the depths of his heart.
Aru: How?
Suryaansh with raised eyebrows: Did I fall in love with him?
Aru: Papa of course not.
Suryaansh: Then how can I tell.
Aru in irritated way: Let it be.
She went stamping her feet from there.

Rudra: Guys did you feel some illu illu between O and Aru di.
Saumya confusingly: Illu illu???
Rudra: Aare Sumo illu illu, I mean lovey dovey.
Shivaay: Ya even I think so.
Anika: You guys are useless you noticed all this so late.
ShivRu and Saumya together: You knew it.
Anika: Obviously, I have eyes.
Rudra: You have Eyes or X-Ray scan.
Shivaay hitting Rudra’s head: Shut up duffer. But know how will we get to know that what is the matter.
Anika shouts: Om.
Shivaay: Why are you shouting?
Anika: I am not shouting I am calling out for Om, you idiot.
Shivaay with an open mouth: You called me an idiot.
Anika: Leave it.
Om comes there.
Om: Ji Bhabhi.
Anika: Om, what happened why is your mood so off.
Om: Nothing Bhabhi.
Anika melodramatically: Fine, I know you don’t trust me that’s why you don’t want to share it with me.
Om: No Bhabhi it’s nothing like that.
Anika: Then say what happened?
Om looks here and there and says: Nothing at all.
Shivaay sarcastically: Look guys our Om has learnt how to lie also.
Om: Shivaay it’s nothing like that.
Rudra: Then what is it like.
Om: It’s nothing you guys are just over thinking.
Saumya: Really lamba Baal wala Bhaiya we are not overthinking you are definitely hiding something from us.
Om being irritated: It’s nothing like that guys.
Saying so he leaves from their.
Anika: ShivRu you both go and talk to him till then Saumya and I will go and talk to Aru. Both seem to be really worried.

Shivaay: Om tell me is something wrong between Aru and you.
Om: Shivaay please can you leave me for a while.
Rudra: No not at all. We are not going to leave you alone.
Shivaay: Please Om tell us what happened?
Om: Aradhya loves me.
Shivaay: She proposed you.
Om: Yes.
Rudra being a little excited: Then what did you say.
Om: I just said that we should remain friends only.

AniSoums get Aru at the same place where boys are.
Shivaay and Anika at same time.
Anika: Shivaay what did Om say?
Shivaay: What did Aru say?
Anika being pissed off: She said that only Om will tell us.
Shivaay: So Aru you proposed to Om.
Adhiraj and Diya who came there became shocked hearing them.
Adhiraj: Seriously, Aru proposed you.
Diya: Finally.
Om: You guys knew it?
Adhiraj casually: Till now entire Rajasthan knows this that Dr. Aradhya Rajput has fallen for Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi. You know what man, I really don’t know what’s so special about you that my sister loves you. As far as I remember she has always been a book worm and nothing else, she never use to look up from her books. And boys.
Adhiraj and Diya together: NO. NEVER.
Aru hits them on their head.
Diya: What?
Aru: Shut up guys.
Diya: Ya seriously, you rocked it dude.

All the while Aru was looking at Om and she figured it out that he wasn’t comfortable discussing about all this.
At the same time Mahi along with Ira comes their and both are huffing.
Aru: What happened to both of you.
Ira: God know but I think so your sister has gone mad she just dragged me here, when we were playing.
Adhiraj: What happened Mahi, it seems as if you have seen a ghost.
Mahi: Seeing a ghost won’t be a bad idea but what I saw is even more dangerous.
Diya: You are talking as if you have seen hitler.
She says in a mocking way and tilting her head to another side.
Mahi nods.
Adhiraj: Chal jhothi. (Stop lying.)
Mahi: I am not lying, he is seriously present here.
Adhiraj: No…
Mahi nods in ‘YES’.
Aru: He came.
Mahi nods in agreement.
Diya patting her head: That to so soon.
Mahi: And hitler will surely come searching for you.
All the Oberoi’s look confused on seeing irritated Rajput’s.
Anika: Who has come?
Rudra: Who is this hitler?
Adhiraj: Come meet him yourself.

All of them go to the main area.

A man is sitting on sofa in proper posture, with his head held high, wearing a black long coat in a complete royal attire. From his way of sitting and the pride that reflects on his face anybody can guess that he is a man of high morals, strict by nature and a no nonsense tolerating person.
All the youngsters gulped seeing him.
Adhiraj went to him and touched his feet followed by the rest.

Rudra whispering to Aru: Yeh Suryavanshaam ke Amitabh Bachchan kon hai?
(Who is this Amitabh Bachchan of Suryavanshaam?)
Aru smiling nervously: He is our grand father General Damodar Rajput.
Om: Was he in army?
Aru nervously: Yes.
Shivaay: Relax guys you all are behaving as if he will kill you.
Adhiraj: No he won’t, rather he will prefer doing our court martial.
Diya: And maybe detention as well.
Rudra comically: Aare he is an army officers and that to ex- but you guys are behaving as if he is Principle of your school.
Aru: Rudra if you didn’t shut your mouth up, then before he does something I will kill you.
Rudra makes “What did I do?” Face.
Damodar Rajput: Aradhya I want to talk to you.
Aru in scared tone: Me.
Damodar Rajput: From when do I need to repeat my words.
Aru: No dada ji, it’s nothing like that.
Damodar Rajput: Then come with me.
Saying so he moved to study room.
Adhiraj: All the best.
Saying so he pushed her to the room, but before leaving Aru looked up to her papa and asked through actions “What happened?”. He just smiled and asked her to carry on.

Damodar Rajput: Aradhya, I know that you are nervous and it’s not your mistake, I have always been strict to you and in return you all just became scared of me.

Aru was initially unable to digest her grandfather’s words. She was taken aback both by the words and tone he used. His tone was more loving and caring but didn’t had a pinch of regret and that made her comfortable.

Damodar Rajput continues: Aradhya you know ten years back your mother left you with us and took a promise from me that we should always keep you happy and make your life the best. Your mother was a perfect woman with all the capabilities. She never stepped back from her responsibilities. Yes, I won’t be wrong if I say that she has always been ideal in fulfilling all her relations and responsibilities and gradually we had same expectations from you also and trust me my dear you have always fulfilled your responsibilities with perfection and I appreciate that. You have always been mine and our families pride. (Aru smiled.) So now it’s turn for you to step in another world, where you will go to another house taking our pride with yourself. (Aru was taken aback as she understood the meaning of his words. She silently looked down. But to her shock her dada ji raised her head and moving his hand through her hair continued) Don’t bend your head like this my dear. I know that you have always respected my words and in return I too need to do that. I know that you have feelings for Om. (Aru looked astonishingly at him but he smiled and continued) What are you trying to figure out, that how did I got to know this. (Aru mechanically nods in yes.) Well, your father didn’t open it up to me and I have my resources too. (He said chuckling as Aru’s was totally confused and her expressions were really funny.) Coming back to Om. I know he was married and has a daughter as well and was an addict too. Probably I have no reason to say yes for him. But his kindness, genuineness, love towards his family is something I can’t ignore too. Yet there is something else in him that he can attract anyone towards himself. So I have no reason to say no. I know this is confusing, so first you tell me did you confess to him.

Aru was too shocked to reply or tell her grandfather anything. Firstly she had never expected her grandfather to ask her a question of this sort and that too so frankly and secondly the amount of character enquiry work her grandfather has done on Omkara wasn’t expected.

Damodar: ARADHYA? Where are you lost?
Aru just swings her head in “NOWHERE”.
Damodar: Have you kept mon vrat? (Fast in which a person doesn’t speaks anything.)
Aru again nods in “NO” but this time a little more vigorously.
Damodar: Then speak something.
Aru nods in “YES”.
Damodar shouts: SPEAK.
Aru: Ji dadu ji.
Damodar smiles at her stupidity and nervousness.
Damodar: Aru have you talk to Om.
Aru nods in “YES”.
Damodar: Then what did he say?
Aru: No.
Damodar: Okay, so what next.
Aru: I don’t know.
Damodar: Fine you go and send Om inside I want to talk to him.
Aru becomes hyper and speaks in a flow.
Aru: No no Dadu please don’t say anything to him. I think so he needs time. Let it be please dadu. He may not misunderstand me.
Damodar: Calm down Aru I am not going to talk to him about this just send him in.
Aru nods and leaves being totally confused.

That’s all for the day and sorry for the delay but I was really confused whether the shot is upto the mark or not. Please guys do tell me did you like the proposal or not.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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