Time passed like sand passes from hand and eventually things began to fall at place. Life became more smoother with every passing day. Grudges, annoyance, care, love started replacing urge, violence, viciousness and drugs. The days became better and togetherness strength.

By now eleven and a half months of my being in the Oberoi Mansion have passed with innumerable and beautiful memories. Within two days my family would be here to take me back home, I wonder why is my entire family being so adamant on coming here and when ever I asked for a reason I am always dogged back with the prolonged teasing session conducted by my siblings and being fed up I asked my dear father, who replied that his own father had passed the order. As there is no courageous being in my family to ask my darling Hitler about anything so I too have to follow him without a question just like all others do. Well presently I am a bit perplexed no not with my feelings or what I am going to say to him tomorrow but there is something else that is bothering me. Well that’s Ira, how on earth am I going to tell her that within two days I am going to leave her…… maybe forever…… No..no not forever. To be really truthful I have become habitual of every single being present here. Pampering by all the elders, accompanying Rudy and Anika Bhabhi in their pranks by being their crime partner, protective nature of Shivaay Bhaiya and his over possessiveness, sweetness of Ira and friendship of Om. Yup! I have become an addict to everyone. It’s been long since they all considered me as their family and gave me my own time to accept them.


Shit! Damn it man in all my thoughts I completely forgot that I had promised Om and Ira to join them back at Oberoi mansion as soon as I end my work and It’s nearly night now and I am sure both will not spare me. Not only the two of them but the entire family would be simply ready to shower their anger on me. That’s my new routine to eat a handful of scolding from the entire family as I get so much indulged in my work that I completely forget that I have to go back home. In this case Om is bent head over heels to change me but probably he is loosing that. God! Why always me. Am I the only victim you find for all the crisis of the world.
Urgh… This sounds really over dramatic of myself. Yes this is purely a new stupid, over dramatic version of me, which has eventually developed due to Rudra and Ira’s company. Of course it is rightly said that ” COMPANY AFFECTS” and in my case the affects seem to be more prominent at times. I wonder why?
Saying so smashing my head and instructing few things to the ward boy who had entered in my cabin a while ago I made my way to my car in order to make a move to Oberoi mansion. Just to make sure how late I was I checked my watch and this made me say Pinky aunty’s favourite dialogue, which apparently seems to have got over my tongue for a while now.
‘O my Mata’ were the golden words I spoke as the watch struck half past eleven. Barely by twelve I will be at mansion and for sure Ira would have slept now after being disappointed from me as during her holidays she stays maximum time at Oberoi mansion only.


@OM’S P.O.V.
This is too much every day even after hearing a bundle of scolding and getting herself into punishment this newly found banded queen of our family is again late. I just hope she is here or our entire surprise will be a big flop.
While I was indulged in my thoughts I felt a pat on my back and as I turned I found my new friend getting me out of my traces. Well this new friend is none other than Aradhya’s brother, Adhiraj, he offered his friendship to me stating that who so ever is Aradhya’s friend is automatically a part of their family, that was so kind of him, presently he is asking me about Aradhya’s whereabouts and I am simply confused.
“She is late again. Right.” He said with utmost confidence of being right.
“Yup! Does this always happen?” I asked him.
“Well not before but now I think this is turning out to be her habit.” He said.
“If she doesn’t comes on time then our so much of hard work will go in vain.” Said sweet voice of my little angel Ira, who seemed really tensed and upset with Aradhya being late.
Adhiraj bent in front of her and caring her cheeks said
“Btw I think so that your Miss. Latalpatal will earn scolding from bada papa.”
“I don’t know about bada papa but I am surely not going to spare her if she didn’t come on time.”
Squealed my little angel in anger, making Adhiraj chuckle, who dramatically added “I wish even I had same effect on Aru.”

“She will split you in two parts for this bhai.” Said Diya, Aradhya’s sister. It was then we all heard a horn and were sure that Aradhya was here by now.
Ira shouted “Still ten minutes are there, what to do now.”
Diya pushed me towards the door and asked to indulge Aradhya in my talks untill and unless the clock doesn’t strikes 11:59. As exactly at twelve my bestie would be turning 30.
Yup! The entire preparations were going on for her birthday and for this we have been preparing since three weeks. I mean the Oberoi’s and the Rajput’s together. For that purpose all the youngsters from both the family use to have chat on Skype for hours everyday to make each and every little thing perfect according to Dr. Aradhya’s taste.
By now I was in front of Aradhya who was snapping me out of my thoughts. She asked me while fondling on her cell phone.
“Where are you lost Om?”
I snatched her phone. She squealed “What?”.
I replied with a bit of anger
“Have you seen the time.”
With her most innocent and convincing face she replied the most usual excuse of her ” Actually I was caught up with a patient.”
I tried to sound a bit rude but that seems to be dwindling now a days as I can hardly feign my anger in front of her and only God knows Why?
“Aru you are terrible at making excuses, how can you just come up with the same one every day.” I was trying hard to make her stay untill the time comes for her to enter the home.
Aru spoke sweetly while moving towards the main door “Maybe that’s the truth Mr. Artist.”
Oh god why is she in such a hurry, I quickly held her hand and dragged her towards myself, startling her.
She snapped at me “WHAT ARE YOU UP TO OM?”.
I am trying hard not to fumble, but I am genuinely really nervous and feeling like sweating.
“Umm. Aahh.. Aru how was your day?”
I mean seriously, what’s wrong with her day, no what’s wrong with me actually, how did her day come between our discussion from nowhere.

“What about my day Om?” She sounds a bit irritated but that’s okay, I am ready to do anything until and unless it makes her next day a great hit.
“Nothing much just asking like that.” I replied being as normal as possible.
“Well the day was okay as usual. Well shall I ask you something?” She said biting her nails, why on earth is she nervous.
“Ya, of course.” I replied being unable to hold my curiosity quicker then ever.
“Is Ira angry with me.” She asked cutely, with her hair flying in the same synchrony as the breeze, she looks really cute and beautiful in this look.
“Well, no.”
Finally, the clock struck 11:59 and I dragged her in by now she is definitely in a pool of confusion, with my action but that’s ok.


Shouted the entire clan as we entered in the mansion and clock struck a complete 12:00.
Aru looks on surprised at everyone, the best part was that her own family was here today celebrating her birthday with her. She just ran and jumped on her father.

Surayaansh Rajput her father wished her with the most cheerful
He said slightly ruffling her hair.
Aru replied to him with same enthusiasm “THANKUUUUUUU PAPA.”
She replied hugging him again and pecking his cheeks.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTI” came the most notorious voice of her brother.
Maybe she got irritated with the word ‘MOTI’ that is most probably the reason which earned Adhiraj a punch on his stomach and he winced dramatically over that, making all of us laugh.
Next was my little angel Ira who wished her Miss. Latalpatal.
“THANK YOU MISS. LAFANTAR” both said in their usual dominating tone and then laughing over their stupidity hugged each other. Slowly everyone wished her and now it’s my turn.
“THANK YOU MR. ARTIST, So I believe the credit of todays decoration goes to Bhaiya, Rudy, Ira and you.”
I simply nodded with a smile. Yup! All the preparations were done by us under the guidance of Anika Bhabhi and Saumya as both of them are not allowed to do work for long as Anika Bhabhi is in eighth month of her pregnancy and Saumya has just completed three months and all of us are damn excited for the introduction of two new members in our family and that to soon.


What will be Om’s answer?

Keep smiling
Stay happy
For now signing off

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