The girls are searching for boys as they are no where to be seen. Finally they reach Om’s room where three of the boys are sleeping with Ira between them, they all have cuddled with each other. The girls smile seeing the cute moment. But girls are girls. They decided something and enter the room, with a smirk on their face.
Anika takes a glass of water, Saumya takes a few balls and Aru takes headphones and puts them carefully on Om’s ears and attaches it to the music sytem.
At count of three, Anika throws water on Shivaay, Aru raises the volume of music system at full and Saumya triggers the balls at Rudra that hit him on head and face.
Shivaay wakes up shouting: Barish… Barish… (Rain… Rain…)
Om: Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh……

Rudra: Bhago… Bhago… Firing… Firing… (Run.. Run… Firing… Firing…)
Girls: Hahahahaha….
They start laughing holding their stomach.
With so much of noise and few water drops Ira also wakes up.
Ira removes Om’s headphones.
Ira: Stop shouting handsome.
All become silent while the girls are on a roller coaster ride.

Shivaay: Fhat the wuck? Three of did this, right?
Anika: Koi shak. (Any doubt.)
Shivaay angrily: Are you three mad to do all this can’t you see we were sleeping.
Anika shouts back: Don’t you dear Mr. Baggad billa, you can’t shout on us like this. Have you seen the time.
Shivaay: Now what’s with the time Jhansi Ki Rani.
Anika: It’s 12.

Boys: What the wuck?
Ira: We slept late last night.
She says emphasizing on each and every word.

Aru asks with raised eyebrows. Om understood that it’s his payback time now. He scratching his head says innocently
Om: She wasn’t sleeping so we were playing, moreover she is on a holiday too.
Aru now angrily shouts pointing her finger at him: When I said the same thing yesterday you had lot’s of problem with that.

Om: It’s nothing like that.
Saumya: Let it be di these boys are like this only, they always think that we are wrong and they are right. Useless men.
She reprimands them.

Anika: Right.
Aru: Let’s leave.
Three of the girls leave stamping their feet on the floor in utmost anger.
Ira patting her head: You guys are gone today.
Boys: But what we did?
Ira: God knows.

Girls are having breakfast and chit chat, when Ira and boys come and settle down.
Shivaay: Anika please pass the bread.
Anika ignores him.
Om was about to take juice jar, when Aru takes it and empties it in glasses of girls.
Ira giggles seeing the state of boys.
Rudra in a cool dude style: Oh so sad. Now see Rudra’s charm.

Om: Rudy your charm would work on thousands of girls, but this is Saumya.
Shivaay: Right, you maybe lady killer outside but here she is The Rudra killer.
Rudra gulps: Umm… Umm… It’s nothing like that. She is my Sumo, she loves and respects me alot.
He says raising his collar.
ShivKara nod, while Rudy goes to Saumya both ShivKara show the sign that he is gone.
Rudra: Hye! Sumo darling.
Saumya arrogantly: WHAT?
Rudra: Sumo darling sorry.

Saumya Gets up and with attitude and moves away after stamping Rudra’s feet.
Rudra: Ouch… Moti.
The girls leave and boys look on.
Rudra: Yaar iss se aacha toh mai shaadi hi na Karta. Aachi khaasi bachelors life enjoy kar raha tha mai.
(It would have been better if I had never gone married, I was enjoying a good bachelor’s life.)
Shivaay rounding his hand around his shoulder: Right, man. This Panika never let’s me live peacefully.

Om: And this Aradhya, she always keeps instructing me like I am a child.
Three of them keep blabbering unaware of the fact that girls were listening to them.
Ira through her expressions asks them to look behind.
ShivOmRu: What?
Ira patting her head: Look at back.

They look and find the girls there, who are at peak of anger, the girls start moving away and boys realise that they spoke too much.

Shivaay gets up and goes towards Anika and holding her hand pulls her towards himself and starts singing while passing a naughty smile.

Hey, keh do ke tum mere dil mein rahoge

Om holding Aru’s hand:
Keh do ke tum mujhse dosti karoge

Rudra back hugging Saumya:
Keh do ke tum mere dil mein rahoge

Om to Aru:
Keh do ke tum mujhse dosti karoge

Girls with full attitude, getting away from boys:
Dekhoongi, sochoongi, kal parson kuch kahoongi

Shivaay rounding around Anika, folding his hands and sometimes holding his ears asking for forgiveness:
Hey hey hey hey, keh do ke tum mere dil mein rahoge

Keh do ke tum mujhse dosti karoge

All girls together:
O dekhoongi, sochoongi, kal parson kuch kahoongi

La la la la la, la la la, la la la la

La la la la la, la la la, la la la la la

Anika to Shivaay says in a heartbroken tone:
Hum saathi kitne puraane, phir kyoon hai itne anjaane

Saumya to Rudra in the same tone says and he feels guilty:
Hum saathi kitne puraane, phir kyoon hai itne anjaane

Aru to Om in sad tone:
Kya rang laaye na jaane bachpan ke yeh dostaane

Boys to cheer girls up sing naughtily:
Kab kahan kya khabar jaa ruke yeh nazar

Girls go to a strange passer by and talk to them happily and then sing looking at boys:
Arre kya pata kaun hai kiska yahan hamsafar

Boys being possessive hold the hand of girls and drag them away from those stranger:
Keh do ke tum mere dil mein rahoge

Keh do ke tum mujhse dosti karoge

Girls in attitude:
O dekhoongi, sochoongi, kal parson kuch kahoongi

Shivaay to Anika while doing sit ups and asking “SORRY” continuously:
Arre keh do ke tum mere dil mein rahoge

Anika smiling at him and making him stand properly hums:
La la la

Rudra with puppy eyes asking apology from Sumo gives her a flower pot:
Keh do ke tum mujhse dosti karoge

Saumya laughs at his antics and taking the flower pot hums as if she had agreed:
La la la

Aru gets angry seeing the rest of the girls melting so easily so she moves away scowling at Om, who looks on shocked with a puppy face.
Rudra whispers something in Om’s ears and he smiles brightly.

Om goes to Ira and asks her for help:
Tum bhi to ho dost meri, tum to mera saath de do

La la la, la la, la la la la la

Om to Ira, while dancing with her:
Tum bhi to ho dost meri, tum to mera saath de do

Apni saheli ka mere haathon mein tum haath de do

Ira sings teasingly and winking at him:
Intezaar intezaar, aur kya hai yeh pyaar

Om gets shocked with her action and nods in disbelief and himself goes to Aru and asks for apology:

Om to Aru:
Jhooth hi yeh sahi, keh de voh ek baar

Aru in anger pushes him and he falls down and screams aloud dramatically.
Om: Aaaahhhhh. You pushed me.
Aru helping him says: Sorry sorry.
Om makes a miffed look so Aru holding her ears goes in front of him and sings.

Aru to Om forwarding her hand:
Lo maine kaha tumse dosti karoongi
Tum bhi kaho mujhse dosti karoge

Om smashing her hand away in fake anger says:

Aru in sad tone: Achha?


Aru being a bit afraid: O ho

Kal parson kuch kahoonga

Aru going in front of him and apologizes by folding her hands:
Ae, maine kaha tumse dosti karoongi

Tum bhi kaho mujhse dosti karoge

Om with attitude:
Dekhoonga, sochoonga, kal parson kuch kahoonga

Saying so he starts going away, while rest nod in disbelief seeing their Long Hair Oberoi showing tantrums, while Aru makes an irritated face and smashing her feet goes to him and stops him in mid way.

Aru: I asked forgiveness even though I didn’t do a mistake and now you are showing tantrums.
Om: Obviously you did a mistake, you pushed me.
Aru: And you spoke bad about me.
Om: It’s nothing like that, I just spoke that like this only.
Aru being confused by his answer says: So I also pushed you like this only. But you can’t leave a topic.
Om: It’s nothing like that.
Aru: Then why you said no to my friend request.

Om: Ask again.
Aru forwarding her hand and twinkling her eyes with an extra cute puppy face says: Will you do FRIENDSHIPPPPPPPPPP with me.
Om: Of course.
He says doing hand sake with her.
She smiles back so do the rest.


Firstly SORRY for late update and short update. I am too late with the update owing to some prior commitments and lots of laziness ?? and too less comments. Please do comment guys.

Keep smiling
Stay happy
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