Hi ? guys this is Shivika signing in with shot 10 of W.A.D. Well I have a good as well as a bad news, so first I will say the good one that is as Samm di wants me to continue writing this and convert the S.S. To F.F. So I will try writing more of it but I will even make sure that it’s not boring and isn’t stretched much. So all thanks to Samm di’s continuous efforts and all my readers consistent support that I will now be writing this story a bit longer. And the bad news is that as I am really busy and I am writing one more F.F. presently so no regular updates maybe one update in three days. And updates would be of as usual same length only.
Lastly THANK YOU ? to my every single reader and commenter for you immense support and encouragement till date it means a lot.

So without any further chatter chatter let’s hop to the story.
As I had previously told that next few shots will be moving at snails pace and if you find them boring then you always have comments section to inform me I will cut the part as recommended.

Omadhya and Ira are sitting together.
Ira: Thank you Miss. Latalpatal for all the gifts.
Aru: Oh WOW how did you become so mannerly in few days only.
Ira: Sharafat ka toh zamana hi nahi hai. (People do not value your goodness now a days.)
Om: I have to tell you something Ira.
Ira: Hmm (She says munching her chocolate.)
Om: Ira we found Omika and tomorrow I am going to meet her.
Ira looks up at him (well she knows Omika is Om’s daughter and both got separated due to some reason) and nods sadly.
Ira: So you will never come back here na.

Om: What? Why won’t I come back here.
Ira: After all you will get your daughter then what is my need in your life.
Om: What? What do you mean to say Ira?
Ira: Nothing let it be.

Om with a bit of anger: What? What let it be? What are you cooking in your mind Ira.
Ira too gets a bit angry and in frustration and disappointment almost shouts startling the two.
Ira: I mean that you were here with me only till you didn’t find your daughter and now you will never come here as you will have your daughter. Truth is you don’t care about me and all your gestures are fake, you just wanted to be with me for a while and then you will go. Everyone use to say right that no one cares for an orphans. Always this only happens first people come here show sympathy and then leave.
Om almost looses his cool: Stop it Ira it’s nothing like that.
Ira: So don’t go anywhere leaving me, stay here only.
Om disappointed: What are you saying Ira?

Ira: See you can’t do it you only wanted to be with me so that you can be happy. And leave me as I am an orphan.
Om: No you are misunderstanding me. Listen to me Ira.
Ira didn’t hear him and stormed out crying. She went to her room and closed the door.
Om to Aradhya: You didn’t do it right.

Aru: I didn’t know that she will think like this. Trust me Om if I ever had even a bit of idea of this, then I wouldn’t have ever asked her to be near you.
Om: Then why did you even get her near me.
Aradhya: Because for the first time with her I saw you laughing, maybe she isn’t your daughter but she gave you life, I thought that she can act as your inspiration to leave drugs.
Om was in no mood for any explanation rather his entire focus was Ira at the moment: Let it be Aradhya.
Saying so he goes towards Ira’s room.
Om bangs the door and shouts
Om: Open the door Ira, please.

Om: Please bachaa listen to me once.
Om: Ira please come out, let me say something dear.
Om: Please Ira.
Om: Please Ira.
Ira shouts: LEAVE FROM HERE.
Om: I will go just open the door once.

Ira: NO.
Om kept banging the door and calling her but she didn’t come out.
Mother who came there hearing the noise said
Mother: Om, Son you leave I will talk to her.
Om: But mother…
Mother: Don’t worry I will talk to her you go now.
Om nods and leaves being disappointed.
Aru: What happened Om?
Om shakes his head in disagreement.
Aru: I will talk to her.
Om holds her hand and stops her.

Om: Mother asked to leave her alone for a while.
Aradhya: What? How can we leave her alone Om? God knows what she is feeling and suffering. Wait I will go and talk to her.
Aru leaves to Ira’s room while Om goes out.
Mother had convinced Ira to open the door and both were sitting on the bed when Aru entered.
Aru: Ira what happened to you?

Ira looks at her and then looks at alter direction and rests on her bed showing that she is really very upset.
Aru caring her hair lovingly sitting by her side says
Aru: Ira trust me Om loves you alot and he will never leave you. Meeting his own daughter doesn’t means that he will forget you Ira.
Ira changes her direction and closing her eyes pretends to sleep.

Mother: Relax Aradhya, she is just a child and will understand.
Aru looks at Ira and then leaves.

Shivaay reaches the orphanage after knowing everything. Back at home all are scared that Shivaay may not do anything wrong in anger that hurts Ira more. Om doesn’t knows that Shivaay has gone to meet Ira.

Shivaay and Ira are sitting on a bench, Shivaay bends down in front of her and says
Shivaay: Ira what happened?
Ira: Nothing, Om uncle went to meet his daughter na.
As soon as Ira said “Om uncle” Shivaay knew that how much hurt she was.
Shivaay: Umm. Well what happened, why my little prankster is so upset?
Ira: Don’t you know.
Shivaay nods in no.

Shivaay: Ok if you don’t want to say it’s fine. Let’s go to home, it’s Saturday na everyone is waiting for you.
Ira: I am at my home only.
Shivaay: Oh so you only have relation with Om; Rudra, Anika, Saumya, Dadi and I, you don’t share any relation with us right.
Ira looks at him teary eyed, he hugs her.
Shivaay: Come on let’s go.
Ira holds his hand and goes with him.

Anika is pacing in the hall blabbering few things in her mouth, while rest are seated being worried.
Dadi: Anika, sit dear, nothing will happen by walking here and there.
Anika: Aare dadi till now that bagaad billa should have come but see he would be too much engrossed in his tadi.
Rudra: Relax Bhabhi,Bhaiya won’t come soon by your marathon.
Anika: Shut up! Rudra.

Rudra: Okay. But please calm down and sit.
Shivaay and Ira enter in hall all look at Ira as from her face only it’s clear that she is upset. She greets everyone gloomily.
Rudra: Hye! Ira you wished all of us won’t you go to your handsome. He is waiting for you.
Ira looks on shocked.
Ira: Didn’t he go.
Saumya: How can he go when his sweetheart is upset from him.
Ira: What seriously?
All nod.
She just runs to Om’s room.
Dadi: Aare be careful bachaa.

He is sitting on the floor all submerged in thoughts, when he feels two small hands around his neck and few tear droops on his chest. He looks up to see Ira who is crying hugging him, he gets happy seeing her but at the same time worried also seeing her cry.
Om: What happened Ira? Are you alright.
Ira looks at him.
Ira: Why didn’t you go?
Om: How can I go when you are upset with me.
Ira: I am sorry.
Om makes her sit in his lap and says

Om: Ira never say that I don’t care for you or I don’t love you. Trust me I really love you, you are an essential part of me. You have made me learn how to live life, you made me and my family laugh. And with in short span of time you became my bestie, my family. I can’t live without you and no one can take your place in my life.
Ira holding her ears says: Sorry. I won’t say all this ever again.
Om hugs her: It’s okay. Now forget whatever happened. Okay.
Ira: Okay. But Miss. Latalpatal.
Om: Don’t worry about her.
Ira: But I ignored her she would be upset.
Om: Okay we will talk to her then.
Ira nods.

Ira: One more thing please go and meet Omika.
Om: Okay but you need to promise me some thing.
Ira: What?
Om: Firstly that you will never think something like what you did yesterday (Ira nods) and secondly will you please consider Omika as your sister.
Ira nods frantically in yes. Om smiles.
Om: Promise.
Ira: Snow white’s pinki promise.

Both smiled.
Ira: Ok let’s go I will have to convince Miss. Latalpatal as well.
Om nods.
Aru who just came their says
Aru: No need of that.
Ira goes to her and holding her ears making a cute innocent face says
Ira: I am sorry Miss. Latalpatal…. Aahh.. Aahh… I mean Aru di.

Aru: Oh Aru di. Please haan no need of buttering.
Ira: Are you a bread that I will butter you.
Aru: I am not a bread but you are a stupid burger, you made me worried and tensed.
Ira: Aare sorry na and moreover it is your habit to increase your bp on every little thing.
Aru: Are you trying to convince me or irritate me.
Ira: Buy one get one free.
Aru: Very funny. But I am highly annoyed.
Om: Are leave it na Aru.

But he silences himself seeing both the girls shoot daggers at him.
Ira: Aare Miss. Latalpatal chodo kal Ki baatain kal Ki baat purani, naya daaur Mai likhain Ga milkar hum nayi kahana.
{Leave what ever happened yesterday, Whatever happened were old things. We will together write a new story from today.}
Aru smiles as Ira sings.
Ira: Hassi toh phassi.
Om laughs.
Aru: Fine.
Ira pulling her cheeks: Not like this.

Aru: Okay okay I am not upset baba.
Ira: Better.
Shivaay and all come there.
Shivaay: Hye! Somebody thank me as well, I brought Ira here.
Ira: No need he emotionally blackmailed me. He is a cheater.
Shivaay opens his mouth wide.

They continue their masti and all the stuff at night ShivKara and Aradhya leave to Casablanca, México.

Let’s fly to Casablanca,México to meet Omika.

#AUTHOR’S NOTE: Guys many of you are asking that what you should call me, you guys can call me anything all the nicknames are welcomed and even calling di is most welcomed but no compulsions. So before you call me di I will just say that I am 18 years so like wise you can decide. Plus all your queries, suggestions, opinions or any thing is welcomed whole heartedly.

Signing off

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