W.A.D. (War Against Drugs) – FIRST LOOK

Hi ? guys this is Shivika.
Firstly a very
Well you all may know me as a writer, commenter and last but not the least as a FRIEND. For all those who don’t know me I write F.F.’s on TU and I have written a few O.S. as well. As many of you know I write more of fun scenes, thriller and mystery but this is something new on which I am going to try my hand.

Actually presently I am suffering from a very chronic and an unpredictable disease called exams. But I couldn’t resist writing, so thought of penning this down. As I am more than halfway mark with my exams so I will be posting “O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S” on 17 January 2017.

TO ALL THE FF WRITERS: a big wala sorry guys as i didn’t read even a single ff and couldn’t even comment on any. to all the new ff writers a hearty welcome and thanks to all those who have sent me the links of their ff’s i appreciate your gesture & i will surely comment once i am done with my exams and thanks for all your well wishes as well. they and you guys mean alot.
Now let’s get back to work.

This S.S. is exclusively on Om’s drug addiction habit I really wanted to pen this down from along time but just got a chance now to do so.

This mostly will revolve around Om and the O Bro’s journey against drugs, as per the real IB they didn’t show much of the drug addiction part but the way Omkara performed that intensity in his act was splendid he pulled off the character too well. So I wish to stress a bit on this silent killer and the biggest threat to the present society ‘DRUGS’.

This will even include Om’s long pending love story and much part of the S.S. will be an emotional view but as I am adat Sa majboor so fun scenes will definitely be there. So as per the plan this would be a short story of with less than or equal to ten shots.
So all the characters are same but here is new list of characters.
As their is no finalisation on the main lead opposite Om so you can consider any one as the main lead Varushika Mehta or Helly Shah or Mona Sheikh or whom so ever you wish but in this ff the name of lead opposite Omkara is ‘ Dr. Aradhya Rajput’, you guys can consider any face but by all means the character is totally a different one.

Dr. Aradhya Rajput: Daughter of Surayaansh Rajput born and brought up in Rajasthan and she has completed her studies in Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is a qualified ADDICTION MEDICINE PHYSICIAN. [An addiction medicine physician is a physician certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) and/or a psychiatrist certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN), and who has demonstrated by education, experience, and examination the requisite knowledge and skills to provide prevention, screening, intervention, and treatment for substance use and addiction. Addiction can involve any one or more of these substances: alcohol, tobacco, or other addicting drugs, including some prescription medications. In addition, addiction specialists can recognize and treat the psychological and physical complications of addiction.]

Surayaansh Rajput: He belongs to a royal family and Aradhya is his only daughter, his wife passed away 10 years ago and as he has no one accept Aradhya, she is the most pampered one and his sole reason to survive. His wife’s death came as a big blow to the entire royal family.

The blue blood family also includes
Damodar Rajput: Aradhya’s dadu and Surayaansh Rajput’s father.
Avinash Rajput: Aradhya’s uncle/ chachu and Surayaansh Rajput’s younger brother.
Avanti Rajput: Wife of Avinash Rajput.
Adhiraj Rajput: Elder brother of Aradhya and elder son of Avinash and Avanti.
Diya Rajput: Younger sister of Aradhya and Adhiraj and daughter of Avinash and Avanti.
Mahi Rajput: Youngest daughter of Rajput family 10 years old and daughter of Surayaansh Rajput’s cousin brother who passed away in a car accident along with his wife and Surayaansh Rajput’s wife. They all meet with an accident just 2 months after Mahi’s birth. And since then Mahi is part of the royal family.

All the characters are similar accept for:
Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi: Wife, friend and biggest support of Shivaay.
Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi: Best friend and wife of Rudra.

Riddhima: Ex-love interest of Omkara.


A girl: Hai khuda
Kab mujhse juda
Khudko dhoonde
Toh ussko pave re…..

(Whose melodious voice is this?)

A Voice: No no I didn’t kill her. No I didn’t do any mistake. No I am not at fault. Please please leave me.

(Whom does this voice belongs too?)

V2: You are drug addict, right.

(Whose the one to be so straight forward?)

A boy hugs a girl and cries vigorously.

(Who are these two?)

Guys that’s all for now I will only be able to proceed with this if you guys show support just the way you have shown till date. I know the promo is short but that’s the only thing I could write.
Thanks for reading and do comment as I am hell nervous for this.

NOTE: Guys I won’t be updating this S.S. regularly but on alternative days.


Stay Happy ?
Keep Smiling ?
For now signing off
Shivika ?…….

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  1. Shivika

    Hey shivika i was missing u a lottt…..finally u r back…the promo was osum…….waiting for obro’s and sisso’s desperately…post soon……..thnxx a lott for lohri wishes and wishing d same to u and ur family…….?????love u……

  2. Puvi

    Its awesome shivi i am eagerly waiting for ur first part i loved it to core

    1. Hey powerhouse ,?happy to see you back in writers family as I said family me no sorry OK and yaa I am desperately waiting for obbros n ssisso and as usual its a treat to eyes when it comes to ur articles.

  3. hi…i luved the promo, eagerly waiting for 1st episode plz…post it soon yaar,my clg will start in 2days i’ve to go hostel ur topic is very good i’m die heart fan of omkara

  4. awesome promo i luved it …plz post the episode soon i’ve to go hostel in 2days

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Sorry di I won’t be able to upload due to my exams. I am really sorry for that.
      If you want I will send links to you once I post it.
      All the best for your college and I am really sorry.
      And thanks for commenting ?

  5. Jaya

    Concept is brlliant shivika. Thankyou so much for this ff. All the best! For further episodes. And waiting for o’bros vs siso’s eagerly.

  6. Aarti32

    Vrushika..Only Vrushika..

  7. Plz continue it is gd concept

  8. Nithu

    Shivika….tussi grt ho….its awsm…im happy ki ur updating…OB VS SS…

  9. SamSun

    very good concept. eagerly waiting for WAD and obro’s vs sisso’s.
    this song can actually depict how it is without obro’s vs sisso’s=
    Munh chhupa ke meri zindagi ro rahi, ro rahi
    Din dhala bhi nahin, shaam kyon ho rahi, ho rahi
    Teri duniya se ham, le ke chale tera gham
    Dam bhar ke liye to aa ja
    Bhiga-bhiga hai sama aise main hoon tu kahaan
    Mera dil ye pukaare aajaa…☹☹ ????????????

    and for WAD, this=
    Dil ko hai teri tamanna, dil ko hai tujhse hi pyaar
    tu jaldi aaja, hum karenge intezaar ????????

    jo mai kehna chahti hu voh samjh gaye na???☺☺☺??☺☺☺

  10. Kavya347

    Hi shivika….it is an awesome concept and the characters are very well too???…I am reay excited about this. Waiting for the next one….and also for next epi of obro’s vs sisso’s ☺☺☺

  11. Great start… Waiting for the 1st episode…

  12. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode….

  13. Sweety….late as usual….but it’s interesting…you are a bundle of surprises dear….chronic disease ah?????

  14. Yashu

    Amazing……promos were too good……I was waiting 4 ur OB VS SS bt suddenly found dis…..eagerly waiting 4 dis….

  15. Mrunal

    ohhh my god i can’t believe my eyes..
    did i really read ur name.. i checked it twice…
    this is something surprising for me…
    loved this yaar…
    i know some answer through my guess but as usual u would had posted the next episodes so it’s of no use…
    this is looking interesting..
    and as i know how good writer u r so it’ll be like a treat to me..
    I’m eager to see this side of ur writing skills.. and i know it for sure.. u r gonna rock it..
    as i told u in pm.. ur name also says this only.. u will rock it whatever u will do…

    love u dear…?

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