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Hi ? guy this is Shivika I know that many of you might be thinking that what sought of apology note is this so let me first unveil that only.
But before that, guys if within few days if you ever hear the news that some human has been spotted flying then don’t be shocked as that person would be me because after reading your comments I am genuinely flying in the air.????.
In short THANK YOU… so much guys for your beautiful and splendid comments.
And now,
SORRY to all my readers as I will not be able to update the next part now for approximately two months I had planned to complete this S.S. within ten shots but I will have to write few more shots to complete it and I am not able to write them presently as my exams are approaching I had stopped writing my previous F.F. a long time back so that I can complete this but as my exams are nearing so I can’t write it any further until I am at least not done with my these exams. So I might be able to post the next part by 14 APRIL 2017 only. I know that it’s a huge gap but what to do these exams will kill me one day (I hate them?). Please guys try to bear with this delay and I am all ready to accept any punishment that comes my way as I know this is not done as many of you are waiting for me to post but I am too helpless as I am not able to write regularly and on top of that are my studies that are like a sword on my head. So a big wala SORRY…
Now here is the promo as a compensation for the time being.


A man is sitting on a bench near a beach, a person comes and sits beside him.
P: Why are you doing this?
M: Because love is all about sacrificing isn’t it.

(Who are the two people and which sacrifice are they talking about.)

M: Are you sure you want to do this?
G: Yes.
M: It won’t be easy.
G: I know.
M: What if I say no.
G: I never disobeyed you.

(Who is the man and the girl and which decision are they talking about.)

G1: No body cares for an orphan.
M: No it’s nothing like that don’t take me wrong please.
G1 leaves without hearing anything.

M: You didn’t do this right.
G2: I seriously didn’t think that something of this sought will happen.
Man gives her a glare and leaves.

G2: Please listen to me.
G1: No, just leave me alone.

(Who are Man and both the girls? And what sought of tussle is going between them and why is G2 being blamed for that?)

L1: Oh god what sought of bahu (daughter-in-law) you have it has been two years to her wedding and she couldn’t even give you a grandchild. Look at my bahu (daughter-in-law) it has been just five months to her wedding and she is expecting.
L2: I am sure that this girl is an omen to your family, she can’t even bear a child, useless.
L3: Really ji destiny of your son has been destroyed this girl definitely has some problem.

(What sought of mind-set is this? Whom are they commenting on?
The biggest question what has something of this sought to do with drugs?)

Minister 1: How much ever you try this problem will never leave this nation.
G: It can at least sublime from it’s present rate.
Minister 2: Aare madam ji you are wasting your time as well ours also.

(What type of politicians are these?)

With few more realities and remark on our so called “SOCIETY” and their ever changing mentality. Joining the dots of the underlying and few of unknown consequences of drugs W.A.D. will showcase some bitter realities and narrow-mindedness of the people around. Condemning the condition of women in a male dominating society has the world really changed or it’s just a mask. Let’s magnify the reality together.


That’s all guys now will catch you all on 14/APRIL/2017 tarek yaad rakhna?? (do remember the date.). Guys I am leaving with a hope that you all will understand my situation and cooperate with me and once I am back you all will greet me with same love and enthusiasm that I have got till date.
Aaj pehli baar promo likhna ka baad aisi feeling aa rahi hai jaisa koi sansani khais khabaar likhi hoti hai.???

On this note I will take a leave from you all and now will meet you all after a long gap.
Have an amazing time ahead.
And to all the sufferers of exams my condolence is with you??? lol, jokes apart ALL THE BEST to all of you give your 100% in your exams and leave the rest on the almighty.
Any kind of gussa and dhamki is most welcomed tamatar Sa lakar pyaaz tak Jo marna hai chalaga bas anda nahi kunki Mai vegetarian hun???.
Shaba Khair
Khuda Hafiz
Khamba gani
Bye Bye
Tata see you
Take care.

Stay happy ?
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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  1. Interesting promo…. Koi nhi paper jarori hai. We will wait for you and your ff… Take care and best of luck for exams….

  2. Dheemahee

    It’s ok shivika because our studies comes first so carry on your studies and best of luck for your exams and ya will be waiting for u in the month of April see u there in the April now study well and rock the exams bye tc SD gn and again best luck dear????

  3. Kehkasha

    Hey dear not to worry…..apne friends ke hote hue tension mat lo…….na hum tumhe and tumhare ff ko bhoolenge……..or na hi Kisi KO bhoplne denge…..????

    ALL THE VERY BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS…….and plz never take any exam as a suffering…….these r our stairs………u know stairs to success…….

    Will be waiting for u…….

  4. All the best !!

  5. Oh dear you are so sweet and cute….. All the best for your exam….. And promo is very interesting…… See you soon…

  6. Yashu

    Come soon shivika…best of luck for ur exams…do ur best..n promos r very interesting….love u loads….

  7. Best of luck my powerhouse for exams I know exams are important so no issues by mind by heart is not understanding but don’t worry I will try my best to compose myself and yaa I will be eagerly waiting 14-4-17 …miss u

  8. Promo is interesting… All the very best for your exam….

  9. all the best shivika
    ill be waiting for 14 april 🙂

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