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Indian telly serials have been showing the story lines changing drastically based on the success of the shows. The shows start up on the leads’ love story. The leads are presented as a perfect couple and their romantic scenes help the show to win viewership. When the things get stagnant, one of the lead in the pairing gets changed after the new entry happened in the show. The new leads pairing proved out to be more prosperous for the show. Love triangles set by the leads have got more viewership and TRPs.

Thapki Pyaar Ki started with Thapki and Dhruv’s pair, then Bihaan was paired up with Thapki. Similarly, Sanskaar entered the show Swaragini and got paired up with Swara, making Laksh and Swara’s pairing break. Twinkle was in love with Yuvraj till his true face was revealed and then their pairing broke up by Kunj’s entry. Twinkle and Kunj then made a cute couple. Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya was paired with Tanu initially and then Pragya came in his life. Abhi and Pragya are most talked about couple. In Suhani Si Ek Ladki, Yuvraaj was in love with Soumya and preparing to marry her, but destiny united him with Suhani. Yuvraaj and Suhani make a great pair. Its all as destiny of the characters which makes the perfect pairing after the love triangles. What do you think about the Love Jodi brought together by the twist of fate? Let us know in this poll. You may choose upto two options and leave a comment as well.

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  1. Thapki and bihaan

  2. Abhigya my fav pair bt due to this dragging i m nt watchin KKB, swaragini my fav alws swasan <3 thn thapki pyaar ki i want onl Dhruvki nt Thahaan as i dnt lik their pair

    1. Earlier I also like this jodi but aab yeh pakao serial hai

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      I agree with you

    1. Swasan……..only????

  3. ahhh….i think its a worst a writer can do with his scripts….and one more exampole is tere seher mein….amaya and mantu…then amaya and rama


      in fact u can add all serials in this list……….

  4. abhigya is best forever


    i actually dont like this love triangle….. if u love truly then u can never fall for another one……………. if u want swara n sanskar to be pair then u could have 1st self showed their chemistry….. rather than showing swalak chemistry and then changing it to swasan……. making the fans made……. it really gives pain to the fans……. i m swasan but i really hate to visit the comment section over there….. bcoz the directors wanted to increase their TRPS they provoke us to fight……. so irritating……. it really silly to see such nonsense…….. PLS ALL THE DIRECTORS UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF LOVE…….. THOUGH BEING SWASAN AND RAGLAK FAN I M UNABLE TO DIGEST THE FACT THAT LAKSH HAS FORGOTTEN HIS LOVE FOR SWARA AND WANTS RAGINI…… I M GLAD SMTHNG GOOD IS HAPPENING…… BUT DID NT HE LOVE SWARA TRULY????????? WAS IT LOVE OR ATTRACTION????????? I M JUST FED UP WITH THIS LOVE TRIANGLE…….. SINCE I SEE SWARAGINI I GIVE ITS EXAMPLE….. I DONT KNOW ABOUT OTHER SERIALS BUT THIS IDEA IS A COMPLETE BULL SHIT…….. pllllllzzzzzzzzzzz show true love bonding…… every serial keeps separating the pairs…… even my parents are love marriage and they never had separated……… in real life just bcoz of ego not all get divorced and marry someone….,. what u people show happens only 2% in the world……. many live together happily with small small fights….. some if separated also just live alone with their beautiful memories…….. SO JUST STOP THIS IDEA OF CHANGING THE PAIRS…………..



      1. So true?…
        Not only in this show,now a days ,all types of serial r trying this type of concept which i really hate….first they show immense love chemistry….then break up…..and comes with new lead including one….we sometimes think that shows story r collected frm real life……but they r showing complete nonsense….
        We cant even get a single show without lovetriangle…disgusting….seems like that a person is world lover..and only after marriage couple can be protected….not before it…
        And i think the actors also love this type of argument between fans….they think they r sooooooo important that even create argument among fans….

  6. Twinj r the best couple

  7. hate Thapki n bihaan

  8. I like all the pair , but my fav are Twinj and thahaan among all these I just love these two pairs a lot for some reason, as for abhigya and Yuvani i understand as they were te decided pair fr te show since day 1. I also like swasan pair a lot. If swasan, thahaan and Twinj wre the pairs for the shows since day 1 show would have much better and gained more trps and more fan following for sure sorry if I have hurt any swalak, Dhruvki or Twiraj fans
    It’s #justmyopinion

  9. Abhi and pragya

  10. Twinkle and Kunj!

  11. when do you ever find the winners of these polls?

  12. There should be NOTA option… because problem is not with the pairs.. The problem is with stupid illogical twists… just only for trp… specially swaragini…. till now whenever I watch the serial I feel the leads were paired only on basis of situations not because of love and destiny… They showed so immature type story.. no problem with the lead pairs… only problem is worst storyline…

    1. its friendship my dear and there is nothing more a girl or a boy wud want if they find true friend and a trust worthy person in their patner…its true that if there is love there is trust but with trust in hand a relationship goes on even if there is no love…. friend remain friends on the basis of trust…it doesnt mean that love shd be compulsory!!!!!!!!

  13. As for now I’m enjoying rajini-shaan pairing to the core… They r the best with unique concept in a routine saas bahu drama….

  14. Thapki & bihan (THAHAAN) are the best couple..luv u thahaan

  15. Sarayu(honey)

    Twinj and abhigya.

  16. Lisum Nyorak

    I will vote only for kunj and i love the show.

  17. its only and only swara and sanskar…..their meeting sanskar’s revenge..sankar’s realisation supporting swara saving her being like a friend first of all,,falling in love,, making her realise,,, took so much time and we swasan fans were just wanting this to happen for so long…. our patience gave us sweet fruits!!!!great great great

  18. Abhi and Pragya WAS my favorite couple but I can’t stand them anymore because all this boring and st*pid storyline. In the past, they were smart, funny, and their bickering amazing. But now, they are slow, irritating, foolish and their dialogues are boring and nonsense. He always are defending Tanu. Well, one or two was Ok, but now is irritating because his blindness is like a wall. Tanu and her pregnancy storyline is a year thing, and we have near six or seven months that Pragya is trying to expose her. One year in all this? Pathetic… 🙁 Since three or four weeks ago, I only read the episode recap and your comments because I can’t stand anymore all this crap. Enough! This is an insult for the people intelligence…

    On the other hand, the Kunj and Twinkle storyline is more and more interesting. Their scenes are amazing and their chemistry is like Abhy and Pragya in the beginning. Kunj and Twinkle are really a lovely couple. I’m loving this couple more and more. The storyline is moving forward all the time and you can see their love growing more and more.

    It is a pity that Kumkum Bhagya’s producers and scriptwriters has damaged this drama that was a really good one in the beginning. As long as all this endless stupidity continue, I’ll just read the episode recap … ?

    1. its the real fact … the best couple becomes the worst because of the stupid story dragging,,, once again from the beginning aliya and tanu…. pl put end to this nonsense drama yaar… atleast change the pair bcoz old abhi and pragya sweet episodes will be vanished

  19. twinkle and kunj…..i love them

  20. twinkle kunj…love u guys 🙂

  21. I would like to saz that TWINJ is the besttttttestttttt couple in all over the world
    and also
    tei was/is/will bestttttt serial of of my fav channel zee tv
    lvd u guys u to are febbbbb
    luvdddddd uuuuuu soooooo mchhhhhh

  22. I would like to saz that TWINJ is the besttttttestttttt couple in all over the world
    and also
    tei was/is/will bestttttt serial of of my fav channel zee tv
    lvd u guys u to are febbbbb
    luvdddddd uuuuuu soooooo mchhhhhh

  23. Only and only swasan

  24. abhigya is best jody forever

  25. why are you all asking twinj was best , is best and will be best for uncountable centuries in the universe.
    love twinj

  26. Only swara and saanskar is best couple

  27. ok as much as i like Thapki and Bhiaan i couldn’t vote for them because they are not really a couple, yes twist of fate married but there is not love yet? it’s just a nice trusting friendship, as much they showed a quick 5 min show on Bhiaan falling in love for Thapki. The show focuses on dragging other evil plots from wicked sister in law and mother in law. instead of the two main character relationship.

    now sanskaar and swara are truly loving couple that were meant to be together

  28. My u

    1. Only thahaan

  29. Twinj is the best

  30. Swasan and abhigya

  31. Absolutely right

  32. Thahaan best couple. ……

  33. Swasan.. Ma u Swasan.. U guyzz r rocking..amazing chemistry?????

  34. Only SwaSan…from Sanskar’s entry’s day I want SwaSan should couple…and after sooooo much prayers v just jot fruits of ours prayer… Second I like Twinj and thn Thaan

  35. twinj
    i even have a fan fiction for them love forever in tte
    and abhigya ut the storyline is too long end it fast

  36. i love yuvani best couple

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