Vote for All time Fav. Couple –Arnav-Khushi or ______?

Many a times, it happens that TV pairings of hit shows becomes favorites. The viewers follow the show to watch their favorite good looking leads and their amazing chemistry. Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon brought one such delightful couple Arnav and Khushi. They left such a remarkable effect which lasted long for years.

Even today, they are much remembered and just Arnav-Khushi remain the best couple for many ardent fans. We bring a poll to know whether you find any current show couple close to Arnav-Khushi or far better than them. It may happen that ongoing shows impress you more than the famous IPPKND which redefined love.

We shortlisted few pairings based on popularity of the leads and show rankings. The leads mentioned here are sweet, cute, adorable and perfect in their own way. Swaragini from Colors is best known for the lead pairings. Swara-Sanskaar make a great pair, just like Ragini-Laksh. Similarly, another adorable couple is Abhi-Pragya from Zee’s Kumkum Bhagya. Tashan-E-Ishq also got Kunj-Twinkle qualifying in this list.

You may find Thapki-Bihaan of Thapki Pyaar Ki a trendsetter couple too, just like Viplav-Dhaani of Ishq Ka Rang Safed. From Star Plus, we chose the very famous IshRa from YHM, who may stand close to Arnav-Khushi. Even Suhani-Yuvraaj and Adarsh-Swadheenta get in the list from the same channel shows. We would like to know if Arnav-Khushi still stay the All time Favorite Couple. You may vote for two choices in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


    • shwetha

      no one can replace arshi.they shared such a great hate-love relation.all the coupls in th list r popular.but i am not familiar with all stories.though i know YHM,DEHLEEZ,SWARAGINI,MATSH,THAPKI etc very well.but i have an opinion that SWASAN not deserving this list.sory,they are best.but they are not comparable with arshi.coz their love story not HATE-LOVE based.although they are best like the evrgreen couple akshara-naithik.but they are not deserving this not because of their jodi,but the story not abt hate-love.they loved each other all time.sanskar never tortured swara.also they not hot couple but yes ideal.

  1. LifnA

    arNav and …. gushiii….. my lovelly cupple( barun&sanaya)
    arjun & radhika…(ahem* monica..)
    twinjj …….<3

  2. Abhi

    Adharsh n swadheentha…They are such an adorable pair…i love them.
    Also ofcourse…arshi…all time favourite…love them a lot…
    From the given list these two only..

  3. Abhi

    Adharsh n swadheentha…They are such an adorable pair…i love them.
    Also ofcourse…arshi…all time favourite…love them a lot…
    From the given list these two only..

    • vaishali

      Yes Lila they missed such a wonderful pair they were the best their chemistry was awesome they missed them apart from them my fav is abhigya they are fabulous and outstanding

  4. anjali

    arnav-khushi is my altime favorite..i cant say no one in the list are far better than them. bt i like ishita-raman and also arjun-radhika…

  5. Swen Woni

    No one can beat ArShi!! That’s for sure?
    But now my vote goes to SwaSan!!???

  6. Fatarajo

    Honestly speaking I love all the couple mentioned but my fav is arshi followed by Swadarsh, Twinj, thahaan, Vidhaani here. But loving Swadarsh currently but Arshi is evergreen 🙂

  7. Hope

    Arnav n Khushi are always d first.. All others shud race 4 d second place….. But according to current shows… SWASAN seems cute..

  8. Ray

    Geet and Maan form Geet huhi sabse paryai stand right next to arnav and khushi. They both are my favorite all time jodi

  9. poonam

    asad and zoya(karan and surbee) of qubool hai i loved this pair and rk and madhu of madhubala arashi thses three pairs r my all time favorite

  10. maya

    swasan s rocking I think so but manvi vir at and jeevika vinai and zainaliya and ishveer r really cute couples but swasan is more cute couple

  11. zoya

    lol who included the aunty type couple swasan?daily hugging scenes,no love&no romance 😛 .week chemistry.only their fans voting hundred is better to include them on PREM-SIMAR group.THANSHI&ISHVEER IS THE BEST to compare with arshi.ISHRA also my favourite.

    • zoya

      over caring sanskar&over glycerine swara are made for each other 😉 but henpecked sanskar&mahaan jasoos swara are nevr comparable with angry young man ARNAV&sweet,naughty girl KHUSHI.arshi-the love birds :-* ishra&ishveer <3

  12. Soupgal

    One nd only Arnav Singh Raizada nd Kushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada… Jus dem always… Foreva..

  13. jahnabi

    ❤…Thahaan…& only thahaan❤ I know that we are not satisfied with the current track…But I know that they are made for each other….Still hope that they will unite soon…Thahaan rocks ?…….?

  14. Plumpyyy

    Do you even know that you missed one of the most loved couples??? Where’s MaNan in the list??!!!! Everyone knows how big hit KYY was and still is in the hearts of KY2holics!!!
    MaNan humesha..
    In the list.. I would go with ArShi for sure 🙂

  15. Always rishbala. rk and madhubala are heavenly couple . but here name was not mentioned this my all time favourite couple.And then arshi,swasan,raglak also my favourite couple.

  16. Varsha

    wats the need for voting its obviously Arshi…..nobody will and never can change our Arshi figure.Whichever shows cme or go.Arshi wil still remain in our hearts and hotstar forever (lol).I looooove Ishra too

  17. Geetha

    For me all time fav will be rudra & paro..rangrasiya pair..ashish sharma with sanaya irani

  18. Aisha

    Romantic laksh and sweet ragini.Now raglak r most romantic couple. Raglak forever.

  19. Angel Ishana

    I think we have to wc new pair.Arnav & khushi r old i think & 100% sure that Rag &Lak r the best like arnav & khushi.plz vote 4 Rag & Lak

  20. Taani

    if going on these set of pairs then no one is better than arnav and khushi…but else their are many good couples than arshi….nowadays i dont love to any couple….every thing is going bakwas nowadays…no sweet couples…very disappointing… 🙁 🙁 ;( 🙁 🙁 🙁

  21. zoya khan

    swasanare best couple they are worlds best couple jelous logo bolo jo bolna hai

  22. Tia

    RagLak Is my current favourite.They are so hot but No one can ever beat ArShi.I lyk SwaDarsh,Twinj also.

  23. cc_03

    1.Arnav and Khushi are the best ❤️
    Kitani Mohabbat hai lead pair.
    Kaisa ye pyaar hai lead pair.
    Nupur and Mayank (mile jab hum tum).
    Armaan and Ridhima(Shilpa) of dil mil gae.
    Kt and Lakshya of ksbkbt.

  24. My favourite couples are
    Ishita and Raman
    Swadheenta and Adarsh
    Suhani and Yuvraj
    they are still favourite of many of us
    Khushi and Arnav

  25. Anisha

    Honestly!! Nobody comes close to Arshi! Ishra, Swasan, Raglak, Vidhaani, Swadarsh, Yuvani, Twinj, Thahaan, Abhigya, Rishbala, Ardhika, NONE! Arshi has left a permanent mark in the Minds of all! Maybe if Barun wouldn’t have quit because of health issues, the show would still have been on air! Arshi’s popularity forced Star plus to get and IPKKND Ek bar Phir web series! They are also planning on a new show with Sarun(Sanaya and Barun). So I don’t think that anybody deserves this except Arshi! And moreover, most couples don’t even deserve to be in the list! Ishra doesn’t because of the current track! That are living with separate people in their lives and don’t know about the whereabouts of each other! Swasan and Raglak are two more couples whose love story isint ideal! I mean that it started form hatred! Needless to say that they are good couples now, but not deserving the list! This is my opinion and people might take severe umbrage towards it, but please don’t lose your heads and start cursing me, because different people in the world are allowed to have swparate opinions and this is my one

  26. Ireena

    I didn’t watch IPKKND… so…
    Well;U didn’t include mehbeer(meher abeer)…..even ardhika(arjun radhika)…nesam(Neil and Sam)
    Badly missing them here….I wish U could add them…

  27. my favourite manan and rudra and parro ( ashish sharma and sanaya ) from rangrasiya as ashish look best in that role with mustache , angry and rough look

  28. Shi

    Only Arnav and Khushi. Their looks and chemistry, no one can beat them. Hope to see them together again.

  29. Anushka

    All couples r good at their places but I according to me swasan, manan and twinj r the best.

  30. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    always….always…twinj…no couple compared to twinj….thier cute knok-jok and thier romance make them a perfect couple…..n also sidhant and jasmine’s chemistry is awesome….

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