Vote for Telly’s Ideal Mother

Post Mother’s day, we would like to know about your favorite small screen mother character. A mother is the best gift from God. Its said that when God can’t be present everywhere, he has made mother to take care of children. We have seen some of the great motherly characters on the small screen, some of whom we regard the perfect ideal mother.

We are listing some of the mother characters ruling the Indian telly currently. Bhabho of Diya Aur Baati Hum has always been a protective mother, who believed in keeping her family united. She has been biased to Sandhya sometimes, but still presented a good example of motherhood. Even Sandhya has been a caring and loving mother throughout. Kokila/Gopi are regarded the perfect mothers of Star Plus. They have been running their house with discipline, morals and strength to fight evil. The new popular Ishi Maa of Star Plus’ YHM can’t be missed out from this poll. Ishita always proved she is the best mother, but lost out in practical decisions. Still Ishita is Telly’s fav mother. Akshara too presents a nice example of mother of modern times. Akshara deals with children striking a perfect balance.

The relation of Akshara and her children are more like friends having trust, understanding and love between them. Durga Devi aka DD of Jamai Raja is another loving mother. DD has been protecting Roshni and showering immense love on her. Coming to Color’s Balika Vadhu, Anandi proved out to be a perfect bahu, perfect wife and a perfect mother. Similarly, Dhara of Star Plus’ Tamanna is also an ethical, confident and idealistic mother. A mother is known to be child’s best friend, guide, support and strength. There are many mother characters on Indian Telly. The listed choices are those mother characters, who has never turned grey even for the welfare of their children, like Silsila Pyaar Ka’s Janki Devi and Thapki Pyaar Ki’s Vasundara. If you like to mention anyone else or state your opinion, you can hit the comment section below. Let us know your opinion in this poll by choosing a maximum of two choices.


  1. Ranaji

    Although i stopped watching becoz of watching ek tha raja ek thi rani same time..i will watch repat of it and i really like akshara as mother..she is amazing such a caring mother..

  2. Sne7

    Ishi maa :*
    Coz she showed us that u can be a mom without blood relations, with Adi, Ruhi and Alia <3

  3. fan

    dhara because she is raising her daughter alone but even then she teaches her good things


    They all act as mother.. so for me all are good but ideal mother will always be my mother???

  5. Ishita

    Ishima….of corse….even she loves her son n daughter though she is nt a real mother of them…..even their real mom in serial will nt love ❤ more than Ishita…….bt I like all the mothers in serials very much…mom is a treasure fr their child’s……so I vote fr all the moms?

  6. aruna

    I love ishimaa the way she showers her love to ruhi Adi n aliya is amazing and not to forget gopi bahu she is also a good mother

  7. Rinsy Sandeep

    I love Ishimaaa….she s a wndrful actrs..i love her,the way of showing her love to ruhi n adi s amazing evnthough she s nt their real mom….I vote for Ishimaaaaaa…..<3

  8. ishveer

    Ishitha is best mom in whole TV serials mom….I like the way of approaching to the childrens……she is best….

  9. Ayesha


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.