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Star Plus is much known for presenting good family dramas. The show expanded its horizon into mythology and realistic shows too. Its entertaining to watch all the emotions and connectivity in the family drama shows. Everything revolves in the family. All the mentioned negative characters except few are part of the families, and still against. Paridhi got ungrateful to Modi family and kicked out the elderly Kokila out of the house. Thanks to Gopi, Kokila got stability again.

Shanti is the peace breaker of Shanti Sadan and still holds a strong dominance at home. She has separated Riya and Shivam by planting misunderstandings. Chavi in DABH has been a traitor for Rathi Family. Chavi wants to stop Sandhya from winning back Sooraj’s name and respect, just to get some loan cleared by Sooraj’s arch rival Dipen. Chavi joined hands with Dipen and has showing more of her insensibility. Similarly, Yuvraaj’s Dadi and Soumya also back stab while keeping a good image infront of everyone. There are many tricks by Soumya these days.

Kailash in JNDND is very much negative against Atharv. He often humiliates him calling him an orphan. Kailash creates troubles for Atharv every now and then, and has hatred for Atharv in his heart. Raavan in SKR is destined to be evil and just troubling Devi Sita to get killed by Shri Ram. Though Raavan is not aware of his destined death, Raavan continues to be evil and tormenting. Ashok and Niddhi continue to be thorns in Raman and Ishita’s path. The latest show Ishqbaaz’s Tej and his secretary Shwethlana look scheming and evil minded. The actors playing negative roles become favorites by their convincing portrayals, when the viewers hate them for doing evil and like them as the negative characters get the leads together by their flopped plans. Vote for your fav. negative character on Star Plus. You may choose a maximum of three choices in the poll. You may also leave a comment.

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  1. Richa

    my multiple votes goes for ashok nidhi shanti and chavi 🙂


    All evils are more powerful on every show…..

  3. my vote goes to raavan

  4. Jay

    My vote goes to Raavan


  6. sorry but i dont consider raavna evil he is worshipped in some places well it was my pov

    1. true agree…..

  7. my vote goes to kaliash….. jndsd is the best serial in my point of view

  8. Ashok .

  9. Ashok & niddhi

  10. Sahasranjali

    Missing arvind/major iftekaar alam from dahleez here. I know that the show is over but Siddhartha sen’s acting made us all hate arvind/iftekaar.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      yes I agree with u I was finding the arvind option he is too good

      1. Sahasranjali

        Yes. Anyways sp is full of negative characters. 😀
        btw where r u from.?

  11. Devga

    I am confused ¿
    The list one by one I read I realise no no he/ she is more villainous … again no no he is villainous …. lol my votes are for all except raavan as though cruel he was a shiv worshipper and whole heartedly he did his worship …

  12. Meghana

    My vote goes to ravan

  13. star plus is full.of negativity no need anyone

    1. Agree sis.☺☺☺

    2. haha….. can be….

  14. I don’t think ravan should be considered in villains character as it is a mythological show. someone is doing this character. Its a dimand of character. not a imaginary role so we can judge him.I think he should get a special award for his mind blowing acting. but not for this negativite role.
    I think for negative role kailash is most deserving character from jndsd..

  15. My vote goes to Kailash

  16. M.Shakaib

    Pair and ashok

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