Vote for IB-DBO’s Most Magical Pairing?

Ishqbaaz and its very own spin off Dil Bole Oberoi gave the viewers some awesome lead pairings, who have won many hearts in very less time. The pairings have become instant attention pullers by their chemistry, uniqueness and crispy portrayals. All the actors have done huge justice to their characters in Ishqbaaz. Some of the actors chosen to lead in Dil Bole Oberoi with fresh characters, have more pressure to sustain the viewership. Nevertheless, Omkara’s pairing with Gauri is something new and surprising. Rudra and Soumya’s pairing as seen in Ishqbaaz, is still having cute, silly and dim aspects.

Ishqbaaz is more about Shivaye and Anika now. The couple got more scenes to show up their romantic charm. Shivika is always expected to be the one leading the story. The Oberoi enemies, the Kapoors are almost breaking up Shivaye and Anika. The show will bring more surprises once Tia’s truth comes out. Dil Bole Oberoi got the same concept, but the new pairing of Omkara-Gauri is the new bandwagon. Viewers may miss out Omkara-Ishana’s pairing, but Gauri’s innocent and lovable character is also much appreciated. Vote for IB-DBO’s Most Magical Pairing? Let us know which pairing has won your interest.

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  1. Nita D

    You guys actually want me to choose between the 4 of them…..I love them all…and choosing any one pair is really a ‘dharam sankat’ for me…..

    1. Lids

      Agree. They are just four great couples.

      1. Nita D

        Ya lids. I guess most of the fans will have same opinion.

    2. Yup u r right dr…

    3. Same situation with me.
      They should have give ‘All’ also as a option

  2. Krishnaa

    it’s too early for this poll. maximum of ishqbaaz track has been focused on shivika story. rumya’s track was very little compared to shivika. so both gaurika and rumya’s track just started. i think this poll will be best after some months. i personally find rumya cute, shivika good, gaurika barely started.

    1. Krishnaa

      PriVeer story has actually not shown anything except fear and revenge. hope their love track starts soon.

    2. Krishnaa i totally agree with whaf u said.. Its too early to decide the best pair when they haven’t shown much on any other pair except focusing on Shivika..

    3. Nita D

      Totally agree with u Krishnaa

    4. Agreed surely


    Shivaye- Anika
    Rudra- Soumya
    Priyanka- Ranveer
    All are best.. but not liking Om- Gauri

  4. I think this poll should be after few months…But for now I am liking om-gauri’s story

  5. Khushilovesroumya

    can i pick at least two pairs i now picked rumya but i also wanted to pick priveer.

    Shvika playing farq game.
    Rumya is getting very little screenspace.
    priveer are not even shown.
    I don’t like gaurika.

    1. Kavya347

      My views are just like you dear…And now they really SHOULD focus on Rumya and Priveer. Those two pairs are really getting less screenspace just like it happened with Vrushika as Ishana. Then the fans webt angry, and gul removed Vrushy from the show. Really even now, I like Ishkara as the best only. Gaurika track is a little too much typical and satisavitri-ish track in my views. .. the actors are great indivisually but the pairing, chemistry and the track is really UNBEARABLE…

  6. Based only on chemistry, my favourite couple is Ishkara and I also like the pairing of Om and Svetlana, ?, but from the above options, I think Rumya has the best chemistry.

    1. Same pinch

  7. I love all of them!

  8. Abhija

    i love them all.but my fav is shivika

  9. NABANITA626

    Shivika forever????????

  10. Vincy

    Shivika forever ???

  11. Shivika for ever but om Gauri not good

  12. All pairings are nice…..but i like omkara and ishana more than omkara gouri….

  13. Kashaf

    Rumya is the best chemistry even though with less screen space

  14. Ruby_MarNy

    I liked omkara and ishana pairing more than omkara Gouri.. shivika,rumya and priveer are good too..but no priveer scenes for now..

  15. Shivika

  16. I like all of them but in my view the most magical pairing was ishkara.

  17. Ketaki19

    shivika forever <3

  18. shivika are extremely lovable.omri are cute. and rumya are mast. but ranpri will have a greaat chemistry

  19. rumya 4 me they r so cute

  20. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    *finding a shovel to dig my grave*
    Choosing between them is practically doing a ‘sin’.

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