Vote for your “Qubool Hai” Star?


Surbhi Jyoti, Karanvir Bohra, Amrapali Gupta, Additi Gupta and Varun Toorkey are currently doing the best of their roles in the show Qubool Hai. Due to Karan Singh Grover’s presence as Asad Ahmed Khan , the show made a grand entry into Indian television. Karan Singh Grover was replaced by Raqesh Vashisth as Asad Ahmed Khan. Later, Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti were cast as Aahil and Sanam in the post leap version of Qubool Hai and had managed to save the show. Surbhi and Karanvir make an ideal pair on-screen. The show has been good watch to see Aahil and Sanam’s love story and the actor’s wonderful chemistry. The viewers have seen the track where a man tries to misbehave with Sanam. Sanam gets overpowered by the man, but Aahil comes to her aid. Aahil beats up the man, but he then finds Sanam unconscious. He attends to Sanam and asks her to open her eyes. At the same time, Shaad shows up at the scene and finds Aahil with Sanam. He pulls out his gun and points it towards Aahil.

Shaad confronts Aahil about his relationship with Sanam. Aahil has been fighting all odds to get back Sanam in his life. Aahil reveals to Aahil that the Jannat he knows is actuallu Sanam. Shaad breaks down and starts crying. Aahil thanks Shaad for safeguarding Sanam for such a long time. Shaad tells Aahil that he wants to see Jannat happy and the only person, who could give her the happiness, is Aahil himself. They both hug each other when Shaad tells Aahil that he would tell everything to Sanam. Sanam wakes up from her sleep after hearing the landline phone ring and hesitantly answers the call. She gets shocked after the caller sings a rhyme and then threatens to kill someone from the family. When Aahil starts talking on the phone, he finds nobody talking on the phone. He tries to console Sanam. Who is your “Qubool Hai” Star? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. shaad is the best, my vote for him.

  2. Ahilllll!!!!!!!!!!! He is the star of the whole show. My votes on him

  3. Of course sanam….

  4. One nd only my surbhi 🙂

  5. surbhi the best

  6. lovable princess

    my fvrt star is always n one n only surbhi.. my vote is fo her

  7. Surbhi 🙂

  8. it has to surbhi , she has carried the show since it started!

  9. Qh means surbhi … Surbhi means qh.. She is hero and heroine of the show. Love u SJ ?. God bless u. I will appreciate ur commitment towards ur work. Qh is bullshit but ppl still watching only for u

    1. Ya ur 100% crct 🙂 🙂

  10. Shaad is the hero of the show my vote is for hin

  11. of course surbhi

  12. Surbhi the best love u sooooooo much

  13. its Surbhi

  14. Surbhi and KVB

  15. karanvir

  16. Ahil is the one who has saved d the show after ksg left… ahil deserves appreciation….nd even surbhi is d backbone of this show…jst because of der chemistry dis show is still going on

  17. i totally agree with Shivi ,Karanvir Bhora has this show going ,i just adore this actor he has what it takes to make any serial a hit and with Surbhi it’s pure Perfection . so my vote is for these two .

  18. i cnt see tomorrow’s update…whats happening

  19. my favourite lovely sweety star is always shurbhi… who acts on any characters.. zoya was her best part den sanam sehar and now finally jannat.. wow that’s soooooo awesome… coz of her only many are continuing watching qh….. love u shurbhi jii

  20. Nazia Mansuri

    ahil is d best

  21. Ahil is my best actor.following beauty old sanam praying to get back your memory….

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  23. I lov the varun and surbi’s jodi.i dont lik ahil

  24. Ahil &Sanam

  25. my vote for my cousin sanam seher zoya janat. surbhi jyotiiii big love

  26. One n only karanvir

  27. AHIL…… said above its only Ahil who saved the show after KSG left…… the all time favourite star is AHILLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  28. Sanan and Billo rani, they really rock n gve da meaning to da show, i get enjoyd in their process

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