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Balika Vadhu premiered on 21 July 2008 on Colors TV. The show follows Anandi and Jagdish who have been impacted by the ritual of child marriage. The show has become a top runner on Colors, and then brought many social issues like widow remarriage, adoption, fighting women abuse, and much more.


Gangaa premiered on 2 March 2015 on And TV. The show is about a small girl named Ganga, who is a child bride. She loses her husband and her father in a riot on the bank of River Ganga. The show is about her fight against society. She opposes the restrictions put on her as a widow.

Udaan which premiered on 18 August 2014 Colors TV. Udaan is a social message program to highlight the issue of bonded labour in Indian villages. Kaala Teeka, which started on 2nd November 2015, is the story of Vishwaveer Jha and his strange way to keep his only daughter Gauri protected from bad sights. Vishwaveer The promo gives an insight to the storyline that will focus on a child protecting another one as her Kaala Teeka. The belief that the black mark can keep evil away has been played upon in a super dramatic way.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed premiered on 10 August 2015 on Colors TV. The show portrays the story of a young widow, Dhaani and NRI guy Viplav who falls in love with her. He breaks through all the orthodox views of society to marry her. The show is about the current prohibited views on widow remarriage.

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  1. I am now enjoying some of the programmes on Colours by Zee tv.
    Please can you put english sub-titles on as only some of the programes
    have it. Even Sun tv – you will get more viewership if you put subtitles.
    Most of us Indians in South Africa do not understand the venacular

  2. ma fvrt ishq ka rang safed .. Bt i lyk kaala thika
    am start to wach kaajaa thika i lyk it
    Nyz stry

  3. only ishq la rang safed

  4. My votes goes to ISHQ KA RANG SAFED. Bcoz this seriel have a different storyline. I know the above seriels also have a different stories.

  5. Dhaani & viplab u r choosing to acts a superb seriel that Unique story line. It’s best thing. I always suppourts a widow remarriage. Bcoz every one’s have second chance to live with life partner. It’s aswsome story.

  6. I hope ISHQ KA RANG wins a voting results. Bcoz most of people support a widow 2nd merriage. Anyone hurts to my comment that i’m really sorry.

  7. balika vadhu its a old serial…..ishq ka rang safed…its a latest serial….but its a great thing dat…balika vadhu still its running….i wish dnt show any unwanted msgs and action in mother and her own child it will affect to the society….but in past wife and husband character of annadi and shiv has shown beautiful relation of them……now…., show as same as gud relation in annadi and nandini alias…nimboli……i wish and expecting….it

  8. Kaala Teeka…seems like anoyh

  9. vaishnavi more

    ishq ka rang safed is the best serial

  10. Kaala Teeka….why I hv a strong feeling that it is another Uttaran serial…story of two girls being childhood frnd …their childhood storyline..then both grow up..will fall fr same boy….and one becoming vamp…and all that same story

  11. Though I have never watched any of the above seriels, by reading the short notes, I voted for Ishq ka rang safeed and Gangaa

  12. Udaan..I love da series N can neva missed it bt dnt make bhaiyajii wins dis tym…Make it unpredictable nt like other series always da bad ones wins like swaragini


  14. I used to dislike watching daily soaps but I started watching Ishq ka rang safed for a touching social message,nice title, beautiful title song,great dialogues,not a regular saas bahu serial as of now & most important the amazing casting. So for me only IKRS….

  15. Gangaa is the best

  16. Ishq.. Ishq… Rang… Rang… Ishq ka rang safed.

  17. Ishq ka rang safed is the best

  18. I loved viplav and dhani’ acting styes and they are best onscreen couple

  19. gangaa is the best y it not on top yet

  20. Uddan is th series I like. But pls baiji must lose. The small girl chakor is tryin

  21. Ishq ka rang safed..

  22. ishq ka rang safed

  23. are ishq ka safed hi its an entertainment serial only not a social story

  24. Udaan, IKRS nd kaala teeka

  25. beautiful pure romance can act VIPLAV AND DHAANI super jodi i never see befor

  26. ishq ka rang safed background music every tones is amazing sir i think this is the best backgroung music serial of coluors

  27. i like kala tikka concept
    really interesting serial

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