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Life OK’s Dream Girl premiered on 9 March 2015 on Life OK. Actress Nikita Dutta and Shraddha Arya play the female leads. It has been going strong since its start. The show has completed 100 episodes. It got a new twist by exposing Ayesha Sareen’s face infront of everyone. The suspense buildup has turned the show interesting. According to the track, Samar professes his love to Laxmi and is eager to know about her feelings for him. Laxmi accepts his proposal and gives her nod to marriage. Samar and Laxmi’s families make arrangements for their wedding for the next day mahurat. Ayesha is worried about Samar’s career and intends to foil his marriage with Laxmi by using this to blackmail Laxmi. On Ayesha’s insistence, Laxmi cancels her marriage with Samar for the sake of his career. Laxmi leaves the place and none is able to find her. Samar learns about Laxmi’s decision and is disappointed about her disappearance.

Manav stops Samar from searching for Laxmi while Ayesha celebrates for ruining Laxmi and Samar’s marriage plans. Ayesha is overwhelmed with joy for ruining Laxmi’s career and celebrates at her resort. Some strange things happen with Ayesha which make her tensed. Karan is desperate to contact Laxmi. Manav wishes Ayesha on her birthday. Ayesha hallucinates about Laxmi and panics thinking Laxmi is trying to play a game with her. The track is going on interestingly. Ayesha will get exposed and a new entry will be seen in the show. Both Nikita Dutta and Shraddha Arya are stunning in their perfectly cast roles. Who is your favorite female lead in Dream Girl? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Nikitaaaaaa ?

  2. JigyasaKayastha

    Nikita dutta aka lakshmi mathur…. sheis awesome……

  3. ayesha is very beautifual and has great acting abilities…looks like a real dreamgirl…well she has been portrayed as a negative character and hence everyone likes laxmi but apart from that if you just compare beauty and acting abilities, ayesha is best

  4. **My Favorite Ayesha Sarin.Ayesha Is Best,Best Of Best,No.1.I Love U Ayesha**

  5. Love The One And Only Ayesha!

  6. I love Nikita. I definitely vote for her.

  7. shraddha arya is the best actress.

  8. Shraddha arya, ayesha is the best!!

  9. Shraddha arya….

  10. ayesha is the better one ,but her negative role stinks,shame on her to accept this role

  11. Nikita – This is her first show and she has been acting VERY well. Also, I really hate Shraddha’s character even though I think she is a very good actress

  12. i love laxmi she is da best i wish manav see’s ayesha’s true colours before it is too late

  13. Pawanjeet Jha


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