Vote for your favorite Child Character?

Many child actors got potential roles in big shows and they are keeping their role unique and balanced by their good acting skills and ability to connect with audience. While Ruhi of YHM and Chakor of Udaan are quiet famous, we included Naksh of YRKKH in the list, whose role ended by the leap.

The child actors are too adorable, super cute, multi talented who put brilliance in their characters. No show can be completed without having a cute kid in it, and thus the need to incorporate child actors come in.

We have seen how the little kids have made every emotion come to life by their on screen acting and perfect dialogues delivery. Everyone connect with their happiness, tears and mischief. The new entries are Ved/Vansh in DABH and Naira in YRKKH. Balika Vadhu is having a repeat track of Nimboli facing same struggles as Anandi. What do you think about the kids doing perfect roles and making a place in everyone’s heart by their innocent portrayals? Let us know which one is your favorite and choose upto three.

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  1. Hamari pyari. .cute..naughty beautiful ..angel ruhi jaisa koi nahin hai. ……….ye voting race toh ruhi easy jeet jaye gi. ..

  2. Ruhi is the best child artist……in YHM .she is cute,pyari nd so beautiful

  3. ruhi is a best child artist

  4. Ruhi and arav in dil ki baatein tu hi jaane as well as shaurya in doli araanon ki

  5. no doubt ruhi is the best child artist

  6. I love chakor and her cuteness

  7. ofcourse no doubt its ruhi angel.

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  9. Ruhi ruhi ruhi alwys my fVourite is ruhi….

  10. […] Also check ‘Vote for your favorite Child Character?’ […]

  11. […] Also check ‘Vote for your favorite Child Character?’ […]

  12. […] Also check ‘Vote for your favorite Child Character?’ […]

  13. No doubt ruhi is the beeeeeesttttt

  14. The little Shaurya in DAK was very cute unlike the grown up one

  15. ruhi the cutest one. especially her dadi ma type behavior

  16. The younger Shaurya…..excellent actor also

  17. Only chakor her acting is so real and mature without any over acting

  18. Ved going to win all our hearts.

  19. Ruhi is best love u so much. u look so cute

  20. Only chakor

  21. Our sweet little angel ruhiii.. She is so cute nd her acting skills r superb.

  22. Shaurya ( Doli Armano Ki) super cute n talented

  23. Ruhi ruhi ruhi ruhiiiiiiiiii is the best ………

  24. ma vote 4 RuHiiiiii

  25. ruhi is soo cute and what an actress ..sooo wonderful..she is amezing

  26. My vote one and only for ruhi …. Of course she was the reason for yhm’s these many viewers….

  27. First I thought Ruhi but sometimes she over-reacts so it does get quite annoying, however I think the little naksh was really cute and Maria was cute. The new characters are okay, miss the old versions.

    1. I meant naira not Maria lol..

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