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Listed below are the top weekend shows. You can follow a brief about them. We would like to know your favorite weekend show currently. You may also leave a comment.

Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi: Amitabh Bachchan interacts with simple ordinary citizens who done extraordinary things. They have served humanity in selfless way. They have defied all odds and accomplished their goals. Along with celebrity guests in every episode, he tries to make them feel special by fulfilling their wishes in his unique way. Amitabh celebrates life and happiness in the show. The people are honored for doing the extraordinary work for others.

Naagin: This is the story of Shivanya, who is stuck between two extreme emotions – love and vengeance. Naagin is about a revengeful snake Shivanya, who has the miraculous power embody the human of her choice. Shivanya targets Ritik Raheja. He believes that love and religion make a person weak. But his mindset changes after meeting simple and sweet Shivanya.

Big Boss: It involves celebrity contestants being locked inside a house for three months under constant camera surveillance with no luxuries and limited amenities. This time it is the double trouble theme of Bigg Boss 9. The contestants will be seen in variant kinds of pairs. And that can consist of good friends, couples, ex-flames, siblings, and even rivals.

I Can Do That: Star entertainers compete against each other by showcasing their talents through unique acts that they have learnt on the show. The show gets the stars out of their comfort zones and challenge them to do a tough task which they did not attempt before. Farhan Akhtar hosts the Indian edition of the international format of this show.

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  1. naagin s awesome.

  2. Naagin is just a story.. When you realise the plot, it’ll get boring like other serials.. Bigg Boss is much better as day by day its thrilling.. Knwong personalities and correcting our mistakes and implementing them in real life is something motivating.. I love Bigg Boss..

  3. Big Boss, Naagin and I can do it.

    Aaj ki Raat – I think Amitabh needs to retire. He is looking old and haggard. With his drastic wait loss hope and pray nothing is wrong with him but seriously he needs to retire.

  4. I can do that
    big boss

  5. but aaj ki raat hai shows some real life angels then these bigg boss contestants who give slangs and ill content for trp and naagin is the typical indian serial only . I can do that give a strong headache though some amazing talents were shown but farhan’S bad pj’s and boring contestants are not able to keep the show up. so in the given choices i will prefer aaj ki raat only………..atleast it gives positivity.

  6. bigboss 9 with my fav. SALMAN KHAN

  7. I love the show ” I can do that ” I love their performances . It wows me and is really fun to watch 🙂 makes me happy

  8. I also appreciate their hard work .. great performances 🙂

  9. I can do that…….

  10. naagin and i can do that

  11. BB9, AKRHZ nd naagin

    i never watched ICDT

  12. I watched only naagin so my supports to naagin. It’s really unique superb thrilling, Good endertainment. And i really likes to arjun bijlani acting. Day by day increased thrilling in this seriel. Sudha chandran role nice.

  13. Only naagin!

  14. naagin is best

  15. Naagin is best ……,,and thrilling ?


  17. Naagin is the best……….

  18. Of coarse its naagin . Its unique. Unique things should be applauded.

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