Vote for the most shocking and disappointing closure recently

Few shows did not start with a finite theme and yet faced the axe by the channels due to poor TRPs and the slots not working in their favor. Some hit shows got another slot to pass their slots to new approaching show and lost out in the TRP race. The good themed shows have ended all of a sudden. The shows disappointed its fans by unexpected shut. Mentioning here are some shows which may be missed by their fans a lot.


Nisha Aur Uske Cousins: A story woven beautifully of Nisha and her cousins, very different from one another, bound by a strong friendship. Nisha and her cousins live in a joint family. Their bond of love and togetherness is strong as they help each other in numerous ways.

Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarziyan: A story around Radhika’s career dreams and her step to move to Mumbai. It is around Radhika and Samaira’s lovely friendship which turns bitter by their love angles. The show which launched in April this year, is set to wrap up in four months. The show failed to generate good stable ratings. It was much appreciated for the content and lead actors. It turned interesting after Arjun and Radhika got married. Dosti…Yaariyan…Manmarziyan will go off air on August 29, 2015.

Veera: Siblings Ranvijay and Veera share an unbreakable bond. Ranvijay nurtures his sister like a mother would, taking care of her every need. Veera has taken a leap of 15 years and focuses on Veera and Ranvijay who have reached adulthood. Veera makes her way to college with big dreams while Ranvijay has become a responsible family man. Later Veera marries Baldev, and Ranvi marries Gunjan. The show went well till the slot changed and was loved by many fans.

Shastri Sisters: A story of four sisters Alka, Anushka, Devyaani and Peeya. The sisters move to Delhi from Kanpur after their father is transferred from Kanpur. They stay at Sareen’s house and are disliked by Minty Sareen. Their lives change in Delhi after they meet their life partners. The story speaks of the challenges faced by them on being uprooted from their childhood homes and their support for each other through life’s hardship and struggles.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali: It is a love story of a couple who find love after their marriage which happens by a prank. The show has been in news for the return of the legendary actor Alok Nath, who is doing the role of Leela Dhar’s Dada ji. Radha and Leela Dhar (LD) get married by a prank played by LD and his friends, and even he gets stuck in the unintentional marriage. The couple gets separated for a time and post leap they rediscover love in the breaking love story.

Jodha Akbar:It is a sixteenth century love story about a political marriage of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas, were the most favorite onscreen jodi on television, becoming an instant hit for their sizzling chemistry and acting. The show also highlighted Salim and Anarkali’s love story. However, Salim marries Maan Bai at the end. The show has explored many unseen secrets of Jodha and Akbar’s lives. It was an iconic love story which was liked by huge audience.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan: It is a story of a music group Fab 5 and the love story started between Manik and Nandini. It is a popular youth show and very much acclaimed by the audience, which worked wonders for the channel MTV. The last episode will air on 27 August. Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan has reached the final stage of the season. The singing competition that everyone had been waiting for will be the climax. Fab 5 will be winning the competition and give the show a happy ending.

Which show’s end made you upset? Let us know in this poll. Vote for the most shocking and disappointing closure recently. You may choose upto three choices. Also you can leave the reason of your vote choices in comments section below.


  1. krits

    Very sad to know this…. we notice that the daily soaps Which is merely just time pass and no strong story line will run years to gather and the story Which is diff from normal SaaS bahu

    • shaiba

      Manmarziya is a very good show .The ending of this show will disapointed me , and the timing is very wrong that we cant see at that time . Please dont stop and make it intrasting.

  2. Devi

    Sp is ending this show its bad. The time slot given to this show is not good that’s the reason trp is low but online so many young people watching this show. Please don’t close this show.

  3. Riya

    am just shocked when am listen manmarziya going to off air .
    When Arjun and Radhika get married then the story take a fabulous track ,I can’t understand how the director decided to end the show….

  4. shaki

    Obviously its manmarziyaan. I’m really sad and angry too that I’m gonna unsubscribe this stupid channel in September. Why spend money on a channel that don’t give any priority to unique shows???

  5. Deeeps

    Manmarziya is such a nice show with very talented actors. Many other serials like Saathiya are all running with so much drama/hatred/violence and still are successful. The shows with a different storyline are not repeated multiple times the next day and people don’t get to watch daily at 10.30pm. It was a injustice done to the shows. And even the awards go to the same old shows every year without recognizing new talent like Everest and others which were so beautiful and different from the same old sagas.

  6. mitty

    After 29 th mmz fanz vil not watch starplus shows. …my gonna unsubscribe the space channel. ..really disappointed the decision

  7. Priyanka

    less TRP for the manmarziyan.. .that means.. indian women’s is still interested in kitchen politics.
    please puch to close that kitchen politics shows & overacting drama serials like YRKKH & SATHIYA & YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN… everyone is doing overacting & bakwas dramebaaz in this family melodrama serials.

  8. vanu

    Manmarziyan is very good serial, please continue this serial, Dont consider TRP, its all bakwas, dont run kitchen politics serials, manmarziyan is very good in all aspect….

  9. Riya

    Yaa right indian women’s are always like SaaS bahu soap opera story,like MAM,SAL,SNS,YHM,YRKKH,SSK etc but they don’t like unique story such as manmarziya, NAUC,KHYY ………….
    So our indian tely director only make that they of show………

  10. Natasha

    Some people don’t want to see something different & unique like nauc & mmz. But we young people want to see shows with concept of friendship. Cheanels are not paying heed to our words. They only want to increase trp through saans bahu melodrama as women are fond of this.

  11. vanu

    YOU WANT TRP of Manmarziyan ????????????????????….. Please change the time slot of Manmarziyan… you have run dramebaaz serials years together,,,, why dont Manmarziyan????

  12. ?minnie?

    Will miss KAISI YEH YAARIYAN BADLY VERY BADLY…… it is the bestest youth show ever

    Every character every thing was beautifully showed in if…….. from fab5 frndship to navni’s frndship to amazing couples like DHRUVLYA, CAVYA, MUKBHI AND MY MOST IMPORTANT MANIK AND NANDANI AKA MANAN thier love was beautifully showed everything from their style houses thier MOST PERFECT SONG SELECTION…… each song was chosen very nicely especially manan background music…… all villains were also damm awsum and evil……

    It is really an amazing journey with ky2

  13. kezia

    Am agreeing to Deeps…..plz don’t stop manmarziyan…plz stop other boring serials such as saathiya,ye rishtha kya kehlata hai…..

  14. sweta

    Manmarziya is really vry gud show, don’t close it. All other drama serials can run so why not like this a unique story n today’s generation story????

  15. Jasz

    It’s really disappointing that this show is ending. It’s such a wonderful show which became more interesting due to Arjun and Radhika.
    If u wanna see the trp, give good slot like 8, 9 or 9:30 pm
    If u wanna stop some show, stop gopi bahu drama, diya baat saga, even nobody watches naitik and akshara story, titu concept is stupid and full of drama. Stop shows like saathiya, veera, diya baat, rishta kya kehlata hai.
    Don’t stop manmarziyan show.
    Change its timings and give repeat episodes also

  16. Radhika

    The sudden end of Shastri sisters has left many fans distressed. Colors tv is biased and has no sense of fair play. They did not promote Shastri sisters and deliberately gave it an inconvenient time slot. In spite of this Shastri sisters did well in India and topped UK charts. Vijayendra kumeria u were mindblowing in Shastri sisters

  17. KRUTI

    I am shocked with the closure of Kaisi yeh yariyaan. though heard that they are coming with 2nd season,.
    But, just can’t think it’s closure

  18. Ann(athu)

    None other than shastri sistrs.Colors is really a mad channel.Not giving promos to serials.Only serials with high trp.If they want to get trp,they must promote it.However i miss shastri sistes and my anuraj

  19. haya

    I think the channel doesn’t watch any of the episodes of this serial….never read the comments nor the requests send by viewers…. They only keep their eye on trps….
    I requested twice to change the time slot and also to increase the repeated telecast….
    Plsss end those yrkkh,saathiya and dbh and also ssel……
    Years are needed even to accept the marriage some of them are even thinking whether to continue or not…

  20. Sandy

    Most disappointing closure – manmarziyan
    Used to watch all these trip pullers yrkkh, sns,ssel in their earlier days. Some reasons why Mmz is being axed
    1) no one in Mmz gets slapped square on the cheek on a weekly basis.
    2) no disciplinarians who mete out punishments
    3) no one to scream and shout in uncivilised language. Even the vamp Nandu is very civilised.
    4) no elders doing unacceptable things which are wholeheartedly accepted by the young ” kyunki woh umar mein bade hain”

  21. Riya

    Star+ channel also thought how to increase the trp of the show and they know lots of Indian women’s are like SaaS bahu wala show, so they important that type of serials.
    But they don’t know many youth like unique & friendship type story such as mmz, NAUC,KYY,etc
    Really am very sad for mmz .it’s a very nice serial……..

  22. madhu

    manmarziyan is a very good show everything looks very real unlike the heavily made p stupid saas bahu serial. is star plus not gauzing the show by its quality. its really gud show n well acted i wish star reconsiders this axing.

  23. Erin

    How can this happen???? There so many good for nothing shows like SNS,YRKKH,DABH etc. Despite stopping these kinda shows why the channels are taking back our lovely shows like manmarziyan and KYY. Its really disappointing ?

  24. If you don’t want dosti yariyaan manmarziyan to end so please don’t say YRKKH shoud end.
    I would say Sath nibhana Sathiya and tu mera hero should end.

  25. badhon

    I got 440 voltage shock when I got the news of ending manmarziyan .it’s really disgusting.haw can they end this show.i think they never stop sass bahu tipe irritating serials like sathya ,yrkkh and other sass bahu serials .just hate all sass bahu serials and also that trps.

  26. Annie

    Dont know how wil I stay without watching mmz form 29 th… star plus hve not done done ryt.. I wil never ever watch sp again. .. (*unless I find some interesting other than those crap saas bahu drama)

  27. Maya

    Kind request to Star plus team is better not to air serials like NAUC, Manmarzian at all if your planning to go off air so soon.. I really don’t understand if star plus is only meant to watch saas bahu serials.. What’s the point to show youth serials when your ultimately give a blame reason TRP rating is less.. Don’t give expectations and then disappoint us..

  28. raashi

    Was addicted to Manmarziyan…gonna miss it badly…star plus was unfair to it…the show does not deserve to end.

  29. Rajdip

    I am not disappointed by any of these shows ending. A show should end when its story has got completed instead of dragging it unnecessarily.

  30. ADELE( Anu)

    Kaisi yeah yaariyan n shastri sisters!!!!
    They were my most favourite!! MaNan from ky2 n anuraj from shastri sisters…..???
    They had bcum my lyf!! Everyday I waited for the new episode to come…..n now…………………….?????????

    Plz start ky2 season2 soon……!!

  31. First disappointment was Nisha and ur cousins and Now its Manmarziyaan .. Serials like Saathiya Yeh rishta are still working fine and i can understand with Yeh rishta but not saathiya .. Its going worst

  32. Plumpyyy

    Gosh!! The article on IF had me in tears wen i first about kyy gonna end!! eyes r moist at present!! God alone knows hw m i gonna live widout kyy!! One thought of kyy made us happy!! We true kyy fans..v never lost any interest on our lovely n d bestest youth show!! Bt i think its season 2 will b der…coz this thursday epi gave a complete shock to its fans!! That is…SOHA IS NOT DEAD!! This jasmine aka soha khuranna had got on our nerves!! V kyy fans kno hw v had tolerated her on the show!!!! This shows hw good the actors were!! Esp. the negative roles..nyonika the b*t*h,jerk harshad,psycho soha n nt to forget..”panditji”…these ppl..these actors r soo good dat the roles they played had got into our nerves!! Our hatred towards d characters is what an actor who essays a negative role wants!! The role model fr friendship..fab 5..they r d soul of kyy!! The care,love,worries,the common pain they share of nt gettin parents’ love evrythin is shown so nicely dat it has touched our hearts deep inside…the epic lovestory..MaNan story…enemies to frenemies..frenemies to friends..friends to soulmates…their journey…woww!! Ask any1 in this country who love manan n kyy…u’ll get to kno hw sad hurt they are!! Evry episode has its own uniqueness n significance…evrythin d CVs hav shown to motivate the society..hats off to dat!! Starting frm homos*xuality…hats off to ayaz yaar..its nt an easy job to play a role of a gay!!! Dhruv’s n rishab’s attacks..these r yet to b revealed..i hope der will b season 2 nhi toh who will reveal d secret??…women empowerment track..gals cn wear any kind of clothes..its their wish..its not us..its you!! Women exploitation of dat panditji track..manan’s hope fr d fusion concert…nandini’s recovering frm d trauma all coz of manik…navya’s pregnancy..bro-sis relationship…an unmarried pregnant woman living wid a gay in an apartment…hw nicely kyy cast n crew has shown to d audience!! Hoping fr a season 2..coz in 4 epis hw cn they manage to show soha?? There will b cliff-hanger ending i hope…
    Love kaisi yeh yaariaan…to infinity till eternity!! Will miss it soo sooooooo much!!

  33. Plumpyyy

    Seriously…sns,yrkkh,ssk,ssek,qh..these head chewing shows shud end!! Specially sns n qubool hai!! The CVs of QH r crappy minded ppl!! They dont hav a story..nw its qubool hai ek nayi andaaz mein..nayi andaaz my foot!! The shows sns n qh r utter shit!! It should be ended!! No offence to d actors or d fans!!

  34. ?minnie?

    Nope athu….. I haven’t and i won’t b able to forget my deveel…… but i don’t kno what to say yaar….. this sudden shutting dowm of serial leaving deveel’s whole track had broken me……..

  35. There is no doubt I also got a shock when I heard about Dosti………yariyan manmarziyan but it does not mean other shows should get over.
    Manmarziyan always has a low trp.

  36. ?minnie?

    Agree with u plump!!!! Those idiotic serials are still on with shitty story…. especially QUBOOL HAI its so damm dragged i tell u…… they are dragging it like a rubberband….. its totally a shit serials in which main main lead dies many times but still the show is going on……. electrifying or I can say phenomenal serial like KYY is going of air…….. but don’t worry season two will b there but nothing sure about same cast so there is a huge trend in going insta…… #KY2S2withPaNifab5 is going in and they are in top 50 …….even vishal sir is supporting them……. if u are there on twitter pls join the trend……I wish I could have joined it

    • Nibir nice to c u aftr a long time …. Anyways how r u and ya nauc part 2 withothe continuation from the abrupt end is awaited …. Let’s hope for the best …

  37. ALL COMMENTS TOO…!!!!!
    guys manmarziyan is awesome but your comments are Sooo sweet…..thnx you all people who is connected with manmarziyan and gave such a fantastic opinions n thoughts
    I really miss this page after 29….. 🙁 🙁
    hate u hate u hate u….
    I want to cry loudly. …..


    jai shree krishna our serial sns is getting highest trp so they can’t stop sns and trp is high becoz people watch it and like it. i know sometime its twist is hard to digest but twist is twist whatever it is baseless. well i m feeling bad bcoz all of you are sad about manmarzia. my humble request to star plus don’t stop manmarzia lot of people like it they r bothered to watch our overact sns drama and manmarzia gives them relax plz
    my daughter vidya modi is going to marry soon all of u invite in modi house on wedding

  39. riya

    I m feeling bad fr kyy and manmaarziyan going to end I love that I m going miss u all guys u r comments I always read amazing

  40. Arghyadeep

    Not agreed that YHM is a saas bahu serial, many channels shows friendship bonded shows, career related, girls empowerment, and many more not related to saas-bahu soap operas….
    But YHM is the most unique theme show till running in Indian television.
    A show with a complete package of drama, mystery, thriller, comedy, romance and the most important “IshRaRuDi”…….:-)

  41. Shocked and still shocking s the news of manmarziyan going off air ….
    Starplus always starts some superb shows on air and stop it abruptly …. First EHT and now MANMARZIYAN …. NOT JUST SUPERB THESE WER R AND WILL REMAIN UNIQUE ….
    And nauc from kabir’s entry only I got hooked to this show and the also an abrupt end …. Ufff starplus guys planning for ur bad days then congrats …. Keep going

  42. chaya

    its really disapointing yaar.. mmz iz going off air soooooooooooooooo soon though it has unique nd far far better story thn all those saas bahu sps.

  43. Please don’t stop manmarjiyan…..
    In fact its voting is higher… something to extend the serial….u can change its time but don’t stop it…..

  44. RIMz

    good all of them ended ….most of them starded with some nice social issues and then came down to saas bahu drama…..good they are gone.
    specially manmarziyan….i thought it was suppose to be about a girl making a career instead of becoming a housewife…

  45. neelima

    We r very disappointed that veera serial was ended we want veeba back we want to see all the characters of veera serial fr veera2 serial plsssss

  46. neelima

    Pls accept my request we want veeba back we want all the characters of veera serial fr veera2 serial plsssss manjaye na plsss i hope you will accept my request pls

  47. Plumpyyy

    We want the whole same cast of kyy in kyy season 2!!! Plzz na…start it soon!! Only 3 epis remaining fr d season one to end!! Will miss MaNan..KYY!! Love it to infinity n till eternity!!

  48. Roselyn Dada

    Am pleading with Starplus to always respect the peoples opinion YHM is the most watched show in my country NAUC EVEREST that is being liked by us just ended like that We are beging Starplus to kindly allow Manmarziyan to continue .we dont want to miss Arjun Most especially Radhika their acting is superb pls from Nigeria.

  49. ?minnie?

    Guys look I kno many of u are disappointed by ur fav serial going off air or are going off air but pleading here won’t help out….. jus think for once….. they must b having their own issues and blaming channels won’t help at all the fault is of production house…….. not of channel just for once use ua brains……… pleading here wont help out……… the best solution is if u really love that serial then do a trend on twitter like how v kyyians are doing it will help not here……..don’t get offened by my this comment it was my pov

  50. Brity

    Starplus only support those series which have much TRP.Most of the housewives only watch those Mother in law and daughter in law’s drama.But the youth loving series are…..Please,do something to continue MMZ…

  51. manmarziyan fan

    Guys let manmarziyan end cuz I don’t want manmarziyan to be hated like saathiy after a while. I love manmarziyan all radhika, arjun, Neil a nd sam . They all are fabulous actors. I love how manmarziyan ending without not irrating anyone. Just remember great shows end fast. Manmarziyan has taught me lots of friendships and has given its own definition of friendship. Seriously love this show and I am happy it’s ending and not just dragging like saathiy and dabh.

  52. Beans on toast

    I love to watch again shastri sisters bcoz it was remained incomplete !!! I want to see anu rajat love after their marriage and also deveil love story please ??

  53. Mrmrw lover

    Mrmrw was seriously the besttt show and the one of the best shows lifeok has ever aired..soooo sad it ended and slot of shows like mrmrw never get noticed because of other popular shows on other channels in the same time slot…not good 🙁

  54. Shital

    Mrrmrw was the best show but its telecast time was completing with tvs no 1 show n no retelecast the show shld be started again

  55. Sia

    NAUC was one of the best shows that was killed. MMZ would have developed into something really great if not pressured for TRPs, which is the most ridiculous silly aspersion a show like that faced, and this show is being cold-bloodedly murdered and everyone are just helpless spectators. Star Plus needs ethnic background, rooted ideologies, safe themes, and ridiculously cruel relationships, and each serial of theirs has to have a family backdrop, a separating scene, a together scene, a hospital, a jail, a court, or something to do with Public Services, minimum two weddings between same people (people, you can add relevant ones that i have missed) and although NAUC and MMZ tried something to that effect, they fell short of those standards. So the nayi soch is just a hype…there is no place for nayi soch on Star plus

  56. abhinandan

    i request on behalf of west bengal to str plus for continuing manmarjiyaan …..i feeling very very emotional today

  57. abhinandan

    trps are not factors for stopping manmarziyaan …………….these are all vague ideas of star plus

  58. jasper

    I am feeling very bad that manmarziyaan is going to end.ardhika jodi was so cute. I hope they bring season 2.the last episode was sooo goood…..

  59. dolly

    Love the show manmarziyan every single moment of this show was the best missing it very much plz make a come back of manmarziyan season 2 with the same characters plz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.