Vote for Most Dragged-Monotonous Show?

You would feel some of the shows dragging. You would just wish the show to end and pass on the slot to other new shows. We have listed some shows which are very long running and some which started recently. The common thing in all is the dragging tracks.


Good unions and peace are shown for little time. Then all the focus shifts to the villains and vamps. One may wonder if negative characters are the leads of the show. The negatives are given so much screen time and importance in the track, that it leaves little scope for viewers to enjoy the leads’ romance and togetherness. The viewers would wish to have good entertaining time by watching their favorite soaps. Unfortunately, the vice versa is seen always.

The listed shows here have been included in the poll for the unwanted characters, dragging plots, leads’ separation, and tears flooding scenes. Inshort, they are loved for all the things viewers miss to watch in it. YHM got Shagun’s spirit track. It is not practical in that show, where educated people and strong relations are shown.

Qubool Hai broke record of getting leads to elongate the plot. Tere Sheher Mein separated the lovers and made different pairings, with addition of another villain Tilak in it. Saath Nibhana Saathiya still has unwanted Gaura in it, who rules over Kokila. Kumkum Bhagya has more of Aaliya and Tanu, than Abhi-Pragya. The couple never unites and is always troubled. MATSH got Milan to break Ranveer-Ishani. Jamai Raja’s Sid is still being dutiful Jamai and safeguarding inlaws against many popping evil doers.

Sasural Simar Ka has tried all types of ghosts, witches, past births, Naagins and much more. Balika Vadhu completed 1400 episodes and still doing strong, with history repeats itself plots. Dream Girl shifted from original tracks. There is nothing dedicated to Laxmi currently. Vote for Most Dragged-Monotonous Show? Let us know your choice in this poll. You may choose three options and leave comment as well.


  1. K.E.B.

    qubool hai needs to go I want kumkum bhagya to go on forever abhi and pragya, their children and grandchildren

  2. Diamond

    qubool hai is too too draggy, and has to much scene and characters pls can u let good win over evil for once? Doli Amanno ki ended perfectly pls make KKB interesting and unite Abhigya xpose likes of tanu,raj,taliya. JR Sid is really making sense so do something pls than u

  3. Halima

    Kumkum bhagya is the worst of them all….with abhi and pragya boring dry jokes and stupid romance….such a boring show….as for qubool hai I have nothing to write

  4. prena

    Witign for end of Qubool hai…..
    Without story they just keep on murdering murdering murdering leads and Surbhi takes one form from another…
    Reent entry of Avinash as Armaan is disgusting..
    How can someone imagine lead like this shit guy when it was Rajbeer who created sparkle with Mahira after long.
    Also avinash still keeps his voice modulation,looks as in ipkknd 2 and ,his angry expressions is yuck…
    He doesnt look like rock star nor like millionaire..
    Now after killing azad , this show sud end…

    Zee could have stopped qubool hai and replaced it with kala tikka,instead of Tumhi ho bandhu sakha

  5. diya

    plz dnt enter the name of yhm here okay…
    the ghost track is going to end soon.
    if needed enter dabh nd yrkkh here . they r also dragging the show too much

    • Aparna

      I agree with u. I 2 want this 2 serials 2 end asap. I m surprised hw this serials are getting points n r sometimes in top 5

  6. Aparna

    They should end balika badhu. If not then i think they will also show anandi’s grandchildren in the show.

  7. Tere sheher mein needs to be stopped first!!! I can never imagine a seriel separating the lovers!!!!!! Amaya and Mantu were separated and Amaya gets married to Rama!!! And she even falls in love with Rama! So the show is trying to show that the love Amaya had for te actual hero Mantu is just fake as you cannot love two people equally!!!! Pathetic seriel!

  8. And please don’t finish Saathiya. it’s amazing!!!!!
    Atleast, they never had to get a ghost track to keep up with the story like others had to!

  9. jhanvi

    Of course Sathiya …’s took much dragging. …what they r showing ..two lovely sisters married a son and father nd became sas – bahu…

    End SNS pls….

  10. sneha

    Obviously SNS and QH….. These two are most dragging show. I really feel irritating when they show any report on these 2 serials in sbs or sbb. Stupid story and more stupid characters. And I have nothing to say about Balika Badhu. I’m surprised how could a serial takes so much time to finish. Stop these nonsense.
    And last but not the least please don’t stop Jamai Raja. Only for this serial I have a connection with zeetv. It’s the best. Love you Sid and Roshni…

  11. Actually 3 choice were not enough for me. So here is the list
    1. Saath nibhana sathaiya
    2. Suhani si ek Laski
    3. Qubool hai
    4. Jamai raja
    5. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hair
    6. Ballika vadhu
    7. Yhm
    8. Meri ashiqui tumse hi
    9. Dream girl
    10. Piya rangrez
    11. And now even swaragini added to the list

  12. Qubool hai has no dragging but they kill and change actors unnecessarily an ever let good sustainable in that show but in my opinion kumkum bhagya is the worst dragging un logical show on zeeTV

  13. Avni

    Plz don’t finish kkb I just luv it
    Main chathi ho ki uska aur seasons aye
    I think they should end qubool hai and it could be replaced by kala tikka

  14. richa

    yhm that spirit trackk iss sooooo irrrrritatingggggggggg
    and of cource SNS &QH nd DG alll r goingg waih a superrrrr dragged trackkkkkk nd boriiiingggggggg pakaoooo trackss…..

  15. Riya

    Dabh & yrkkh both are interesting now,in dabh lalima sweet evil character and in yrkkh naksh & Tara love story make it interesting……

  16. If there would b most stupid serials i would choose yhm. It is bakwass and very dragging.i dnt how the serial get 2nd position. It is bakwass

  17. anu

    They should end sasural simar ka.all the ghosts,witches,nagins in the world hav no work other than troubling bhardwaj parivar.& they dnt knw bhardwaj parivar has bahus having supernatural powers.bhardwaj parivar is the most popular family on the earth so they hav hundreds of enemies who come to take revenge time & then turn into gud human being all thanks to the mahan Simar & roli.hats off to actors of this serial who tolerate this nonsense all the time & to writers who can imagine beyond imagination.the writers of this serial r so dedicated tht they even forget in which era they r living.& 1 small question to bhardwaj parivar,who runs ur shop if u all r busy in solving neusure issues

  18. Kavi

    1st balika vadhu
    2nd meri aashiqui tum se he
    3rd sns
    I love qh and kkb. Pls don’t end this show.Must add some intresting scene in those 2serial. Tanq

  19. farida uttan

    Qubool Hai – has to go like now – long drawn out story with no end to the twist ans turns and evil plotting . end is right now. Although I liked KKB for a long time this TANUR ALIYA RAJ story is sickening now. End it or end the show.

  20. Ritz

    For me its qubool hai. Replacing Rajbeer by Avinash is the worst. Avinash cannot act n his voice is ughhh.. cant explain. He is the worst male lead that QH has know.
    Even Thapki pyaar ki is dragging, Thapki n Dhruv r seperated. Worst track. Writers of these shows do not like positivity at all!!!!

  21. Sath nibhana saathiya n qubool hai,yeh rishta kya kehlata hai , balika vadhu, sasural simar ka ….they should end this ……inspite of ending great serial like manmarziyaan n nauc,etc…

  22. KUMKUM BHAGYA! oh god innum drag panlaame……..abhi’s irritating jokes and pragya’s tears…can’t see it anymore.I LOVE MATSH BUT THEY ALSO DRAGG……BUT I VOTED FOR——–> KUMKUM BHAGYA


    I love MATSH n YHM… Plz don’t end them… But I voted for KKB. I used to love that serial but now it’s very dragging..

  24. Diksha

    end all these shows fast also including dabh n yrkkh.. n especially 4 tere sheher mein, first kill the show writers mercilessly for bringing an awesome storyline to shreds..i mean anything z acceptable but how can they separate amaya n mantu :/ :/ the show is a crap now.. so end in a single episode:/

  25. Ishra

    Why u add yhm .its tracks are not dragging kkb , dabh, ssk etc have dragging yhm and love ishra .

  26. MrB uk

    All Indian serials are rubbish ban the all Hate them all cause family arguments in my house Top ones are rubbish 1,Saathiya.2 Balika Vadhu 3=Udaan more..

  27. diya

    End tsm nd sns asap alonng with the stupid drama of simar ka sasural . Hate them ….. nd do not enter the nm of yhm here . Okay .its the best serial . want it to go forever .

  28. trey

    only one choice is not enough..
    starting wide kumkum bhagya,what a bullshit show pure ekta crap..the leads are never together,male lead is an idiot with his stupid antics, female lead is too sanskari to handle,imagine a normal family where husband resides with his wife also with his girlfriend on the same house where his sister plots against him and grannies talk about Sanskars..RUBBISH…than comes SNS,YRKKH,DABH,SSK,QH,Jamai raja,MATSH,Balika vadhu..those shows are running only bcoz their producers are so called big ppl,this shows have nothing and don’t have a important thing called. SENSE in the story..
    Those shows are fooling u ppl,like a boss..

  29. Ami

    Pls unite abhigya and late them face theproblem to gethet now!
    We know at the end goodness will win but ahlya & tanu evil draging a lot.
    Plz late abhi know the truth of praghya then they fight with their enemy to gether,
    Also we have heard praghya will get rap,
    Please end the show if kkb wants to show this kind ok nonsense
    I will say unite abhighya

  30. lissa

    Sns is the worst serial ever..senseless and irritating..I wonder why these actors are being so out of mind to act like words to describe this nonsense..just hate it..and gopi is the worst actor.

  31. Nandhini

    Whatever it is, end balika vadhu… only it didnt enter the guinness record for crossing over 2000 episodes for its repeated plots… 6-7 years… even the lead child bride played by avika gor has grown up and acting in lead roles in movies and in ssk… on what purpose they are still running dis serial for dis long?? Its not mahabharat or any big epic… please end it on a good note..

  32. Vijetha

    Kukkumbagaya is the best dragging serial in television history.. Next saathiya and yeh hai mohabbatte

  33. Dais

    Still 5 of these shows r among the top 10 serials on the basis of trp . I just can’t understand how is this possible .saathiya, qubool hai, ssk, balika vadhu etc etc all of them should go off air its high time now.

  34. akshu

    DONT end sasural simar ka i love tat more……facing all problems with unity whatever it might be……other than ssk and MATSH u can end whatever u want…….

  35. Reeta

    Should end DABH,Qubool Hai,SSK(full of nonsense ghosts) tho unity of family is a good thot..Balika Vadhu and YRKKH…please start some good new shows with fresh cast in the lead at least..ah..sanaya Irani is an exception…

  36. Shyam

    Hai guys.

    In my view now all starplus, colors and zee shows are not much interesting .All shows are lagging too much.I ever best show i liked the most is iss payar ko kya naam doo .It was the best show which we will never forget .

  37. Plumpyyy

    Though i hate qubool hai to the core..but i cant ever tolerate sns!! Its d worst show ever created!! God! Plz shut that f**kin show!! It sucks!!

  38. Plumpyyy

    Whatever we say, is this even gonna be noticed by the channel or the production house? But do whatever,please end saathiya soon!! Idk how actors act there! Rucha was smart enough to have understood it! Please shut it down!!

  39. Harry

    Those who watch serials on colors tv don’t give a damn to star plus serials and vice versa ….right??

  40. I wonder why such nonsense shows like sns and ssk rule trp charts! And how the shows like tsm and qubool hai which were promising in starting turns out to be ridiculus later!! May due to the impact of the so called trp chart ruling shows.

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