Vote for memorable couple in Qubool Hai?

Zee TV’s prime time show Qubool Hai got famous by the changing male leads and many leaps. It created waves with the intense chemistry of its protagonists Zoya-Asad, Sanam-Aahil and lastly Mahira-Armaan. The show had ended and big bye to his viewers after a long run of over three years, from 29 October 2012 – 23 January 2016.

When the show started, the main story was about Asad and Zoya. Asad Ahmed Khan’s (Karan Singh Grover) and Zoya Farooqui’s (Surbhi Jyoti) love story was the limelight and their chemistry took the show to huge heights. Then the show later made a leap in May 2014 which introduced identical female twins of the couple Asad and Zoya. The girls named Sanam Ahmed Khan and Seher Ahmed Khan both played by Surbhi Jyoti were introduced in the story. Then entered the new male leads opposite Surbhi. The show presented love stories between Aahil Raza Ibrahim (Karanvir Bohra) and Sanam Ahmed Khan’s love–hate relationship majorly, along with Seher/Sunehri and Rehaan’s love story.

In August 2015, the show again took a leap of 25 years, showing the love story between Mahira (Surbhi Jyoti) and Azaad Iqbal Khan. Mahira and Azaad’s love story went on for some time, then the last male lead Avinash Sachdev as Armaan Raza Sheikh became a part of the show before the closure. Mahira and Armaan Raza Sheikh, who was shown as Khan Begum’s long lost son. Armaan fell for Mahira as he had met with an accident and got a heart transplant from his younger brother Azaad Iqbal Khan(Rajbeer Singh). The show finally ended in January 2016 when everything gets well. The ending showed Armaan and Mahira’s union. You may vote for memorable couple (upto two choices) in Qubool Hai along with your comments.


  1. Fatarajo

    I liked Azad-Mahira more than Armaan-Mahira, and the other pairs besides Asad-Zoya and Aahil-Sanam. I watched almost all episodes of season 1(asya),then season 2(Sahil and Sehan) I watched till sanam n ahil got seperated and then I stopped watching it my aunt who is an ardent fan of Qubool hai watched all the episodes I was disappointed that I didn’t even want to watch it anymore until I saw Mahira-Azad love story and I started watching it again but after azad’s death I didn’t even watch a single episode after that and I didn’t like Mahira-Armaan pair moreover

  2. i love armaan n mahira pair coooo much !!! they r made for each other n d problem they faced it gives more strength armah’s relationship !! Armah couple undefeatable

  3. xavier

    I loved Aahil and Sanam in season 2 And Azad and Mahira in season 4. I was watching older episodes on youtube with Ahil and Sanam. It made me cry. You can really see the real love and feelings Ahil had for Sanam

    • Chaali

      Ur right Aahil’s acting makes us cry. And Finaaly Junoon tera ishq ka rox and suites their love story

    • rrr

      u said correct…i am also felt aahil & sanam is best ever in qubool hai…aahil is fantastic actor…we really feel the real love from this pair…after aahil dead stopped watching ds serial..miss rehaan & sehar also…

  4. Chaali

    I knw many say asad and zoya!! But I say Sanam and Aahil. The pain of love can be seen in aahil eyes for sanam. Tat makes the couple. I think karanvir is in love with Surbhi. Such a natural acting!! Morever Survir is best in on screen and off screen too. 🙂

  5. Chaali

    I feel Karanvir and surbhi should do an another show. They deserved a best script. Evn In a useless script also they rocked.

  6. tara

    Hey aahil and sanam were amazing…kvb really outdid himself with that role and the earlier scenes with them I can watch over and over again… It was really emotional when aahil started realizing his feelings for sanam…he made us feel with him…sigh

  7. Manvi

    Sahil were the best though asya were lovely couple I saw the intensity and felt connected with Sahil but they completely ruined it and Karanvir was best in the whole qubool hai cast he totally make u feel that he really loves sanam so much after Sahil separation and this Shaad entry they ruined Sahil love story i wish I could see Sahil more

  8. meghs

    i liked azad zoya pairs so much…
    mitwa scene n azad calling miss farooki n zoya calling azad mr khan… was all awsome n i liked azya in first season..
    next season i liked 2 couples that is sanam ahil n seher rehan… i was upset when rehan died … but i watched for sanam ahil… ahil emotions superb… junoon tere ishq ka moment was rocked…
    i also like shad janat pair when sanam lost memory till sanam got her memory back…
    lastly but not leastle azad mahira pair… how can i forget it .. i stopped watching qubool hai only after azaad death… after that i lost intrest…

  9. ana

    i loved Aahil Raza Ibrahim he was superb karanvir played the role superbly
    he was amazing as Aahil
    loved the jodi of Aahil and Sanam their chemistry was awesome

  10. Ruhksar

    Aahil and Sanam were the best. They had everything to make a perfect couple such as jealousy, affection, tenderness, warmth, care, the romance, and the excitement in their love? Truly their couple was perfection ?❤️? I miss them so much. Hopefully they do a new show together. ?

  11. Poorni

    I like asad and zoya.ksg and surbhi pair rocked. Other pair is aahil and sanam. Karanvir and surbhi pair was also awesome. Whatever, surbhi is outstanding with her all co-stars.

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