Vote for Colors’ ‘’Intehaa Pyaar Ki’’ Jodi

The three awesome rocking jodis on Colors are here in this poll yet another time. The three jodis mentioned here depict true love, which transformed their hearts into selfless lovers gradually. The couples were together always, yet they did not know they are made for each other and were longing for mutual love.

Though their love was infront of their eyes, still the lovers took much time to notice what they call true selfless love. Some got change of heart and actions by the effect of love, and some pulled the other partner by the power of love. Such amazing stories of love are showcased in Colors’ lovely shows tagged Intehaa Pyaar Ki.

The special love stories of unspoken love and search for their life partners are shown. Now their journey will be completing where the lovers will be reaching the destinations. Once, love is realized, there is set no boundaries for their emotions. Such is the case of Viplav-Dhaani, who got together after facing so many problems. It just made their relation stronger. Likewise Sanskaar who entered Swara’s life with grey intentions changed after realizing his love for her. Bihaan-Thapki’s love story is still blossoming and has to reach its final step. Colors brings a season of love for the viewers to witness stories with different twists. Vote for Colors’ ‘’Intehaa Pyaar Ki’’ Jodi. Which show and pairing from the three given options deserve to be called Intehaa Pyaar Ki? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  2. Swasan made for each other

  3. always thahaan thahaan my faviorate

  4. Sawaaaasaaaan….

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