Vote For Colors’ Current Hottest Jodi?

Colors’ channel has got some really amazing Jodis. The onscreen couples are very much applauded for their awesome chemistry. The pairings look very appealing and adorable. It makes the viewers love the show a lot more. One can’t miss the show just to get enough dose of entertainment from their favorite actors. These days, the actors are very convincing in their roles. One may feel watching a real life love story. The only difference here is the dragging in plots.


Nevertheless, the viewers like to watch extended tracks as far as they get to see the favorite couple together on the screen. Coming to the couples listed in the poll, the choices are rocking. It would be tough to choose one from them. Viplav and Dhaani are new addition to the channel’s favorite couple list. They are known for their innocent portrayals. Whereas, the famous Ranveer and Ishaani are have always kept viewers hooked by their sweet love story. Swara’s pairing with Laksh or Sanskaar, still makes the entry in this list. The marriage twist in Swaragini was very much loved. Sanskaar turned into hero from a grey shaded character. Sanskaar is loved more with Swara these days. Lastly, the very sweet and subtle Thapki with the arrogant yet good hearted Bihaan makes a good pair. Bihaan and Thapki’s pairing is getting the show more fans. They look adorable with good chemistry. Vote For Colors’ Current Hottest Jodi? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave a comment.


  1. Kajal patial

    H kya swara and sanskaar Best jodi h y dahkaan laksh kun daala b*t*h m ab hm kaisa vote da best jodi swara and sanskaar ki h

  2. Sush

    Swara-sanskaar. Y u hav written dat kamina laksh name with swara. He doesnt deserve swara as his frnd also.

  3. Kasturee

    I really love to see swasan together on the screen and I think they are the best jodhi on the world. Writers plz don’t separate my swasan.

  4. Karishma

    I like ( swasan ) swara sanskar pair too much they both are looking good i want to they stay together

  5. prena

    still my comment is under moderation..hahahaa..funny..all other comments after me are moderated…i just wrote that swasan is bestest and u r taking time to moderate..

  6. shanlove

    Swara N sanskar are best… pls don’t separate them love to watch them together,,, i don’t want laksh together again

  7. khusubu

    I like swara & sanskar very much.They are the most cute & best jodi & I want to saw them always together

  8. Aparna

    I know that there r more swasan fans. So it’s obvious that swasan will win. I think in the nxt colors petal award swasan will win the best jodi award.

  9. ishu

    I like swara and sanskar jodi….i want vote for swasan but…..they have no separate pole…i dont like laksh so i dont vote…now i want to see thapki and bihaan jodi its quietly interesting….so i vote this pair..

  10. Nityah

    Please separate SwaSan from SwaLak ..they are not same pair… The whole meaning of keeping poll is lost here… SwaSan is way more better than SwaLak.

  11. swasan for ever….. the amazing the cool the mind blowing the charming the [email protected] you he couple for ever…… love u swasan….. my vote for swasan

  12. Suma

    Ufff I wanna vote to SWASAN but this dam shit swalak is also there I don’t want my vote to be wasted on swalak??my vote is for SWASAN?? Aww my vote for swasan they make me go awwww

  13. Uff…I wanna vote for SWASAN…but this damshit swalak is also there I don’t want to waste my vote for swalak ?? my vote for SWASAN?? they make me go awwww
    Sanskaar is best for swara writers don’t separate swasan trps have rised only B’coz of swasan till swalak there were less fans now the ppl who were not watching swaragini have started watching it just for swasan swasan track will hit the serial swalak is gonna drop the grp

  14. Soapera fan

    SwaSan nd RagLak.
    I think ishani is not @ all looking beautiful after the 6 mons leap. May b her dressing, hairstyle makes her look worst

  15. I love Namish & Helly both as swalakh jodi bcse i vote them & not varun, helly..So I LOVE U NAMISH.. & i want to say that.. You r so cute with ur talkings.. Plz come back together SWALAKH… I MISS BOTH OF U.. & I want to watch both of ur love & affection..

  16. Reshmi

    Swasan is responsible for the trp rise ,I started watching since I saw their moments,now writers are also aware of that I guess,yesterday’s episode hinted it,start showing swasan love track please

  17. Ofcou$e my vote for swasan.they r d cutest nd dashing couple ..nd tu team why u guyz give an option of swalak ..they was nt anymore a best couple ,pls change dat nd pls dnt make it raglak:-P

  18. K.praveena

    Whatever happen to ishani rv life both of them seperated again united. I say ishani rv best uniqui pair forever.

  19. dumi

    From romance and everlasting love and faith noone can’t defeat ishveer.
    So ishveer rocks forever…..
    Love u ishveer……

  20. Aishwarya

    According to me, Swalak are the best and the second position should be reserved for the cute Swasan…
    And hope that Swalak reunite soon…

  21. riddhi jain

    #swalakForever because they are made for each other! jst because someone else is creating a mess! doesn’t mean that they should be paired with third person!
    they love each other beyond everythn! thats called true love!

  22. No swalak no swaragini
    Swalak forever Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzzzzzzzzzzz Plzzz make them together or else we’ll stop watching swaragini
    Already u ppl r trying to show lakshy bad ………

  23. Yologirl

    Dhani and Viplav best pair
    Thapki and Dhruv or Bihaan best pair
    Swara and Sanskar best pair not Laksh and Swara! Laksh is turn to be crazy! He is abnormal like Ragini’s evil…. Ragini was also crazy…
    Ragini and Laksh are cute so make them together instead Laksh and Swara…
    I don’t watch Meri Aashiqui tum se hi because they are just dragging and boring… I watch only those series like Swaragini, Ishq ka rang safed and Thapki pyaar ki….
    Obviously I watch Balika Vadhu and Udaan 😀

  24. amrutha

    I love the jodi of swara & sanskaar plz patch upp them & also ragini & laksh love u swara & sanskaar
    keep it upp

  25. ishveer always best couples forever.bcs anyone have a meri ashqui tum se hi bcs it is only love based story of ishveer.if you want a demandless love learn more about it and understanding the true story not another show like this.Ofcourse dragging and new twists are the part of the show.but concept is always around true love between a love keep watch meri ashqui tum se hi MY LOVE ALWAYS FOR YOU.plz vote ishveer .ishveer always cute and true loving joddy.MADE FOR EACH OTHER.

  26. Ishveer is the best couple forever.yesterday matsh episode was true evidence.that is rv words about his love and lover today his wife ishani was amazing.all alviewers are hertly clapping for these scene.

  27. Swalak is always the best. All swasan fans have not seen swalak chemistry may be that’s why they are voting for swasan.take a chance and vote for swalak ur votes will worth. Have u all seen swara laughing whole heartedly with sanskaar whre she used to be some jhally swara with laksh . She has lost her smile with laksh. So directors now u decide aapko kaunsi jodi pasand hai . Dont go for votes. Iam sure its swalak ‘ coz. Pehela pyar pehela pyar hi hota hai . Love u swalak

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.