Vote For Colors’ Current Hottest Jodi?


Colors’ channel has got some really amazing Jodis. The onscreen couples are very much applauded for their awesome chemistry. The pairings look very appealing and adorable. It makes the viewers love the show a lot more. One can’t miss the show just to get enough dose of entertainment from their favorite actors. These days, the actors are very convincing in their roles. One may feel watching a real life love story. The only difference here is the dragging in plots.


Nevertheless, the viewers like to watch extended tracks as far as they get to see the favorite couple together on the screen. Coming to the couples listed in the poll, the choices are rocking. It would be tough to choose one from them. Viplav and Dhaani are new addition to the channel’s favorite couple list. They are known for their innocent portrayals. Whereas, the famous Ranveer and Ishaani are have always kept viewers hooked by their sweet love story. Swara’s pairing with Laksh or Sanskaar, still makes the entry in this list. The marriage twist in Swaragini was very much loved. Sanskaar turned into hero from a grey shaded character. Sanskaar is loved more with Swara these days. Lastly, the very sweet and subtle Thapki with the arrogant yet good hearted Bihaan makes a good pair. Bihaan and Thapki’s pairing is getting the show more fans. They look adorable with good chemistry. Vote For Colors’ Current Hottest Jodi? Let us know in this poll. You may also leave a comment.

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  1. Ranveer & Ishani is the best jodi

  2. Ishveer is the only no:1 couples forever.

  3. Ishveer is the best couple forever.yesterday matsh episode was true evidence.that is rv words about his love and lover today his wife ishani was amazing.all alviewers are hertly clapping for these scene.

  4. Swalak is always the best. All swasan fans have not seen swalak chemistry may be that’s why they are voting for swasan.take a chance and vote for swalak ur votes will worth. Have u all seen swara laughing whole heartedly with sanskaar whre she used to be some jhally swara with laksh . She has lost her smile with laksh. So directors now u decide aapko kaunsi jodi pasand hai . Dont go for votes. Iam sure its swalak ‘ coz. Pehela pyar pehela pyar hi hota hai . Love u swalak

  5. thapki & dhruv best couple

  6. Thapki and Bihaan is the worst.

  7. diana sajith

    Swara & Sanskar….Always Swasan

  8. bihaan and tapki are best Jodi

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