Vote for your favourite Jodi and Serial in Colors

Hi guys this wellwisher (ww) aka krishnai…… I don’t know how many of u know me but I have come here to find out your favourtie serial and Jodi in colors channel…. Note only the current running shows I am including bcoz every one of us has our favourite show which has got over…….

The list.

Starting from 6:30 p.m. show to 11:00 p.m. show and the Saturday and Sunday show:

  1. Ishq Ka Rang Safed (English: White is the color of Love)
  1. Thapki Pyar Ki (English: Pat of Love)
  1. Sasural Simar Ka (English: Simar in-laws home)


  1. Balika Vadhu (English: Child Bride, Child Marriage)


  1. Udann Sapnon Ki (English: Flight, Fly)


  1. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat (English: The Great Emperor Ashok)
  1. Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (English: Swaragini — Joining the Melody of Relationships)
  1. Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki (English: Swear – Your Love)
  1. Krishnadasi (English: Krishna’s devotee)
  1. Naagin — Mohabbat Aur Inteqaam Ki Dastaan (English: Female Serpent)

Jodi’s list:

Note: Some serials might have two pairs and I include them also but you guys can vote only for one. And I am giving the current pair list. I am not including Swalak and Thapki and Dhruv pair. Hope you understand why……

  1. Viplav – Dhaani [ViDhaani] (from Ishq Ka Rang Safed)
  1. Bihaan – Thapki [Thahaan] (from Thapki Pyar Ki)
  1. Prem – Simar (from Sasural Simar Ka)
  1. Siddhanth – Roli [Rosid] (from Sasural Simar Ka)
  1. Vivan – Chakor [Chavan] (from Udann Sapnon Ki)
  1. Sanskar – Swara [Swasan] (from Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur)
  1. Laksh – Ragini [Raglak] (from Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur)
  1. Rishi – Tanu [Tanshi] (from Kasam — Tere Pyaar Ki)
  1. Aryan – Aradhya [Aara] (from Krishnadasi)
  1. Rithik – Shivanya (from Naagin — Mohabbat Aur Inteqaam Ki Dastaan)

Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

I am not giving any Jodi for Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Balika Vadhu because I don’t include any myth and historical serial in this list and I m not sure of the pair in Balika Vadhu. If you want any then vote for it I will consider it.

Pls do give your vote.

Guys pls do tell shall I continue with this poll. I have star plus, Sony and Zee tv channels serials to get vote…… Only if you vote I can proceed. I will chose the best from each channel by your vote and give all those in another poll and choose the best hindi serial and Jodi.

Thanks for reading and voting.

Credit to: Krishnai aka ww


    • krishnai aka ww

      thank u di….. but Aryan Aradhya got very less vote…. pls inform all aara fans to vote……. i think they don know…….. but anyways i happy that u all like it… thank u veryone….. and sorry for being partial….. i m a aara fan…… but dont worry…… result and voting are done only in justified manner……

  1. Amna

    No serial is worth watching nowadays so l have not voted fr it. Bt raglak chemistry is awsm so my vote goes to them. ( ragsan is not a serial jodia else it wld b thm)?

  2. twinkle

    nice ww di 🙂 I like three serials and three jodis
    serials :

    jodis :
    swara sanskar
    rithik shivanya
    rishi tanu
    and ww di next on star plus please 🙂

    • krishnai aka ww

      okay da.. sure… thanks da…. i know thanks among frnds but among sis allowed na????? happy that u liked… next on star plus may be next 2 week……..

  3. Fatarajo

    Yes please do so for star , zee n sonu too 🙂
    My fav show well i don’t watch any show of colors for now initially used to never miss Ishq ka rang and Thapki due good concept but now both shows r out of track to but I watch kasam and udaan sometimes but my vote goes to udaan as udaan is never
    out of track and as for kasam is going slow these days
    And for fav Jodi I m a big fan of thahaan and Vidhaani I don’t know which one to vote for man I m quite confused after thinking a lot I decided to vote for thahaan because I don’t know why I enjoy their nok-Jhok a lot well I love Vidhaani but nowadays their Romance got overdose 😛
    This is just my opinion and thanks for the poll krishnai do Carry on 🙂

    • santhosh

      Overdose romance in ikrs ,yes you are 100% correct…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…
      Iam already quit ikrs ………..

  4. Natasha

    My Swasan…awwwwwww…

    one and only swasan…SWASAN is the best…Heavenly couple…Cute couple..

    and Swaragini ofc..Just bcz of my swasan…Wn I see swasan I just want to c them more and more…

    and VARUN KAPOOR…my mad fan of him..?????

    Love Helly also.. ???

    HeRun rocks…SwaSan rocks…
    others shocks ..??

    SwaSan forever..?????????

    • krishnai aka ww

      sorry yaar i dont know their ship name thats why… i forgot for rithik and shivanya and for prem and simar………

      • sandhya

        It’s OK…u need not to know every pair ship…tq u
        U responded nd understood
        Love PREMAR?

  5. Varsha

    I am a die hard fan of Swaragini, Thapki Pyaar KI, so my favorite pairs are: RagSan, SwaLak and Dhruvki. But I like the present storyline and pairs also, RagLak, SwaSan, Thahaan

  6. I love ragsan but that’s not here I know in show itself they are not… in this poll I love premar pair a lot…..

  7. honey rosid

    i just love rosid they r best jodi…bt destroyed by cvs..still luv rosid fr ever…i cant vote fr serials..becz of ssk i was heart broken..nw nt intrested to watch any serial

    • krishnai aka ww

      Ya i know i had mentioned earlier na that i dont take myth n historical jodis in account ……

    • Fatarajo

      Oh so I think ur fav Jodi is aryan-aradhya from Krishnadasi and fav serial if I m not wrong is Ashoka right? 🙂

      • Fatarajo

        Oh I see 🙂 I like krisnAdasi I saw initial episodes but then I lost touch with the show, and moreover I watch dehleez at this time, but I see the repeats when I come home early but I get so confused with the story. And even before this show I liked Sana and Shravan

    • krishnai aka ww

      na… my both favourite jodi and serial is krishnadasi… i myself voted for it only.

  8. I love ssk n rosid premar. I don’t like swaragini and swasan because they always copied sasural simar ka dialogues and some scenes. N rosid is friendship n nok joke n they copied that tooo. I hate that serial. If I do watch it , it’s only for raglak. I only love them in the show. But more than allll that I love sasural simar ka n simar prem , roli siddhant ❤ in fact that whole ssk team????

    • SWASAN

      Jalnewalo jalte raho…???


      WE DONT NEED TO GIVE ANY EXPLANATION…CVS makes it very clear that who is the lead pair in SWARAGINI…and IN EVERY POLE SWASAN IS WINNING..SO ITS CLEAR..

      Sasural Bhooton ka..????????????????


      SWASAN FOREVER… LOVE SWASAN…????????????

      • divya

        sasural simar ka is a total shit ayleast swaragini mein bhoot pret to nahi aate like chandramani etc. Swasan and raglak is the best and its clearly shown in the votting poll

      • Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        Hey swaragini also nice show. But sasural simar ka name should be changed to sasural backwas ka.


    Swasan is the sole of Swaragini…they are lifting whole show on their shoulder…
    Swasan is the Jaan of Swaragini…

    Swasan rocks…My vote goes for one and only cuties..❤??????????????

    2nd biggest fandom..??????

    Swasan is role model of young generation…its not told by all swasanians…its told by some well known site…

    so clear hai na WHO IS THE BEST???????????????

    JALNEWALO JALTE RAHO…?????????????????


    • you cannot just say swasan role model for a group of people (young generation) .. its ok for you to love them but don’t speak in behalf of all youth… i am very much sure they are not role model of every young generation people… lol if they were every young generation’s role model then whole india would be swaragini…?

      • Swasan



        COMMENTING….OK????? AM I CLEAR????

    • yeah yeah.. whatever… that author of the article also have no right to write on behalf of everyone. 😡 . … a tv couple is role model of young generation lol? oh god what will happen to the future of this youth ?

  10. Cafe

    I hv nothing against swasan. They r great 2gerher. But it seems the maker r using the same method use for roli n siddhant. U can see many similarities between these 2 couples. Its Just that becoz of roli(avika) age zey could not make it more romantic.

  11. hey Krishnai .. this poll is not showing in Krishnadasi Page and trust me most if KD fans don’t read comments.. i dont know why it is but i am saying it from experience. they ask question without reading previous comments about the same topic and again ask same question without checking the replies of previous one. …. so informing about the poll in comment box is not that much helpful… so i guess vote is so less for KD or AaRa because everyday almost 100 of people claim how much they like them.

    • krishnai aka ww

      ya di… but now serial list came 2nd and jodi in 4th place… but keep changing……. but anyways i had told them di…….. hope they read….. bcoz links might attract them….. i dont why injustice is done to cas, balika vadu and krishnadasi………. hope tu checks it out……..

  12. Nita

    hey ww…. from jodis i’ll vote for swasan…. they r so cute couple….. bubbly n sweet swara n caring n loving sanskar….

  13. reema

    Ufff stop comparing your bullshit sidhant roli 2 our adorable couple swasan…. SwaSan is unique nd never ever compared to other pairs…it’s already proved that they r the best Jodi by colors TV OFFICIALLY
    This is not an official poll…it’s created by fan…simply wasting your time by voting here

    • krishnai aka ww

      thank u so much…….. at least u understood it…… stop fighting guys…….

  14. Alyaa

    Krishnadasi is the best serial on Colors Tv??Aryan and Aaradhya (AaRa)are/is the best couple??They are awesome and amazing☺?I really love watching Krishnadasi?I never miss any single episode??Krishnadasi is woww☺?

  15. honey rosid

    stop fighting guys..every one has own choices…i luv rosid..i feel they r best fr ever…swasan fans feel they r best…tahan fans feels they r best…there is no rule that every one has same intrests…if u want to support ur fav..just supprt dont hurt others fandom by saying rosid r unique they r d best fr me..i too dont lyk when some one compared with plz guys no comparisions…supprt ur fav couples bt dnt drag other couples in middle

  16. Teja_rosid

    Dnt compare anyone to rosid fr us they r the best n unique couple ….if u want praise ur couple then praise bt dnt dare to tell anything abt rosid ……rosid r the moSt magical adorable couple luv them forever

  17. Hi there wellwisher how are you? Well I think you should continue with the poll thing, it sounds great. The best show I voted for swaragini and for the best jodi I voted for my lovely couple Swasan. They are my shining stars. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    • krishnai aka ww

      i m f9 dear… happy that u remember me… hw r u?? ya i will continue… next will be on star plus on next week……. and i know u will vote only for swasan. after all i know ur crazy for it……

  18. Mithila

    I live watching krishnadasi paced and good execution..i like their read pair a lot. .aryan and aradhya.great chemistry

  19. alia khan

    Hi krishnai this is not fair I like 3 serials and 4 jodis on colors. Whom should I vote?
    But great job krishnai
    Simply amazing☺

  20. VIPLAV

    hey krishnai continue ur polling and in my opinion or my fav show is IKRS and jodi is VIDHAANI

  21. Roshni

    Reema, plz behave yourself…this is a public poll n everyone r voting for their favorites…but none except you passed such a comment…It shows your problem…Roli n Sid…or our RoSid, whether they r bullshit or not…that is not ur decision…I agree SwaSan is a nice couple…they r doing good onscreen…but it doesn’t mean u can come in and bash any other couple…SwaSan is a couple who is supported by cvs but RoSid wasn’t…yet if they came up, it’s their talent…n about avi’s age…u might not know this but avi had managed to make fame in this lil age…n with that age gap rosid made magic…so that shud b appreciated…doing intense scene n becoming famous is easy but the simplest romance n getting famous that’s great…our RoSid begun this love journey long back…they became the trp gainers…n they introduced their own gestures…later on as rashmi started new show they worked out rosid idea in different manner…for eg…even the scene in which sanskaar fills swars’s maang is a modification of rosid scene…no wonder…rs serial…sathiya modification ssk…ssk modification swaragini…yet…we r not bashing them…we r not stupids to bash any couple to show that our couple is best…but at least…dnt dare to call rosid the way u called…rosid n swasan fans r not having any prblm as far as I know…dnt make such situations…n stop commenting about something u dont know…well…ur comment dnt make any difference…yet try to learn to respect other’s interest too…I respect swasan…whatever I said goes for u which went for such cheap comments…

  22. Swaragini fan

    Swaragini,Swaragini and only Swaragini
    Best show loved it and pair as you said to vote one so I think to vote…………………………………..Swasan yeah! They won best jodi award too so let it be like that actually they had a spark and cute couple both are approx same. Raglak are also my favourite but u can say simple majority.

  23. amirtha

    Reema dont say anything about rosid they r unique and most adorable jodi forever they become popular without doing any intimate scene, because of nok jhok romance they became a very famous couple because of our rosid only ssk is still running orelse it will go offair long time back of u have doubt check ssk trp after rolo death rosid separation ssk trp is continuously decreasing rosid is best dont say anything against them

    • meena

      Hiii..I’m also aviman lover not rosid..frankly speaking i think Ssk is more popular becoz of it twists. Nd plot..I had never seen any proper rosid scenes from 2years..also I had noticed roli is v irregular in show always nly her dupe play..BT still Ssk running…common yaar we hav 2 be frank, rosid hey r popular becoz of their adorable off screen bond..on-screen nothing intresting… Lovers can bash me only as rosid nt aviman

  24. divya

    loved it di pls do a voting for colours sisters also and for jodis I have voted but one more:swasan

  25. no i just love krishndasi i want ki ye show kabhi mat khatam ho ye 5/6 saal tak chhle i just love arien and aradhya best jodi i comlolitely vote krishndasi arien and aradha

  26. S priya

    Krishnai I hve 1 doubt …voting can b done oly once..r as many times v can…if it many times I think itz no use sme crazy fan ill b putting even 100 times….if v can put oly 1 vote frm a Id…ten I think t results ill b fair nd true…well fr me 1.raglak 2.swasan…best serial swaragini…I put Vote oly once…I’m happy fr both couples even itz vice versa of fav…tey both standing at top 2 …

    • krishnai aka ww

      hmm…. i m not sure… will let u know soon….. i agree to ur point…..

    • krishnai aka ww

      Hey priya voting s done oly one time …. i voted for every serial 3 times but the % didnt increase so voting s done in a fair manner….. so dont worry…. thanks for asking this question…..

  27. saheli

    noone is vote for chavan bt my vote is going for them bcoz they r childhood couple……now a days their chemistry is awesome….the show is worth watching & no saas bahu type….udaan & chavan the best

  28. Haritha

    Roshni very well said… agree to erythng wat u said… rosid r magical… nd wil luv dem forever….

  29. meghna deval

    its swaragini coz its 1 of the best serial nd splyyy the 2 jodi of raglak nd swasan they r the best couple really love them alot

  30. abi

    my vote is one n only thahaan…bcoz of bihaan…i know very well till now they did not plan thahhan love story…hereafter also remain same…

  31. R

    Roshni said it well. Doing intense romantic scene n bcome famous is much easy but Doing simple romance n having a solid fan based is it anthem level. Want it or not but the similarities between rosid n swasan r evident. Its Just that ze level of romance of swasan is higher. U Just hv 2 see ze journey of rosid 2 knw. Ze way siddhant has love roli is superb but I will never say a tv show couple is an inspiration to the youth. No saas bahu drama is inspirational. Nothing positive in these dramas.

  32. neha

    Arjun bijlani nd moni Roy such a cute pair………..soo romantic my vote goes to thm in colours I just love thre pair and thre chemistry <3 <3 <3

  33. himani

    agree roshni Rosid became famous without any intense scenes their nok jhok their cuteness & the magical chemistry made them popular but unfortunately they didn’t get the support of CVS which swasan is getting & I started to watch the swarigini because of swasan but when I saw their scenes I found them similar to Rosid even they copied the gesture my first words were r they trying to make another Rosid so I stopped watching infact raglak has a better chemistry than swasan only looking good together isn’t enough chemistry should also be there Rosid has a magical chemistry they r the best luv Rosid forever

  34. Ishana

    ‘Rishi & Tannu’ jodi i like most. And “kasam” is favourite seriul not for only colors but all of from hindi seriul chanal. It’s a great love story.

    I like ‘naagin’ too.


    i love iskq ka rang safed n i love jodi mishal n isha !!! i love dis show lot ,beocz dis show has its originality koi faltu ka drama ni hota yha jo society ki reality h wai dikhai jati h bina wjh boot pret and all that ko include ni kiya jata !!!

  36. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hi ww di y u nt include chakravartin Ashok samrat Jodi?
    My fav serial on colors is cas
    But from options swasan is great pair

    Please give star plus poll as soon as possible ww di waitin

    N gv d lnk in skr fan page….

    Waiting ??

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