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After big revelation in Zee TV’s Tashan E Ishq, Twinkle has succeeded to expose Rocky and prove that he is the real Kunj. While Kunj was trying to prove her wrong, Twinkle has very well proved her point infront of the family. Twinkle tells everyone about Rocky being their Kunj. With this secret coming out, Yuvraj and everyone get a wish to unite Twinkle and Kunj again. Yuvraj knows Twinkle still loves Kunj and wants her to reconcile with Kunj. But, Twinkle takes her own decision of not going back to Kunj. She feels she can never trust Kunj again, and where there is loss of faith, love can’t grow in her heart.

Yuvraj and family ask Twinkle to sign on the divorce papers. Twinkle takes a stand for her relation with Yuvraj and refuses to sign on the papers. Twinkle decides to stay with Yuvraj for his honesty and support, while Kunj was cheating her by his fake identity. Amidst all this developments, Yuvraj wishes Twinkle and Kunj unite. He asks Twinkle to end their marriage and go back to Kunj, who still loves her madly. While Jasmin-Siddhant pairing was awesome, Jasmin-Naman also makes a lovely pair. Still viewers are willing to see Jasmin-Zain’s pairing for their very old chemistry and Tashan. Vote for your favorite Tashan E Ishq Pairing? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Baby

    look guys atleast if we cnt hv sidmin i m was n ll always b in favour of sidmin bt still if abhi its nt posbl so atleast abhi vote fr twinj plsssssssssssssssr request 2 all sidmin fans pls i m also 1 bt atleast cn 1 tell me sidmin fans or twinj fans wont u lyk twinj to unite at d end of d show fr sure pls guys pls vote fr twnj cahe vahan abhi naman kun nhi hai i also dont accept him as kunj bt d truth is dat he is kunj ryt guys so pls

    1. yea
      u r ryt
      truth can’t be changed that kunj died bcz of twinkle.i can’t forget their love moments???

  2. Sanjanadivya

    if sid comes then fr sure twinj if not im sure fr only yuvle

  3. Twiraj !;!! I luv Twinkle and Yuvraaj.. I know he was bad but he changed for good. He did so much for Twinkle..

  4. I m yuvle fan. I really like naman as he is a fabulous actor but the problem is yuvi … Our zain is an awsm actor. Be it -ve or +ve he is the best. Last few episodes made me cry like hell for him. He is all in one. Trust me director yuvle is gonna be a huge hit.

  5. Please pair twinkle with kunj

  6. Twinkle and yuvi.bcoz kunj doesn’t deserve twinkle….

  7. How many times will Twinkle get married? Is it possible to keep getting a divorce and getting married so fast? Unrealistic and dumb show!

  8. I didn’t like this Kunj… I want YUVLE…..If Sid will back then I will vote for Twinj….

  9. Kashaf

    Yuvle please love them alot watch this show for zain only, first show i am watching for villian not for lead couple

  10. Bhavika

    TWIRAJ because sidhu baby is not here so we want atleast I want twiraj zain-twinkle

  11. In the absence f Sidh , next option z only & only Zain& jasmine??

  12. Twinj
    just bcz she has a alternative she can’t chose uv over kunj whoever it is
    i lvd ds shw bcz it had reality…
    twnk kn forgve uv bt not kunj
    it’s dumb
    n i guess twinj wasn’t divorced either…??

  13. yuvle are better than twinj

  14. Yuvi Twinkle Zain Jasmain has fresh unique chemitery just more than 100 time watch dr scene cant bore so luvly YUVLE is.

  15. yuvraj n twinkle

  16. Tashaneishq is yuvraj lutra Twinkle taneja story athers just twist yuvitwinkle will unite at end…

  17. So obvious yuvraj twinkle twiraj (zain jasmain) has tashan cute naughty adorable fresh pair with out so much romance .when uvtwinkle romance start that will be wowwwwwwwwww unique too

  18. Twinkle Yuvi just perfect together . if some one know they value true pure luv that they will luv yuvle .if time pass just dirty romance will like knj

  19. Baby

    are yr guys u r saying if sid ll b bck guys if u all wnt sidmin or say twinj stry so uske liye hum logo ko twinj ko toh unite krna hoga naa u all r saying if sid ll b bck den twinj hd hai guys nhi toh u all r sying twinkle n uvraj sid phir kya krega ga vaapas aakar atleast phele twinj ko unite toh hone do ab toh votes ho gye wt cn i say n i dont no who all mst b reading my dis msg n i 2 wnt get d responses to dis cmnt of myn bcz its nt created or d credit dsnt goes to me bt i dont get dat were all r u wt r u all thnking wts going on

    1. logo ko different love stories psnd h soo dats y voting for yuvi-twinkle.they have an unique story not a usual one

  20. twinkle and kunj. my fev couple forever. it is not becuz hansome chsracters like jasmine and sidhant but their nature true love for each other.. they are soulmates . i agree kunj did bigest mistake but it was just mistake he didnt did that deliberately

  21. Chaitali

    i want twiraj now

  22. i want twiraj.yuvle had a good chemistry.i can’t see twinkle with kunj instead of i’am gone for yuvle/ twiraj/zamin.

  23. Yuvle ki deewani

    I am a dieheart yuvle fan cv’s alrdy broke our heart 1nc by brngng kunj (sidhant) in the middle. Nw agn they brought ths kunj (naman) cv’s ths tm we won’t accpt ths alws playd with yuvle fans emotions

  24. Yuvle ki deewani

    I am a dieheart yuvle fan cv’s alrdy broke our heart 1nc by brngng kunj (sidhant) in the middle. Nw agn they brought ths kunj (naman) cv’s ths tm we won’t accpt ths at any damn cost alws playd with yuvle fans emotions ya

  25. Twinkle uvraj…

  26. I want Twinkle uvraj…

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