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There are many supernatural stories going on these days. Viewers are getting much thrill by horror and supernatural genre shows. Colors’ recent release Kawach stars Vivek Dahiya and Mona Singh in lead roles. Paridhi wants to prove her innocence to Rajbeer, but badly fails. Rajbeer’s trust in Paridhi is breaking slowly. Even his body gets possessed by Monjolika’s mother Saudamini.

Paridhi keeps evil spirit Monjolika away from her by using spiritual things. The shows has full on drama with screams, shorts and horror tune in background. The dramatic take on the concept is good so far and succeeding to make a place at such weekend slot.

Zee tv has two supernatural shows, Vishkanya and BrahmaRakshas. There is much publicizing about the latter one. The promo was released in order to give hint of concept and show leads’s chemistry. Vishkanya’s Apu and Malay are played by Aishwarya Khare and Vin Rana. The show held big charm before, but Apu lost that innocent by turning grey in the show. The actor’s chemistry won much fan-ship. BrahmaRakshas brings the old concept as beauty and the beast. It is roughly based on the hindi movie Jaani Dushman. The show is starting in 6th August 2016. Viewers will really get much entertainment on weekends. Vote for your Favorite supernatural show. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. I think brahmrakshas would be quite interesting . the promos r good

  2. Shakaib


  3. vishkanya is the bakwaas serial of all time.hate it.can’t say.i don’t see bramharakshas.

  4. i think naagin is the best

  5. vishkanya is still best!…now apulay gonna marry

  6. I think brahmrakhchas may be more interesting…

  7. Sriranjani

    Today’s Episode was soo hilarious and Thrilling to Rishabh and Raina waoww wat a cute pair.

  8. Bhramarakshs …….quite interesting

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