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Ek Tha Raja Season 2 started after the exit of the original king and queen. Rana ji and Gayatri played by Siddhant Karnick and Drashti Dhami were the soul of the show. After the new lead actors Sartaj Gill and Eisha Singh joined, the viewers got a change to see the new cast and fresh love story between the new Raja and Rani. There were twists related to the lovers, as they are children of enemies. Raja’s father Kaal and killed Rana Indravardhan and Rani Gayatri, who are Rani’s parents.

The first Season with Siddhant and Drashti went on well in the beginning, but with too many twists and new characters, the show lost its charm. But the end of Season 1 picked up pretty well with dramatic sequences of Gayatri and Rana ji fighting with their enemies. The second season presented a college love story with Raja and Rani’s meet. They gradually fall in love. Some differences and misunderstandings break them apart for some time. But, Raja and Rani confessed their love to each other. Their love went to the next step of marriage. While the marriage rituals start, Raja gets to know the bitter truth that Kaal has killed Rani’s parents. Raja gets in dilemma to reveal this to Rani or not. Nevertheless, Siddhant and Drashti are still remembered and missed in the show. Vote for your Favorite Raja-Rani in ETRETR. Let us know your opinion in comments.

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  1. siddhant – drashti always the best .

  2. Sruthi

    pls use another song for raja nd rani..

  3. Shakaib

    Siddhant karnick and drashti dhami, ranaji and gytari

  4. Siddhant and drashti

  5. Siddhi

    Siddhant and Drashti

  6. Sidshti

  7. innocent princess

    sartaj and esha…….

  8. i love sartaj and esha jodi…very much..


  10. Sartaj and Eisha, beautiful.

  11. sartaj and eisha

  12. Only drashti and sid

  13. sartaj and eisha…they rocks

  14. Siddhant. and drasthi

  15. Siddhant and drashti

  16. Ranaji and Gaytri But the younger Raja and Rani very cute and lovely too…..

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