Vote for your Favorite pairing in Naamkarann?

Star Plus’ Naamkarann clicked soon after its launch because of its unique concept. The tale of a little girl fighting for her birth rights and name won good amount of audience. The story took us through different twists when Avni was seen struggling to get her father’s name. Poor girl gets attacked by her grandmum, who later kills her mum Aisha. Avni loses her father Ashish’s support. She then gets shot by Dayavanti Mehta. Ashish’s wife Neela raises Avni well. Avni gets groomed to take revenge from Dayavanti.

Neela gives a new identity to Avni. Avni gets a chance to meet Dayavanti again after many years. Avni returns as Ananya Verma, with hatred and revenge fire in heart. Neela and Avni try to get justice for Aisha and also get Aman home. Avni and Riya’s fiance Neil are seen turning friends, after many misunderstandings created a tiff between them. Avni’s best friend Ali doubts that she is really Avni. Ali expresses his feelings for Avni in front of Avni’s grandmum. Ali is madly in love with Avni, while Avni and Neil are gradually falling in love. Riya and Ali’s cute scenes sign of their pairing in upcoming episodes. Vote for your Favorite pairing in Naamkarann? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. Niel and Avni, like I love this relationship because you get to see how the yearn for each other and how they have a love feeling when they look at each other.

  2. Aastha_Reddy

    Though Ali deserve the love from Avni still if Avni and Ali end of being a pair then again that Riya and Mehta’s will take them as third class road side people like they did in Childhood (Hume koi fark nahi padtha). To balance the equation of Love they have to pair Riya-Ali ..this way that stupid’s ego will be destructed and Mehta will learn a lesson.

    1. Cheequ

      You are absolutely right to balance things. Ali- Riya and Neil – Avni need to be paired to help destroy Dayawanti’s cruelty and ghamand..

  3. i am very happy for ali

  4. avni ali couple is so nice … after waiting for so much years he got his avni back i want him to be avni’s life partner… those who say yes to what i wrote please vote to ali avni pair….. thank you

    1. Mona146

      true he always supported her selflessly. he deserves her.

    2. Everyone is behind Avni and Neil that no one thinks about Ali. Im so glad someone else also wants Avni and Ali together..I thought that I was the only one!! CVS pls make Ali and Avni together!!!! Plssss

  5. Anika and Neil are awesome

  6. Anika and Neil are best couple

  7. ali has helped and supported avni a lot in her childhood . i would be happy if avni ended up wid neil or ali , but i think it will be more nice if avni ends up wid neil and ali still supports avni to fight mrs.mehta and moreover i love riya-ali pair , they always fight wid each other and since this is indian television i am sure the couple who fight the most will end up together . so looking forward to avneil and riya-ali

    1. Cheequ

      Correct, Avni- Neil pairing with unconditional friendship and camaraderie between Avni- Ali will b the best.

  8. At any cost only neil nd avni should pair up or else no one would watch d serial…..seriously….

  9. Sunanda12345

    Neli and avni are best….the chemistry between them is awesome….????

  10. I know Ali loves Avni madly..but I want him to be Avni’s best friend Forever..their childhood chemistry was of friendship,,not love..& Aliya(Ali &y Riya) looks so funny..I enjoy their chemistry now…what mehta family had done with ayesha,in return they have to patchup ali & riya(muslim & hindu)…& lastly my favorite couple Avneil is too much cute…Their eyelook,internal feelings,the mentality of helping others- Um just stunned to see them together..their eyes says they will be fall in love in some days..I love AvNeil & AliYa so much…my request to Naamkaran team plz Keep AliYa & AvNeil together..& plz Turn riya positive.She is not bad at heart.Ali’s love will make her realize the reality…

  11. Siniha

    Neil Avni. These people will keep voting like this and separate the pair loved d most

  12. Annie1

    I would like to see Avani and Neil together.
    Also Ali and Ria together..

  13. ali and avni

  14. avni and Ali look superb together I really wish that they become a couple

  15. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Neil and Avni … they look good together

  16. it’ll b a great nonsense if Ali suffers from a heartbroken situation…
    he really loves her…and i never got a feeling that neil can b avni’s partner s
    cz he always act like a cop…Ali’s one glance toward Avni is enough to create romance since he loves her…
    but i know neil and avni will pair up… bcz makers never listen to us…

  17. If Avni and Ali pairs up thn again it’ll turn lyk the main concept of the’ll be a lesson for Deyavanti.Opposition on the religion..i think it’ll be perfect if Ali goes with Avni.Not Neil.And once for all,neil is happy with Ria and his marriage and Avni has no intense to get married.??

  18. Ali & Avni should pair up. Ali has waited 15 years for Avni. He has genuine feelings for Avni. He always helped her no matter how the situation was. I think they will make a great couple.

  19. Ovb

    I like Neil and Avni

  20. Ali and Avni should get togather

  21. ali avni

  22. ali nd avni d best………pair.plz maker ji listen to us juset for once.

  23. ali loves avni from can anyone come nd take avni now.

  24. Avni is too fat for Neil

  25. Ali is Avni BFF and it should remain…BFF for life
    But the best pairing for a love interest seems to be Avni/Neil
    And I think Riya does not deserve someone good (He seems to be a good hearted guy), like Neil… not even Ali…

  26. I wud seriously love to see Ali and Riya though Neil and Avni are good but I think Ali and Ria would also be a great pair

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