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We bring a poll on the most stylish Indian Telly icon currently. It was tough to just name the top 10 contenders from our side. For sure, you may have your own telly icon to name. You can go ahead and mention your favorite star. Style does not limit to just dressing sense, but also the way the actors/characters are presented along with their distinct attitude and their cool way to communicate. You can write about your favorite telly icon in comments section below, along giving your vote in this fun poll, by choosing a maximum of three choices.

We would describe in brief about the hit stars who qualify to be in this poll list. Sid from Jamai Raja has been the most stylish and sensible guy so far from the Zee channel. Sid has taken many disguises for the family sake. Sid has definitely won hearts as the best Jamai Raja. Abhi from Kumkum Bhagya has the charm of a rockstar, which makes the show rocking by his style and attitude. Abhi is much loved by his fans just for his style.

Twinkle has the real tashan in her. The Punjabi kudi has won hearts by her sweet innocent style. Swara has elegance of a beautiful charmer, along with dare and smartness of a fighter. That makes her get in this list. Adarsh from Dehleez is one of the most stylish male icon on telly currently.

Akshara from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is again a style setter. With many marriage tracks in the show, Aksharaโ€™s look and style is one thing that is most seen by the fans. Similarly, Shagun from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been different by her look always, since the initial episodes. Suman from Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is a Sumo in style. Her character and look go hand in hand.

The super robot bahu Rajni has her own charm and style, which is unmatchable with others. Rajni is sweet, cute, innocent and has a Hatke robotic style. Finally, Rishi from Kasam gets in the list for his flamboyant style and charm.

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  1. Ragini as in Tejaswi, she should be in this list. Her dressing style is awesome and the way she portrays her character is incredible. From being a naive good girl to manipulative and cunning woman, then slowly redeeming herself, becoming supportive of others and finally back being good and innocent like before. All the transitions were portrayed beautifully.

    Even Shagun has an amazing style. Her dressing style in YMH and the way she portrayed both negative and positive side of her, she’s also my favourite.

    Another one is my sweet, innocent and super intelligent robot Rajni. Her dresses are so beautiful. She looks like Cinderella just as her niece calls her. Her intelligent and innocent and peculiar actions and reactions are soo adorable.

  2. ragni

  3. I really wonder Swara is in the list and where z ragini…. she is really a style icon in comparison to swara… she always wear a same type of saree with dif colours…

  4. Ragu shld also be here… her new look is damn osm… n rahi baat swara ki … she always looks good … in every dress… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. i love twinkle the most…there is none other than her….a punjabi patakka and ofcourse SIYAPPA QUEEN……i luvvvvvvvv her…..she is vvvvvvvv cuteeeeee and awesomeeeeee…….luv u twinkle..

  6. Ofcource rocking abhi(shabbu):-):-):-)

  7. This comment is deleted.

  8. I love Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) style from Gangaa. His casual-fresh look; wearing leather jacket, cardi, and polo T-Shirt is very iconic and variatif! Better add him next time, admin ^^

  9. Rajni, Adarsh and Suman ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Oh god… This list is just impossible you think swara is better than ragini just can’t believe… And twinkle instead of kunj… Wow what a sense of style and where is shivanya and ishita i think they are far better than that akshara… And also pragya should be in the list…

  11. Where is Shivanya, Rithik Ranveer(MATSH) Even Shourya(ek hasina thi) and Durga(ek hasina this) deserves 2 b there. Shagun is good as style icon

  12. Hey where is ragini ,shravan ,ashoka ,aryan (krishdasi)

  13. I agree with u meena n blossom

  14. Woah!

    For me its always Sanky ???

    He’s missing there. Not their fault guys. I think Sanskar is the best. Be it style icon or acting no one can cross him.

    And if I go by the list I chose Swara. I mean being a style icon doesn’t mean u need to be skinny and tall. Swara looks cute and she has her own charm. I love her eyes specially. She’s pretty.

    And I guess they missed Ragini too. I means she had a wonderful make up lately and also she has always experimented with her clothes. So she also deserves to be there.

    And yeah, Shravan of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is good too. He’s so tall and handsome as hell. He also deserves to be at the top.

  15. i lyk ishita and shagun from yhm…also sanyuktha frm sadda haq…

  16. Tridha deserves a place in the list.

  17. rishi is awesome his looks are just awesome u knw and i think rishi deserve it

  18. I think aryan ,Ragini and aradhya should also be in the list


  19. twinkle as always she is the best

  20. It would have benn ragini instead of swara … so adarsh and shagun here are the stylish icon

  21. 4 me i think Adarsh deserve this.lov his personality


    1. It is not funny teju swara is already a star icon and i also hope tat she is much better than u… also u dont deserve to be here so stop comparing yourself with swara and her style….

  23. dev dixit ssheer s nt ther n the list…..hw cum…….?!!

  24. where is bihaan??

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