Mohabbatein….Twinj ki (#9)


Hey lovely ppl ……

Note- the epi is long so pls read with patience

Here’s the 9th epi so let’s begin


@The same night(wedding night)

The wedding has come to an end all d rituals r over Even d bidai nd all

@Twihi’s room(Naina’s home)

Twihi r just off to bed after a hectic day Mahi gets a call from Yuvi

Uv- Hii jaan
M- itni raat ko call kyun kiya(y did u call late at night)
Uv – zyada sawal mat karo jaldi se tum aur twinkle neeche lawn mein aajao( dont ask questions u and twinkle come down to the lawn)
M- par…….( UV hangs up d call)

T-(teasingly) kya hua Mahi Uv se raha nahi gaya subha tak ki itni raat ko he call kardiya
M- baas kar aur chal neeche hum donno ko bulaya hai lawn mein( stop it and come with me to d lawn)

Twihi come down to d lawn and find Yunj standing their
T- itni raat ko tum donno yahan kya kar rahe ho( what r u both doing here late at night)
Uv – Tum log Jaipur soone ke liye aai ho kya…….nahi na to soocha Rohan aur Naina waise bhi enjoy jar rage honge(of course guys its their suhaagrat)……to kyun na hum bhi thoda enjoy karlen………he winks at Mahi(we haven’t come to Jaipur only to sleep…..anyways Roina will b enjoying so let us also enjoy)
M- hawwwww……pagal ho gaye ho tum(r u mad)
K- Mahi enjoyment ka Sirf vahi matlab nahi hota……..twinkle tu ek sum theek kehti hai iski dimaagh ki ganga hamesha ulti disha mein hi behti hai
Uv- hum ne soocha kyun na raat bhar enjoy karen aur kuch games khelen( we thought of enjoying d whole night and playing some games)
M- lekin Sirf hum char log kya enjoy karenge( only 4 of us what will we enjoy)
T- guys if u don’t mind kya mein Aarav ko bhi bula loon(if u dont mind shall i call Aarav)
K- (thinks)iss ladki ko abhi bhi uss chipku Aarav ki hi padi hai
K- Aarav kyun hum 4log he kafi hain
Uv- twinkle I guess tu usse bula le aacha enjoyment hoga
K-(thinks) Uv tu mera dost hai ki dushman …….par mujhe kya hua ye log Aarav ko bulaye ya pandav ko mujhe kyun problem ho rahi hai………..forget it
T- OK then……..she turns to call Aarav when she remembers something
T- guys Aarav ki ek behen bhi hai Aditi vo shaadi mein nahi aayi par vo Jaipur mein hi hai I’ll call her also

Twinkle calls Aarav and asks him to come he readily agrees
After sometime Aarav and Aditi arrive
All of them sit down on d grass in a circle(in this order- Uv nxt to him Mahi→ Aarav→Aditi →Twinkle→Kunj→Uv) there was sufficient brightness due to d wedding decorations
For some time they have some general talks
M- guys let’s play something
Uv- par kya
T- let’s play likes and dislikes
Ad(guys Aa for Aarav and Ad for aditi)- what’s that ???
T- let me explain

We all r gonna write any two of our likes and dislikes in some chits and put them into a bowl A person has to pick up a chit read it and guess whose like or dislike is that and the person who fails to do that has to do a dare given by d person sitting towards his/her left

K- let’s play seems interesting
T- let me get some pens paper and a bowl

After sometime all of them have written their likes and dislikes and chits r into d bowl

So d game begins first Uv’s turn picks up a chit
Chit- I love eating chocolates
Uv- this is pakka Twinkle… mein har tym chocolate chocolate hi karti rehti thi
T- sorry Uv but its not me…….its someone whose sitting towards ur left and is fuming in anger ( she giggles)
Uv- what????? u mean it’s Mahi ……he turns towards Mahi and finds her fuming in anger he gulps down d saliva in his mouth
M-(angry) get ready for d punishment
K-(controlling his laugh) what’s his punishment
M-(after thinking for a while) Amritsar janne me baad tumhe mere liye eo romantic si date organise karni hogi …….and if u fail to impress me then forget abt me( says with full attitude)
Uv- yar twinkle kaisa game hai ye pehle round mein hi waatt laga di
All laugh

Nxt Mahi picks a chit
chit- I like to serve the poor nd needy people
M- this is pakka Twinkle
This tym she’s correct

Nxt Aarav picks a chit
Chit- I hate the guys who play with a girls feelings
Aa- this is probably Uv
Uv- ur wrong bro
T- then who wrote it
K- its mine
Ad- bhai get ready for ur dare and ur dare issssss……….u have tooooooo…….propose Twinkle
K- what???
Aa- what a kind of dare is that Aditi
Ad- a dare is a dare so u have to do it

Aarav comes to Twinkle and makes her stand nd he sits down on his knees
Aa- Twinkle ur d one who has been ruling over my heart since yrs…..the one with whom I wanna share my life…. I Love U

Saying this he removes a ring from his pocket and all r shocked and r numb while kunj is fuming in anger
After sometime Aarav starts laughing
Aa- mere daring proposal ne sab ko dara diya
M- Aarav why did u give that ring
Aa- arre yar challenge Twinkle ko propose karna tha to spcl ladki ko special style mein propose karna tha na isliye …….vo actually meri mom ki ring hai
T- uff do minute ke liye aisa laga ki tum mujhe saachi mein propose kar rage theey
Aa-(thinks) it will soon happen Twinkle

Kunj is fuming in anger(thinks)- propose karna dare tha spcl tarike se propose karna dare nahi tha simple sa I love u kehdeta lekin nahi bande ko spcl tarike se hi propose karna tha…….aur ye Aditi koi aur dare nahi milla isse…….(mimics her) propose karo aur vo bhi Sirf Twinkle ko

The game continues
Aditi picks up a chit
Ad- guys ye toh meri hi chit hai
All of them laugh
M- better luck in d nxt round Aditi

Twinkle picks up a chit
Chit- I love to play pranks
T- it can only b Aarav
Aa- correct……twinkle tujhe yaad hai……
K (interrupts)- tum donno ki purani stories kabhi aur sun lenge ab game continue Karen

Kunj pick a chit
Chit- I hate ppl who try to impress others with their cheesy filmy dialogues
after reading this Kunj gets into a flashback


The Dehradun College is shown at the gate its written

Uv Mahi and Kunj(hope u remember they know each other from school times) r standing in the field of d college while the function has started in the auditorium

K- Mahi kaun hai ye teri late latif behen abhi tak nahi aayi dekh function start bhi ho gaya
M- relax kunj aajayegi
Uv- kab aayegi aadhe ghante se wait kar rahe hain….bore ho raha hun
M-so let’s play something
Uv- what
M- kunj tumhare liye ek task hai
K- kaisa task
M- gate ke aandar Jo bhi pehli ladki ayegi tumhe usse tumhara fav Dil chahta hai movie ka dialogue marke propose karoge
K- what?????
Uv- Kunj try marle ladki pat gayi toh pehle din hi lottery lag jayegi Teri
K- OK fine but on one condition I’ll do this only if d first girl who enters the college is wearing a Black outfit otherwise I’m not doing it
M- OK done
Yuhi r standing a bit far away from d gate while kunj is near it
After sometime a girl enters the gate wearing black coloured T-shirt with black skin fit jeans
Kunj is stunned to see d girl in black outfit bcoz he did not want to do the dare so he gave that condition to Mahi but now he had to do it
On the other hand Mahi seems worried and is butting her nails

Kunj goes up to d girl – Hey……(he kneels down)
Mujhe yakin hai ke main Sirf iss liye janma hoon ki tumse pyaar kar sakun aur tum iss liye janmi ho ki ek din meri baan jao …….I love u
He stands up and chatttttaaaak
The girl slaped him before he could react Mahi and Uv came running towards them M-(to d girl) twinkle tu aagayi itna late kyun ho gaya
K- Mahi ye tumhari behen hai
M- haan kunj
T- Mahi tum iss cheepo ko janti ho to isse bataya kyun nahi ki mujhe aise cheep cheesy filmy dialogues Marne wale log pasand nahi
M- twinkle it was just a dare
T- whatever……hey u (pointing towards kunj) agli baar ye cheep lines kisi cheep ladki ko marna mujhe nahi
saying this she leaves from there with full attitude

——-fb ends——–

Kunj comes out of thoughts when Uv snaps his fingers in front of him
Uv- jaldi bol kiski chit hai
K- Aditi might be
T- wrong…… ye meri chit hai……Uv give him a dare
Uv- sooooo…….u have to do a romantic dance with Twinkle
K- what???
T- sab logon ko sare dare mujhpe hi kyun use karne hai
M- kisi ki moi bahane bazi nahi chalegi Get up u both……..Uv play a nice song

Twinj come in d centre
Song starts

( Twinj r facing eo Kunj holds her by her waist and twinkle keeps her one hand on d shoulder and other entangled with kunj’s other hand they start swaying to d music)

Tu Hi Meri Hai Saari Zameen
Chahe Kahin Se Chalun
Tujh Mein Hi Aake Ruku
Tere Siva Main Jaun Kahan
Koi Bhi Raah Chunu
Tujh Mein Hi Aake Ruku

(Kunj holds her arm up and twirls her in a circular motion)

Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham Gaye
Tum Mile To Saare Gum Gaye
Tum Mile To Muskhurana Aa Gaya

Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya
Tum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

(Kunj holds her firmly nd dips her backward)

Tujh Mein Kinara Dikhe
Dil Ko Sahara Dikhe
Aa Meri Dhadkan Tham Le

(kunj twirls her now twinkles back is touching kunj’s chest and they r swaying side by side)

Teri Taraf Hi Mude
Yeh Saas Tujhse Jude
Har Pal Yeh Tera Naam Le
Tum Mile To Abb Kya Hai Kami
Tum Mile To Duniya Mil Gai
Tum Mile To Mil Gaya Asra

( kunj lifts her by her waist and spins her in air while they share an eye lock)

Tum Mile To Jadoo Chaa Gaya
Tum Mile To Jeena Aa Gaya
Tum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

The song ends both r still lost in each other they come back to senses when Yuhi and Aditi clap ……Aarav is fuming in anger his eyes r red due to anger he is clutching d grass in his hands with full force as though he’s gonna lift the whole ground and dump it on kunj’s head

The game and their talks go on for some while
By now all r sleepy so they head back to their respective places

@Kunj’s room

Kunj is sitting on d bed thinking
‘ What the hell is wrong with me I knew it was Twinkle’s chit but y did I tell it as Aditi’s …….y the hell was I feeling so uneasy when Aarav proposed her…….y the hell was I so happy after that dance with twinkle I felt like I was on cloud nine after that dance………kunj tu aaj saach mein pagal ho gaya hai chup chap soo ja warna kal se mental hospital mein soona padega’


So guys pakka diya na sab ko iss super long epi se …….sorry if i wasted ur time
Hope u all liked the epi
How was the Jealous kunj???
How was their dance????
Did u all like d game????
tell me through ur comments

I wanna tell u guys some thing

So let me first thank the roads and rains of Bangalore bcoz of which i met with a minor accident yesterday i was riding down my vehicle in a nearby street of my home when the vehicle got skid and I fell down initially I thought I hadn’t been hurt so much rather than a few hurts on my legs….. but tdy morning when I woke up my right hand is swollen and almost half of my hand has turned blue and its paining very badly that I’m almost not able to move it( now ur thinking how I wrote d epi so this epi I wrote it yesterday morning only before this incident apart from this part and that last kunj ka thoughts)
So probably won’t b able to post until the pain in my hand vanishes with toooo much difficulty I typed this last part with my left hand
So pls pray that my hand recovers soon so that I can post d nxt part

And pls comment below guys I have written this epi with toooooo much efforts

and don’t forget to watch our Bunny urf Sidhant on Jhalak tonight at 10pm
and tmrw Sidmin’s performance at Gold awards

Love u all♥♥♥

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