VIVAH (swaragini ff) EPI 14


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Swara enters her room….sanskar looks at her n smiles…but swara go to her cupboard and takes out a saree and went to washroom to get ready…..sanskar stops her and snatches the saree

Sanskar:- u will not wear it….I bring this for u….so

It was a red color gown….

Swara:- I want to wear saree

Sanskar:- but I think u should

Swara:- fine I will wear this…

She takes that gown n came out wearing it…

Sanskar came near and kiss her forehead ….swara starts leaving…but sanskar holds her hand

Sanskar:- I thought u were angry

Swara:- no m not….u have done a big favour on me…so how can I get angry on u…I don’t have that right

Sanskar:- favour…?? Its not favour …its my love

Swara:- hmm…

Sanskar:- I love u swara…

Sumam,:- swara ma’am rago ma’am is calling u
Swara:- hmm

Swara was going to rago but she remembers to take her phone so she takes a U turn and went to her room

But what she saw

Suman and sanskar romancing

Swara:- sanskar ji

Swara slaps suman

Sanskar:- Swara ? What’s this??

Swara:- I should ask this

Suman:- Ohio swara u r asking this u think …marrying a girl like a big deal… sanskar ji…the girl with whom 4 men have enjoyed is called Pro*****

Swara :- u

Sanskar slaps swara:- shutupppppp
Swara::- Sanskar ji…

Swara sits on floor n cries….

Sanskar looks at her and the marks of his hand on her cheek….

Sanskar hugs swara:- m soory swara I don’t want to raise my hand on u…but u force me…

Swara:- but mai isee k kabil hu….first adarsh n now u???

Swara gets up and run and collides with laksh

Laksh:- what happened….?

Swara runs and laksh follow her….but rago stop him
Rago:- leave her alone….n yah y u always keep following her…she is Sanskar’s wife n not urs…

Lakah:- what…r u mad…she is ur sis

Rago:- I know

Sanskar:; n my wife so be away…

Lakah:- shutupp u make her cry…I will not leave u
Ap:- what’s going on huh

Sanskar:-I raise hand on her bcz she deserves it….

Ap:- sanskar u raise ur hand on swara

Laksh:- I will kill him

Swara:- m leaving this house….

Sanskar:- ur wish….wese b u r useless…suman is much better…

Ap slaps him

Lakah:- he is a dog ….same as adarsh

Dp:- swara beta….I will call shekhar ji

Shekhar:- no need …we hear everything….swara will return with us…

Swara:- no need…

Shekhar:- beta plzz …plzz

Shomi hugs swara and scold sanskar

Rago looks at sanskar ‘- I never think this day will come… Di has to bear this

Swara leaves with shomi n shekhar and sanskar has tears in his eyes

Guys don’t be upset …

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  1. Amazing

  2. Rosey

    I tho k Simon black mails Sanskaar

  3. Rabia0032

    What is this yaar plzzz dont Do this…you are confusing me dont know but ahhh I dont like it…

    1. Mystery

      Keep reading yrr….

  4. Deeksha

    I will kill you if you separate swasan….!!!!!!

    1. Mystery

      Keep reading

  5. Awesome…

  6. SNY

    Awsm dr.!!!
    Nxt one soon…

  7. Simi

    Kick that suman out of the house

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome…. I think suman blackmailed sanskar….

  9. Simin

    Whats this
    Plz post soon
    Orelse uwe wont leave u

  10. It’s shocking…… please update soon dear. Can’t wait for the next part

  11. Asra

    superbbb dear…

  12. Sammykapoor

    whats this yaar

  13. Priyashini

    Arrey yaar… U r confusing me… Y all of a sudden, swasan fight…misconvo will leads to situation like this.. pls make it clear this problem soon. Let them have atleast some happy moments pls.but I hope you are planning different…. keep writing. Take care

    1. Mystery

      Keep reading

  14. Yar this is not done… Feeling very very bad for swara why always she has to suffer… Plz bring happiness in her life… Plz…. Update soon dear ???❤❤❤

    1. Mystery

      Keep reading dear


  16. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    ???? ? Hawww wat was this? ? Amzing Cnt Believe Sanskaar did this ???. .I really Hope thr is something fishy in it..plzz dnt Separate SwaSan Plzz..Continue soon

    1. Mystery

      Keep reading

  17. Fairy

    Hey dr how r u 😉 …update ws super shockng bt veryyyy interestngg…loved ittt…..waitng for raglak love 😉 ..keeep rockng n stay blesssed dr 😉 😉

    1. Mystery

      Tysm Di….tc

  18. A.xx

    Want raglak scene and wonder why sanky did that I think it was to protect her can’t wait for revelation so pls soknxx

  19. Rekha

    Awesome as always…..?
    But ur writing style is different from previous ff …..

    1. Mystery

      Writing style different …mtlb???

  20. Chinna

    I think that suman is blackmailing Sanskar.ep is amazing

    1. Mystery

      No dear….no blackmail is there

  21. Vyshu10

    superb…who s d one blackmailing sanky?

    1. Mystery

      Ty…n no one is blackmailing

  22. Hemalattha

    awesome part.the way sanskaar’s love for swara.nice.

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