Vivah: A journey from being strangers to soulmates (Part 8) Missed part

Hey dear readers,I got a message that part 8 is missing. I am sorry for that. I believe that I did post the pasrt 8 but don’t know why it wasn’t posted. So here is the 8th part of the ff

Part 8: Engagement

Swara and sanskar were in the car. The car was stopped at a signal. A boy knocked at sanskar’s window. Sanskar lowered the window and saw a boy standing with the bunch of roses.

Boy: Sir, these flowers are very fresh. Please buy them for the madam sitting beside you. She will love them.

Sanskar takes out money and his card and gave it to him. The boy gave the flowers to him but was confused seeing the card.

Boy: Sir, I don’t have change

Sanskar: It’s okay take the change and have the ice-cream. And call on this number which is on this card…ok

Boy nods.

Boy: Thank you, sir

The boy goes away. He looks at the bunch of flowers on his lap. He took them and hesitatingly gives to swara.

Sanskar: For you

Swara looks down and takes the flowers. Their hands brushed against each other. Swara looked at him who was looking at her. They shared a cute eyelock. A new sensation was developing in their heart. Sanskar sensed her awkwardness and took his hand back.

Soon the signal got green and sanskar started driving.

Swara: If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?

Sanskar: Sure… you don’t have to ask permission from me.

Swara: What was that card?

Sanskar: Actually, about 20% of my companies profit goes to the orphanage and used to sponsor for poor children’s education. That card has the number of the department which sees all these things.

Swara smiles seeing his golden heart. She was wondering how can a person, who is so rich be so down to earth person who also thinks about others. She was so indeed impressed by his nature.

Again there was an awkward silence. Sanskar moved his hand towards the radio but stopped in the middle thinking about the awkward situation they faced when those sensuous songs were played on the radio.

Sanskar: I have heard that you love gardening

Swara: yes, I do gardening whenever I am free

Sanskar: even I love to do gardening during my free time. It’s so relaxing and soothing. I am sure that you will love the flowers that I have grown. I will show you when you will come.

Swara: I would love to see them

Soon they reached gadodia house where ragini, sujata, shomi, and Arjun were sitting and discussing the engagement.

Shomi: you guys came

Everyone looked the doorstep. Ragini and sujata raised their eyebrows seeing flower bunch in swara’s hand. They guessed that it must be given by sanskar.

Ragini and Arjun went near them.

Ragini: wow sanskar, you became romantic han… gifting flowers to your to be wife that too red roses

Sanskar (embarrassed): Woh bhabhi… actually… mmm

Arjun: it’s okay jiju, we understand.

Swara was only looking down, blushing.

Sujata: enough of teasing now… see how much you both embarrassed them.

Ragini and arjun giggled together.

Sujata: Shomiji, I think we should go now

Shomi: This fast

Sujata: Woh, ramji, laksh and aryan will be coming back to the house… and we also have to prepare for engagement which is tomorrow.

Shomi: Okay but after the engagement, you all have to come for dinner at our house

Sujata: Done.

Ragini: Hmm, be ready for tomorrow by to be devraniji.

Swara shyly nods. Ragini hugs swara. Sujata and ragini bid bye to everyone while sanskar bids bye to swara hiding from everyone. They went away. Swara goes into her room and puts those red roses in the vase. She smiles reminiscing the moment he gave her the flowers. She smiles remembering how he helped that poor boy. She brings her lips near those flowers to kiss them but backs out shyly.


Hustle bustle was going on in the maheshwari mansion, after all it was their youngest son’s engagement. There was happiness spread everywhere. The whole mansion was lightened and was decorated with white and blue curtains.

Ragini: uff..finally everything is done.

Laksh: So should we get ready.

Ragini: But first I have to make your laadla son ready.

Laksh: Then what are you waiting for go and get him ready… you know that he very choosy.

Ragini: Ha baba, going.


Sanskar was ready in his white sherwani, looking all dashing and handsome. Indeed he is going to break many of the girls’ heart who dreamt to marry him.

He was setting his hair as he really wanted to look good in front of swara. Laksh entered his room wearing red sherwani. He saw sanskar and smiled. Sanskar saw laksh through his mirror.

Sanskar: How am I looking bhai?

Laksh: Wah! you are looking so handsome. I think swara will directly marry you

Sanskar gives a glare to him.

Laksh: Acha sorry, let’s go down as the gadodia family is here.

Sanskar nods. He went down with laksh. As he was descending down the stairs, his silky hairs were flying in the air..

Sanskar’s POV

I got ready in a white sherwani. I really wanted to look good for swara. I smiled thinking about her, about her innocence. What magic she did on me? She totally different from all the girls I have met. Laksh bhai came in and told me that she is here. I was feeling nervous and happy at the same time. I started descending the stairs while looking around for her. Then my gaze on her. She was wearing pink lehenga. Again she was shying… I think ragini bhabhi must have teased her. She looks so cute when she blushes. I was smiling like a teenage lover boy seeing her. Finally, she saw me and she was only looking at me with her big doe eyes. “I think she got impressed” bhai whispered in my years.

Swara’s POV

We reached the maheshwari mansion, the place where I will be spending my whole life with my newly found family. All of them are amazing and friendly. As we entered inside, I was shocked as the hall was very big. Sujata ma and ragini bhabhi welcomed us. “You are looking beautiful swara. I think that sanskar will directly marry you after seeing you.” Bhabhi said. I blushed at her this statement. I was only looking at the ground but then I felt a gaze on me. I slowly looked up towards the stairs and I saw him. He was looking handsome in white sherwani. I blushed at my thoughts. He was only looking at me with a smile on his face. It sent shivers in my whole body. I don’t know what that feeling is whenever he sees me, smiles at me.

Third person POV

Swara and sanskar were looking at each other and were lost in their own world. Both of their families smiled seeing their children happy.

Laksh: Sanskar, you have the whole life after your marriage. So let’s go down as everyone is waiting.

Sanskar coming out of his world, “huh..umm..yes. Let’s go.”

Sanskar hugged arjun and took blessings from shomi and shekhar. He stood with his parents.

Ragini: Seriously sanskar, it’s your engagement so you should stand with swara.

Saying this she took and made his stand beside swara. He was standing close to her… their hands were touched making them shiver. Sanskar moved little away from swara so that she could feel comfortable.

Their family got busy with guests leaving them alone.

Sanskar: Hi

Swara: H..Hi

Sanskar: Umm…you are looking beautiful.

Swara (looking down shyly): Thank you and… too

Sanskar (teasingly): What…. beautiful

Swara immediately looked at him and shook her head in no.

Swara: No…no… ummm….ha…hand…(looked down) handsome

A smile crept on sanskar’s lips.

Sanskar: Thank you.

Laksh and ragini came on the stage with mikes in their hand

Laksh: Hello ladies and gentleman… I am laksh, sanskar’s older brother.

Ragini: And I am ragini, sanskar’s bhabhi

Laksh: Finally my little bro is getting married to the girl who has won everyone’s heart. So there should be a little celebration. Our elders and me and ragini have a little surprise for swara and sanskar. So let’s give a round of applause for dad, ma, shomi ma and shekhar papa.

Everyone started clapping while swara and sanskar were surprised and confused. The lights went dim and the spotlight fell on ram and sujata.

(Rp) Kal Jisne Janam Yahaa Paaya Kal Jisako Zulene Zulaayaa

Kal Jisne Janam Yahaa Paaya Kal Jisako Zulene Zulaayaa
(Sujata cupped sanskar’s one cheek) Najadik Sulaaya Godi Mein Uthaaya
Kaandhe Pe Ghumaaya, Jise Chalanaa Sikhaayaa
(Rp and sujata) Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai

(Shekhar caresses swara’s hair)

Kal Tak Jo Nanhi Si Lali Thi, Komal Si Juhi Ki Kali Thi

(Shomi)Kal Tak Jo Nanhi Si Lali Thi, Komal Si Juhi Ki Kali Thi
Wo Totali Boli, Are Kitani Bhali Thi
(Shekhar)Wo Jisake Simaa Bas Ghar Se Gali Thi
(Shekhar and shomi)Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai

(Rp)Prep Se Lekar Primary Tak, Primary Se Phir Dasavi Tak
(Laksh)School Mein Chodaa Schoolse Layaa
Baraso Maine Ye Niyam Nibhaayaa
(Laksh pulls sanskar’s cheeks)Is Ghar Mein Bholu Jo Kehlaataa Thaa
(Ragini)Teacher Se Bhji Jo Sharamaataa Thaa
(Sujata points towards sanskar’s left chest)Dekh Aapki Ladaki Ko Dil Jisakaa Dhadakaa Hai
Jiske Jawaa Sine Mein Aaj Ek Sholaa Bhadakaa Hai
(Rp and sujta)Kyaa Ye Wohi Chhutakaa Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai

(Laksh and ragini) Haa Ye Wohi Chhutakaa Hai
Haa Ye Wohi Ladakaa Hai

(Shomi)Titaliyon Ke Piche Jo Daudaa Karati Thi
Pariyon Ke Chitron Mein Rang Bharati Thi
(Shekhar)Kab Ye Kali Se Phool Ban Gayi
Prem Si Jodi Prem Ki Dori
Kab Main Bhudhaa Huaa Na Janaa
Jane Kab Ye Ho Gayi Kishori
(Shomi)Gudiyon Ki Shaadi Kal Jisane Rachaayi
Honewaali Hai Kal Jisaki Bidaayi
(Rp)Milake Jise Mere Shehjade Ki Tabiyat Fadaki Hai
(Laksh)Milake Jise Chote Saahab Ki Tabiyat Fadaki Hai
(Shekhar and shomi)Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Kyaa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Haa Ye Wohi Ladaki Hai
Bahu Aapake Ghar Ki Hai

(Sujata)Chunaa Ek Duje Ko Tumane Lakhon Mein Karodon Mein
(Rp)Jodaa Amar Ho Tumhaaraa Pyaar Bhare Jodon Mein
(Shekhar)Mausam Aaye Mausam Jaaye Tumhaaraa Jeevan Aur Sajaaye
(Laksh)Samay Ki Dhaaraa Mein Hum To Beh Jaayenge
(Ragini)Hamaare Bol Tumhaare Sang Reh Jaayenge

All of them made circle around swara and sanskar and sang together

Woh Maryaadaaye Woh Paramparaaye Jo Humane Nibhaayi
Woh Ye Bhi Nibhaaye Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai
Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai
Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai
Bas Yahi Kehnaa Hai

Everyone clapped for them. The guests were admiring the bond between these two families. Swara and sanskar were totally surprised. Their happiness was reflected in their twinkling eyes.

Ragini: Rest of the celebration will be done later as finally the time has come to get them engaged.

Heartbeat rose in both of their chests as after this engagement they will belong to each other. Swara and sanskar stepped on the stage and stood opposite to each other. It was sanskar’s turn first to put ring in swara’s finger. Sujata gave the ring to sanskar. Sanskar put his hand forward, swara firmly puts her small soft hands into his big ones. He held her hand softly as if they were most softest things in the world. He slided the ring into his finger. Then swara firmly held sanskar’s hand and put into his finger. The hall was filled with claps as finally the couple were engaged. Both the families were happy for their respective children.

Laksh (whispering): Now you are her fiancee so you are allowed a little romance.

Sanskar’s eyes widened as soon as he listened that. He looked at laksh who in return winked at him. Sanskar got little embarrassed and looked down.

Ragini (to the guests): Now the next performance is by swara’s younger brother… arjun and this will the last performance of the day.

When arjun and a girl came on the stage, swasan were shocked as them two were wearing similar clothes as swasan. Arjun and the girl started dancing.

Hey Ya Heeriye Sehra Baandh Ke Main Toh Aaya Re
Hey Ya Doli Baarat Bhi Saath Mein Main Toh Laaya Re )… (2)
Ab Toh No Hota Hai Ek Roz Intezaar
Soni Aaj Nahi Toh Kal Hai Tujhko Toh Bas Meri Honi Re
Tenu Leke Main Javanga, Dil Deke Main Javanga… (2)

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…
Aa Keh De Zamane Se, Tu Mere Ishq Ki Hai Daastaan
Hey Ya… Hey Ya…
O Jaaniya Keh De Bahaane Se
Main Tera Jism Hoon, Tu Meri Jaan
Kuch Na Chupa
Mushkilon Se Milta Hai Aisa Sona Pyar
Soni Cheez Tere Jaisi Na Mujhko Na Mujhko Khoni Re
Tenu Leke Main Javanga, Dil Deke Main Javana… (2)

Jaan Aise Na Tadpa Ke Dekh Le Madhbhare Andaaz Se
Hey Ya… Hey Ya…
O Jaan Tu Awaaz Ko Apni Aa Mila Ab Meri Awaaz Se
Are Haan Keh De Haan
Kar Diya Hai Tune Mujhko Yun Bekaraar
Maahi Keh Diya Duniya Se Main Teri Main Teri Ho Gayi Re
Tere Naal Mein Aavaangi, Sasooral Mein Jaavaangi
Hey Tenu Leke Main Javanga, Dil Deke Main Javanga
Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

The performance was finshed and everyone clapped but that performance made swara and sanskar red once again.

Precap: Shomi inviting maheshwari family for dinner but swara does not knows as it will be a surprise for her.

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