Vivah – A Complete Story Of An Incomplete Love ( SwaSan – Part 2 )

Hey guys.. sorry for late..  want to clear 2 things..
1. Actually Helly’s surname was Singhania only bt later I frgt it n by mistake wrote Gadodia’s.. so it will remain Gadodia only..
2. I mentioned that helly is look alike of swara bt dint mentioned that Varun is also look alike of Sanskar.. My mistake.. ???
So plsssss spare this poor soul.. ????
ok now, lets start.. ???


HeVa went in garden.. Both were hesitant to talk.. Helly was shy.. So Varun started conversation..

Varun : Hii.. I’m Varun..

Helly : ( looked at him n smiles ) Hii.. I’m Helly..

Varun : Your garden is very nice..

Helly : Thanks.. ?

Varun : Umm.. I would like to know your hobbies.. If you don’t mind?

Helly : ( smiles ) I like to read books, novels.. I like to listen songs and I like to sing too..

Varun : Wow.. that means u r a singer?

Helly : umm.. not exactly.. bt yeah I sing little..

Varun : Great! Sammy also loves to sing.. So now u n ur would be sis in law will make seperate team.. haha..

Helly looked at him shocked as he indirectly mentioned her his would be WIFE.. ??? ( baat hamari pakki hai.. ?)

Varun suddenly got it  wat he said n he looked at Helly.. Who suddenly turn her gaze n both got embarassed.


” Bhaiiii…”

HeVa looked at direction n Saw Rishab n Sammy standing there..
Both cm near them..

Rishab : Ahm.. so jiju?? Ho gayi? BAATEIN??? kyu dii??

HeVa looked here n there n nods..

Sammy : Oho bhabi.. don’t start blushing now only.. or else my bhai will loose his control..

Hearing this Helly widen her eyes n blushed deep red.. while Varun was all embarrassed.

Varun : Sammy ki bachchi! Ruk tu.. Saying this he was abt to catch her bt slipped n Helly who tried to help him by giving her hand fell on him too… Both had romantic eyelock.

Aankhon ki..
Gustakhiyaaaaaan Maaf Hooo..
Ek Pal Tumhe Dekhti Hai..
Jo Baat Kehna Chahe Zubaa..
Tumse Ye Voh Kehti Hain…

Aankhon ki..
Gustakhiyaaaaaan Maaf Hooo..

Both were lost in each other.. Rishsam looked at them n then at each other n smiled naughtily.. Both shouted loudly their sibling’s name respectively..

RishSam : Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii / Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Both gets jerk n cm to senses.. got embarassed. While Rishsam were laughing..

They helped both to get up n all leaves inside..

Ragini : Varun?? U both talked? Wats ur decision beta?

Mishti : Ha beta.. tell us.. Helly? Wat is ur decision?

HeVa : ( at a same time ) Jaisa aap theek samjhe maa..

Both looked at each other n all laughs..

Laksh : It means…

Shekhar : It’s..


All got happy while Helly ran inside being shy making excuse.. Varun looked at her smiling..

Ragini : Sharmishta ji, let’s call Pandit ji today only.. we’ll fix their engagement date.. N do pooja also today.. As its auspicious day..

Mishti : Jii.. I’ll just call him.. and do preparations fr pooja too..

Ragini : Me n sammy will also help u..

Sammy : Mom.. u go.. I’ll call bhabi..

All got bzy in preparation.. Ragini, Sammy, Helly, Mishti were making garlands.. for pooja.. Boys were also helping them  ( VaRish ) Ragini gave garland to Varun n asked him to hold it.. Helly was coming from opposite side.. 1 servant by mistake hit her n she striked with Varun. And the garland he was holding fell in her body.. while Varun was holding her protectively in his arms.. Both were lost..

Har Ko Jeet Banaaakar Badi Sachchai Se Premane Dil Pe Woh Chaahat Kaa Asar Daalaa Hai
Aaj Inkaar Ki Surat Hi Nahi Hai Koi Haar Hi Rokaa Nahi Phoolon Ki Jaymaalaa Hai..

Both cm in senses n got seperated.. Helly started walking ahead bt stopped in middle n turned to Varun.. Varun smiled at her n she ran.. Varun chuckles..

Kuch Baate Ho Chuki Kuch Baate Abhi Hai Baaki..
Bauchhar Ek Padi Hai Barasaate Abhi Hai Baaki..
Khulake Naachane Ko Bekal Manakaa Mayuraa Hai..
Khulake Naachane Ko Bekal Manakaa Mayuraa Hai..
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai..
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai..

Pandit ji cm.. They did pooja n fixed engagement mahurat.. It was after 4 days.. bt according to Maheshwaris rituals,  Engagement should happen in THEIR HOME TOWN.. So all decided to leave.. Next day, both MF n GF left for village..

Soon they reached THAT village.. AGAIN.. As soon as HeVa stepped out of car.. cold wind started to flow.. HeVa felt some connection with TOWN.. Specially Helly.. She was roaming in village as if she knew it from b4.. Varun was with her too.. while RishSam was bzy in their nok jhok.. HeVa was enjoying nature’s beauty…

Mile Honge Radhaa-Krishna Yahi Kisi Ban Mein..
Prem Maadhuri Unaki Basi Hai Pawan Mein
Aur Bhi Paas Aa Gaye Hum Is Divya Vaataavaran Mein..
Aur Bhi Paas Aa Gaye Hum Is Divya Vaataavaran Mein..
Ek Man Diyaa Hai Kitane Sau Gaate Abhi Hai Baaki..
Bauchhar Ek Padi Hai Barasaate Abhi Hai Baaki..
Hame Milaane Mein Sabakaa Sahiyog Puraa Hai..
Hame Milaane Mein Sabakaa Sahiyog Puraa Hai..
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai..
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai..

Helly was all lost.. she was getting sm flashes.. like 1 girl roaming all over in jungle and jumping, smiling , laughing.. She felt her head heavy.. She held it by her hands.. Varun got concerned and asked her.. She nodded no and said she’s ok.. Both started to go ahead and stopped near 1 farm house.. which was so old n broken.. It has all greenery n river around it.. Valley too.. Helly looked at it.. Varun shook her and they again got bzy in admiring nature n EACH OTHER.. Varun take her hand in his.. Helly looked at him n kept her head on his shoulder.. Varun smiled..

Zaraana Suhaana Aisa Prem Geet Gaaye
Aane Waale Kal Ke Mithe Sapane Dikhaye..
Ye Ehsaas Peheli Baar Dil Ko Gudgudaaye
Ye Ehsaas Peheli Baar Dil Ko Gudgudaaye..
Sab Din Abhi Hai Baaki Sab Raate Abhi Hai Baaki..
Bauchhar Ek Padi Hai Barasaate Abhi Hai Baaki..
Ched Diyaa Puravaa Ne Tan Kaa Taan Puraa Hai..
Ched Diyaa Puravaa Ne Tan Kaa Taan Puraa Hai..
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai..
Milan Abhi Aadhaa Adhuraa Hai

Suddenly Helly got flashes of a girl was screaming n shouting for help.. She was being forced.. She was calling 1 name only…


Sweat droplets were forming on Helly’s forehead.. She was shivering.. Suddenly she started screaming…

Helly : ( screams n cries ) Aaaaaah.. Sankyyyyyyyy.. Save meee… Help.. plz… Someone help… Aaaaahhh… leave me u beast…. aaaaaahhhh.. Sankyyyyyyyyyyyyy…. nooooooooo… plz… leave me…. Aaaaaahhhh…

Varun was shocked seeing her like this.. He hugged her n tried to calm her..

Varun : Helly.. Helly.. shhhh.. m here only… helly.. wat happened.. plz calm down… Hellyy… ( suddenly she fainted in his arms after smiling at him n  calling him Sankyy.. )

Helly : ( smiled faintly n cupped his face ) San.. Sankyyy.. U came… They killed my soul Sankyyyy.. They killed ur SHONAA…

Saying this she fainted in his arms.. Varun was shocked.. bcz in his dreams too a girl named shonaa which was exactly look a like of swara was calling sm boy sanky.. n now Helly was calling him as Sanky.. He was too shocked.. bt he cm in his senses seeing Helly unconscious..

Varun : ( patting her cheeks ) Helly.. Helly.. open ur eyes plz.. look m here.. Helly.. Helly..

Soon He picked her up in his arms and left for home hurriedly..


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