Vivah – A Complete Story Of An Incomplete Love ( SwaSan – Part 1 )

Hey guys.. As per my some readers cm friends request, I’m back with the sequel of my os – An Incomplete Love Story! Many of u loved dat os bt wanted happy ending.. So, here u go.. It’s a roller coster ride of emotions.. Containing Revenge,Mystery, Thrill, Horror, Pain and obviously PIOUS AND PURE LOVE! So.. Enjoy!


A boy of age 25 years shown working in his laptop, in his grand bedroom.. Suddenly a lady of age 45 come near him and folded his laptop.. Boy frowns.

Boy : Mom..! Not again! I’m working on very important project.

Lady : I’m not going to listen anything Varun! Come fast and have dinner first.. You came from office just few minutes back and again started ur work? Cmon.. get up.. quick..

Varun : God! Mom.. Y don’t u understand? I hv meeting tmrw.. plz mom.. lemme work.. I’ll eat after sometime. Plzzzzzzz ( pleads )

Meanwhile a man entered in room of age 50..

Man : Ragini.. He’s saying na.. He’ll eat later.. Then y r u being so stubborn? Let my son work.. Its his dream project..

Ragini : Laksh!!! Instead of supporting me u r taking his side.. Great! U both father n son na made my house office.. huhh.. And I hv to bear u two alone.. I think soon I hv to bring my daughter in law in this house.. So that this ( hits Varun on his head ) dumb will lessen his work n cm back to his normal life.. Atleast for her..

Laksh : ( teases ) Waa.. Wifey is very smart! Well, m agree with u.. Lets do our son’s KALYANAM.. ( Ragini glares ) I mean MARRIAGE!

Varun : ( unbelievable look ) Mom, Dad? Are u serious?  Marriage? No ways.. What’s so hurry? I’m just 25..

Ragini : Just 25? It’s not JUST Varun! When we were at your age na we were married that time.. Ryt Laksh?

Laksh : Yeah.. N moreover I JUST hope u don’t wanna marry in ur OLD age, do u?

Varun : No Dad.. bt..

Ragini : I have seen 1 girl for you.. I kept pic in ur drawer. See it.. Me n Laksh toh liked her very much. She’s very beautiful and well mannered girl. Helly! Helly Singhania. If you like her then we’ll go to them to meet her n fix ur alliance.

Varun : ( shocked ) Mom.. u planned EVERYTHING! ( Ragini shrugged ) Alright. I’ll see pic n then decide..

Laksh : Woah! See then..

Varun opened the drawer. He take out 1 envelope n opened it. He took out pic and saw it.. He was dumbstruck seeing that pic.. He got mesmerised seeing an absolute divine beauty. He smiled unknowingly n caresses the pic.. He felt connection with her n gets some flashes suddenly..

1 girl and 1 boy was running in jungle.. Girl was running and laughing.. boy was chasing her..

Boy : Shonaa… Shonaaa stop.. I won’t leave u today… I said stop Shonaa..

Girl : Hahaha.. Sanky.. 1st hold me to leave.. Hahaha.. U can’t catch me..

Sanky : Swaraa.. u..

Saying this he increased his speed and finally caught swara and hold her from her waist from behind and started tickling her..

Swara : Hahahahah.. Sanky.. stop plz.. hahaha.. plz.. ok.. m sorry.. hahaha.. stop na plz… ( said while laughing )

Sanky : ( stopped tickling seeing her beautiful laugh and stares her lovingly.. )

Varun : ( smilingly whispered ) Shonaaa..

Hearing name Shonaa.. RagLak got straightened.. They looked at each other being horrified. Like for which they feared, is nw cmng infront of them.. Laksh shook varun..

Laksh : Varun.. Varun.. ( Varun looked at Laksh blankly ) Who’s Shona?

Varun : Ha.. ha. Shona? Who’s Shona? I.. I donno.. ( held his head which was paining )

Suddenly a voice cm..

Girl : Offo Dad! U dint understand?  Bhai liked my would be bhabhi that much ki he kept her nickname. Shonaa! Hai na bhai??? ( teases )

Varun : ( started chasing her ) Sammyyyyyy!!!! Wait.. now u r gone.. stopppp…

And here come Varun’s sweet, cute, lil, naughty sis.. Shalmali aka Sammy!

 ( hehehe.. I knw I knw.. Shocked na? Bt wat to do? This time I want to make sure that no one shd seperate swasan means Heva. so I, myself cm here for their help.. ???)

Sammy : Haha.. ok bhai.. sorry sorry..
Now tell na.. u like her or not? Ha?

Ragini : Varun.. now say something? Shd I inform them that we r coming? U like her na?

Laksh : ( fakely ) aah.. leave it Ragu, sammy.. I think he dint like her.. Its ok.. we’ll inform them that we r nt cmng..

Varun : ( quickly ) Arey Dad.. what are u saying? N who told I dint like her.. Infact I toh.. ( suddenly saw trio looking at him with teasing smile n fumbles ) I.. I..

Sammy : You toh.. what bhai????

Varun : Vo.. I.. haa.. I mean.. if u guys liked her toh.. I don’t have any problem….

Sammy : Haha.. bhai.. Its clearly written on ur face that u r flat on her… haha.. Mom , dad.. look at him..

RagLak laughs..

Varun : ( embarrassed ) Nothing.. like that.. n u.. u sammy.. wait.. I’ll show u..

Saying this he ran behind her throwing cushion while sammy ran out.. Varun smiled..

Ragini : I’ll inform them that we r going tmrw evening. Is that ok?

Laksh : Absolutely ok. We’ll finish our work of office till then.. wats say Varun?

Varun : Yes Dad.. No problem. ( looking at time ) ohh shit! I hv to call Mr. Mehra regarding tmrw’s presentation. I’ll be back..

Saying this Varun left.. RagLak were alone in his room..

Laksh : I told u na Ragini.. He is our SANSKAR  only.. Its his rebirth.. The way he looked at Helly’s pic.. Calling her as SHONA.. Helly’s look exactly like Swara.. Its not coincidence. Its all planned by DESTINY! Destiny again made them born to live together.. TO COMPLETE THEIR INCOMPLETE LOVE STORY!

Ragini : ( teary eyes ) Ha Laksh! You are ryt.. Now I just pray to God that this time let them stay together happily.. But Laksh.. like Varun gets flashes.. Helly also must be getting na? I’m worried for them Laksh.. What will happen wen they recall their past birth? We couldn’t save Swara. And Sanskar toh..

Laksh : ( teary eyes ) Couldn’t take that news.. He blamed himself always for swara’s death.. for her sufferings.. N finally left this world exactly after 8 days wen he got to knw truth.. That 8 days were hell fr him.. I saw him Ragini.. He was all shattered, broken.. Only used to look at swara’s pic.. Used to cry all day and night.. He left eating.. bcm all weak n.. ( he couldn’t say further n cries )

Ragini : ( holds his hand ) Control urself Laksh.. Now we hv to move on frm that dreadful past.. We hv to make them together.

Laksh : Yes Ragu.. in their last birth I couldn’t do anything for them.. bt now, I’ll do all efforts to unite them..

Both smiles..

At night..

Varun was sleeping on bed.. bt he was thinking abt Helly..

Varun : ( monologue ) Why I felt some connection wen I saw Helly’s pic? I felt something strange in my heart.. What was that? She is soo beautiful.. Innocent.. I can say by looking her pic only.. But.. bt how to talk with her tmrw? Hw confusing! And those flashes? I couldn’t saw that boy’s face bt according to that girl swara, his name was Sanky.. N he was calling her Shona.. And that girl. She was looking like Helly! No! How can this be possible. I must have imagined Helly.. Whatever!  But I liked Helly.. Lets see.. What happen tomorrow. Helly Darling, be ready.. I’m coming.. The VARUN MAHESHWARI is coming to meet his would be..

He looked at her pic. Caresses it n kissed it. N slept…

Next day morning,

At Gadodia Mansion..

A girl was shown doing pooja in Mandir and was singing bhajan..

Radhe krishna ki jyoti alaukik tino lok me chhaye rahi hai..
Bhakti vivash ek prem pujarin phir bhi deep jalaye rahi hai..
Krishna ko gokul se radhe ko – 2
Barsane se bulaye rahi hai..
Dono karo swikar kripa kar jogan aarti gaye rahi hai – 2

Her parents were also standing their praying and adoring their daughter.. Her brother cm there in half sleep n stand beside his mother while his father gave him death glare..

Bhor bhaye ti sanj dhale tak seva kaun itne mahamaro..
Snan karaye wo vastra odhaye vo bhog lagaye wo lagat pyaro..
Kabse niharat aapki aur – 2
Ki aap hamari aur niharo..
Radhe krishna hamare dham ko jani vrindawan dham padharo – 2

Girl finished bhajan n took aarti.. She turned and started to gave aarti n prasad to everyone while smiling.. She was abt to give prasad to her bro bt stopped.

Boy : Ohh miss singer.. gimme my laddoo.. I woke up this much early fr this only.. cmon gimme..

Girl : Mr. Rishab Gadodia! How dirty u r! Without taking bath only u r here to take aarti n prasad.. go away.. 1st take bath n then cm.. I’ll give u..

Rishab : Mommmmmmm….

Lady : Helly, give him na.. He’s ur small bro no?

Man : Mishti? Really? Small? N this 18 year old boy is small? No ways.. Princess.. Don’t give him.. Let him take bath..

Rishab goes from there stamping his foot..

Sharmishta : Rishu.. Rishu listen.. ( to man n Helly ) huhh.. Happy u both father n daughter? Shekhar u r too much ha.. Always make my son angry..

Helly : Mumma? Am I no one to u? ( pouts ) u always took his side..

Sharmishta : ( pecks her forehead ) Aww.. u r my shona bachcha! I love u too beta..

Helly heard word SHONA! And got some flashes..


Boy : Shonaa.. I’m going tmrw.. My holidays are over now..

Girl : ( teary eyes ) No Sanky.. plz don’t go na.. I’ll miss u..

Sanky : ( hugged her ) I’ll miss u too..


A tear escaped from Helly’s eyes.. Bt she wiped it.. bt Shemish noticed.

Shekhar : Princess? Y r u crying my bachcha?

Mishti : I knw.. Today Maheshwaris are coming na.. so she got emotional.. hai na Helly?

Shekhar : Don’t cry princess.. Thought this marriage get fix.. u’ll be our daughter n this house’s doors will be always open fr u.. U can visit us anytime.. U can call us anytime.. hmm?

Helly nods..

Mishti : cmon now hurry up.. we hv to do preparations..

All leaves..

Helly : ( monologue ) I felt so strange wen I saw his pic.. Like I knew him from long time.. Donno y bt m feeling an unknown happiness inside me.. Varun.. What are u doing to me?



Maheshwaris arrived at Gadodia Mansion. Gadodia’s greeted them n welcomed. Sammy was cmng inside while her leg slipped bt b4 she could fall two arms caught her.. She closed her eyes in fear.. bt soon opened it.. Rishab was holding her in his arms.. both had a cute eyelock. Soon both compose themselves n left..

 Helly was still in her room.. getting ready.. Varun was waiting for her impatiently…

Do Anjaane Ajanabei..
Chale Badhne Bandhan

Haye Re Dil Mein Hai Yeh Uljhan..
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole..

Re Milkar Kya Bole..

Helly was pinning her dupatta. And was smiling shyly thinking about Varun..

Nai Umaang Nai Khushi..
Mehak Utha Hai Aangan

Haaye Re Ghar Aaye Man Bhaawan..
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole

Re Milkar Kya Bole..

Varun wasn’t eating snacks.. His attention was only on stairs.. He was so desperate to meet her..

Bechiani Betaaabi
Aaj Mujhe Yeh Kaise..
Aaj Hai Jo
Pehele Na Thi
Yeh Dil Ki Halat Aise..

While Helly was wearing her bangles, earings.. Maangtika.. and smiling..

Ankhon Ko Usi Ka Intezaar Hai
Unhi Ke Liye Yeh Roop Yeh Shringar Hai..

Varun was giving fake smiles to all.. He was with them bt his mind was.. smwhere else ?

Dehki Hai Tasveeer Hii..

Aaj Milenehe Darshaan
Haye Re Dil Mein Hai Yeh Uljhan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole..

Re Milkar Kya Bole..

Suddenly Mishti went n brought Helly down.. Varun looked towards stairs and he skips his heartbeat. Helly was looking just like an angel in her purple pink lehenga.. He got mesmerised seeing her. His mouth was opened. Seeing his opened mouth sammy teased him and asked him to close his mouth or mosquito will get in.

Roop Ki Rani Aaai Hai
Jaise Gagan Se Utaar Ke..
Mere Liye Kya Mere Liye
Aise Saaj Ke Savar Ke..

Helly cm n sit beside Ragini.. Sammy too went n hugged her. She was talking to all while smiling n laughing.. and was stealing glances from Varun who was continuously trying to look at her ‘ chupchupke ‘…

Sabse Chupake Idhar Se Udhar Se
Mujhko Hi Dekhe Choor Nazar Se..

Baat Labo Per Hai Ruki
Tez Dilo Ki Dharkan..

Haaye Re
Kal Ke Sajni Saajan
Mil Kar Kya Bole ,
Kya Bole Kyaa Bole
Re Milkar Kya Bole..

Sammy : Mom.. I think.. We shd leave bhai n bhabhi alone to talk.. Arey give sm privacy to them..

Rishab : Yeah.. I think jij Is very desperate to talk with my Dii.. hai na jij?

Mishti : Rishu.. stop teasing both of them nw..  Helly, Varun.. go beta.. u both talk..

HeVa nods n left..

Precap : Romance and steps towards past..


Finished 1st part..
2 more remaining.
Tell me guys if u r liking it or not?

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    If helly luks exctly lyk swara dan wat abt varun??
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    And swarmayi, if u can plz update your other stories too. ?

    1. Swarmayi

      No dear.. ur doubt is crct.. Actually m sry I wanted to shw them as Singhania. Bt mistakenly wen I mentioned shemish n all , it cms as GADODIA.. so nw I decided it will remain as Gadodia.. cz I mentioned Singhania only once.. ?

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