Vitharv- I am sorry (episode 3)

Hi guys. I am really sorry for the late post. Actually I was too busy due to studies and exams so finally I got time and I wrote the episode.


Atharv and Sujata reached Ajmer. He booked a room in a hotel despite of Sujata’s suggestion to stay in their house( In my ff Atharv’s house is not snatched from him by Kailash). But he didn’t agreed as he knew many memories were being attached to that house also.

So Atharv went for his meeting. He was waiting for Sujata as she had said him to wait for her in the market. Sujata came. They did some shopping. After that Sujata asked him to go to the temple. Sujata was worshiping but Atharv came out as he got a call.

Vividha stepped out of her car.

She said,”Today is the 105th monday fast of mine Atharv. It’s been two years I am keeping this fast for you. At least now come back Atharv.”
She wept,” But don’t worry Atharv I will not loose hope. I know one day you’ll come back and forgive me.”

She stepped forward. Atharv was coming from her front. He was busy talking on his phone whether Vividha was busy arranging her puja thali. They both was about collab when Atharv turned backside and Vividha passed by. Then Atharv again turned and walked away. Vividha felt uneasiness,” Why suddenly I am feeling something wierd. Why I feel Atharva is here?” She turned back but a man came in between and she didn’t saw

Atharv sat down inside his car. He also felt the same,” Why I feel like she us here somewhere around? Anyways I shoud call maa” and he called up Sujata,” Ha maa where are you? I am waiting for you. Is your puja done?”

“Ha beta I am just coming in 2 minutes”

Sujata came out of the temple. She was going when she turned as she suddenly remembered that she forgot her Prasad at a stall from where she was purchasing a kada for Atharv. She went back to the stall. Vividha was purchasing puja materials in the stall next to one Sujata was taking her Prasad back.

She turned back and Vividha saw her.

“Sujata chachi?” She was extremely happy.
But Sujata didn’t listened to her due to noise and she walked off. Vividha tried to stop her. She ran behind her. Sujata went near his car and was talking to Atharv. Vividha saw Atharv. She was insanely jumping in happiness from inside.,”Atharva”

But by the time Atharv and Sujata left in the car. She ran behind them. She was running so blindly that she didn’t saw that a truck was coming. The truck came closer and hit her. She shouted.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. Atharv stopped the car.

“What happened Atharv?” He quickly stepped out of his car and saw that there was a huge crowd at some distance. Sujata also came.

“What happened Atharv?”

“Looks like an accident happened there.”

“I think we should help that person.”

“Ok maa.”

They went near the crowd. Atharv started going forward asking the men there to let him go forward. As soon he went near he was shocked,” Vividha……..”

He was numb. Sujata came and she to become shocked. ,” Vividha… Vividha beta. Open your eyes Vividha. Vividha what happened? Atharv common beta we have to take her to hospital.”

He was still standing numb. He just followed Sujata’s words. They reached the hospital.
Vividha was admitted. Atharva sat down there unable to understand anything. Firstly he didn’t wanted to meet her again and then too when her met she was in such a condition.

He immediately walked out of the hospital. Sujata understood his situation so she didn’t stopped him.

He reached near a lake. He sat down there on the ground. He had tears in his eyes. Soon unable to control himself he started crying.,”Why why this happens with me only? When I loved her so much I lost her forever and when I want to forget her she is coming back to my life. Why god why?” He cried badly.

In hospital:

Vividha woke up and saw Sujata sitting beside her,” Sujata chachi?” She hugged her. Sujqt hugged her back,” Vividha.. How are you now beta you’re Ok?”

“Chachi where is Atharv. I want to meet him. Please tell me where is he?”

“Vividha he just went somewhere. I don’t know where”

Vividha became sad. She thought,” Where are you Atharv. Please come back quickly. I am dying to meet you.”

Precap: Atharv came back to hospital. Vividha hugged her,” I knew Atharv you’ll come back. I love you. Now please don’t leave me again”
He pushed her apart,” Oh please don’t do your this drama in front of me. I just helped you in sake of humanity”
Vividha became shocked. She cried.

So that’s it. And I hope as a penalty the episode is long enough. ????
So till then bye bye.


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  1. Sreelekshmi

    Nyc episode dear ???? Atharv and vividha’s hug waiting for that moment ???keep writing next episode ???

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    Woww nyc episode dear?? keep writing….

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  3. Wow nice episode.i hope vitharv meet soon. Today is vikram birthday. We wish he get all happiness in his life.

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      Yes. Happy birthday to our favourite Vikram Singh Chauhan. ? ? ? ???? ? ? ? ? ?

  4. nice episode loved it waiting for vitharva hug eagerly waiting for that hope they soon unite only
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva
    vividha atharva

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      Thank you so much dear. I’ll soon write the next episode.

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    Next episode plzz

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