Vitharv made for each other (Introduction)

This is optimistic
I am writing ff on our vitharv
This is my second ff previously I wrote vitharv kitne pass kitne door


Atharv – handsome bachelor
Vividha– very ambitious girl

All characters same as original cast but story will be different

First scene at airport

Beautiful girl lands from plane and her parents came to receive her

Vividha:(to her dad) oh dad I told I will come by can why u came

Vivida’s dad: my dear u have returned after 4 years after completing ur studies in foreign

Vivida’s Mom: oh Kushi how are you ? I missed u

They take cab to return home

Other side

Atharv also completed his studies but have no interest to join as employee

He desires to become business man

In Atharv house all characters are introduced

Didi: Arnav bro get up its diwali

Atharv: ok didi

Precap: atharv is on road and one girl comes along with children

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  1. Optimistic

    Friends I forgot to mention that Atharv will have a loving sister and share ur thoughts
    Check my previous ff vitharv kitne pass kitne door

    1. Sunanda12345

      Nyc introduction dear….keep gng on….best of luck

  2. Hmm so short and nice.I was eager to read more and more but it ended so problem waiting for the next episode?

  3. amazing episode writing hope it will be a interesting story

  4. Nice dear..keep writing..All the best

  5. nice intro…like it

  6. Super cool intro..

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