Vitharv made for each other (Episode 7)

Recap: Atharv gets vividha phone number

After talking to Naina

Ath:(inner voice) shall I call her?

At the same time he receives his secretary phone

Arohi: hello sir, are we going to India

Ath: no I have urgent work at USA

Arohi: but sir

Ath:if possible shift all my meetings in India by one month

Arohi: why wat happened

Ath: that I will tell later

After talking to Arohi

Then Atharv calls vividha

Ath: hai this is Atharv

Viv:(with smile face) ha tell me

Ath: are u gng to visit toursit places of USA after completion of ur work

Viv: why are u asking that?

Ath: don’t misunderstand me I am just asking to accompany u so that I can talk more about business deal

Viv: ravish,me gng to visit statue of Liberty, Disney world in the evening

Ath: meet u there

Viv:(talking to herself) why I am feeling as if I talked to a person who is close to my heart
Am I getting attractive towards him? No no I can’t do this, have to concentrate on caree

Atharv gets vividha’s call

Viv: we are starting now

Ath: that’s good I am also starting

Viv: ok see u bye

Ath: (excited) ok bye

Ath:(shouts) I am finally gng to meet her

Arohi: wat happened Atharv

Ath: nothing Arohi do me favour

Arohi: yes I am ur employee tell me

Ath: aap har mere baat par mundi hilavo

Arohi: I dnt get

Ath: that I will tell u later

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  1. wow so exiting episode I really liked it plssss update the other soon you have left the episode on suspence by not writing precap

  2. RAOne

    good worki really liking your work buddy…..continue…. I support u..

  3. So excited for Vitharv’s meeting.
    But I didn’t understand d dialogue “aap har mere baat pur mundi hilavo”. Can u translate it plz..

    1. Optimistic

      Means Arohi has to support atharv when Atharv says something to vividha hope u got it:))

      1. Thank u ..Ya I understood

  4. Nice optimistic keep writing next episode of ur from dear ???

  5. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear…superb..plsss keep gng on…

  6. lovely dear…. really ur ff is just superb?

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