Vitharv made for each other (Episode 6)

Recap: vitharv meeting takes place

Viv: meet my colleague mr ravish

Ath: nice meeting you

Rav: same here ok have to go bye

While going vividha feels weird and uneasy
She turns and sees Atharv

Jaana Na Dil se door
Jaana Na Dil se door plays

Ath: oh shut I forgot to ask vividha’s number

He runs and follows her

Vividha,ravish gets into lift until Atharv reaches them

Atharv by steps gets down and stands before lift opening

Vividha in lift:(inner voice) why I felt something special after meeting him,wat is happening to me

Lift opens Atharv acts as if he is talking to someone
Vividha face unknowingly without her involvement smiles

Viv: mr Atharv did u forgot anything? Did u follow us?

Ath: no no I came down for my personal work

Rav: vividha we are getting late? Shall we go

Ath: mr ravish I want to talk to u ant business deal when u returns India

Rav: its our company honour to get opportunity to work with u
No problem I will give my visiting card

Rav checks purse and didn’t find visiting card

Rav: viv u give ur visiting card

Viv: ok (happily)
Ath:(supper happy) ok bye

Next day Atharv gets phone call its naina

Naina: bhai​ hw was meeting?

Ath: I saw my princess

Naina: Atharv are u serious?

Ath: yes didi I really saw her

Naina: I think u will not come to India today

Ath: kya didi aap bhi u know I love her I searched for her since six months

Naina: ok baba all the best u will definitely succed in life

To be continued

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