Vitharv made for each other (Episode 17)

Recap: vividha surprises Atharv

Ramakant after phone call , goes to Naina. Naina is seeing Ankit photo in her phone

Ramakant: (holding her hand) beta tumhari shadi Ankit se hogi

Naina: papa (with full joy) papa Atharv bhai ki?

Ramakant: (serious face) Atharv marriage will happen with other girl

Naina:(sadly) papa kya baat kar rahe ho

Ramakant: I am just joking his marriage also fixed with vividha
But don’t tell it to Atharv vividha wants to surprise him

Naina: ok papa

Flashback ends

Present day lawn is shown

Atharv is holding vividha

Ath: oh no this much happened​

Viv: ha (smilingly)

Ath: u did so much for me now it’s my turn
I will promise that I will always make u happy

After listening Atharv’s words, happiness tears roll from vividha’s eyes

They share a tight hug, Atharv kisses on vividha forehead

Ath: ty u so much for cmng into my life

Viv: only ty u ,u have to do whatever I want (with cute face)

Ath: sure sure tell(smile face)

Viv: I will ask whenever I need now shall we go

Ath: (sad face) is it necessary to go?

Viv: how cute but we have to go

Then both vitharv get into car

Outside there is winter weather fog is falling

Vividha plays FM radio

Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhoondhun
Aankhon ke darmiyaan
Tu ab hai iss tarah
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
Yeh milne ki khwahish
Yeh khwahish puraani
Ho poori tujhi se
Meri yeh kahaani plays on FM

Atharv seeing towards vividha romantically and touches her hand with his hand

Viv:(shying face) tum mujhe nahi road dekhe me chalavo otherwise accident occurs

Atharv: ok baba most unromantic person

Viv: stop the car we reached house

Atharv : itni jaldi pahuch Gaye

Viv:ha bye see u

Atharv: say bye in my style

Viv: wat is ur style?(cute face)

Atharv: u have to kiss me

Viv: no I am gng

Atharv: plz vividha

Vividha goes near Atharv and gets closer
She kisses on his cheek and runs

Atharv: this is cheating

Viv: ok bye

After one week engagement ceremony date comes

Suman,ravish,Arohi attends the function

First Ankit Naina engagement takes place

Sujata: aao Atharv beta next is ur turn

Atharv comes forward with diamond ring in his hand

Uma to Guddi: go get vividha

Guddi goes and comes with vividha

Vividha is shown beautiful cmng down stairs

Atharv with his actions gives flying kiss to Vividha

Vividha receives​ it

Vividha comes and Atharv goes down on his knees and puts diamond ring into her hand

Guddi, indumati dadi,ravish, Arohi drops rose petals on vitharv

All family members clap together

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