Vitharv made for each other (Episode 16)

Recap: Atharv’s engagement fixed by his parents

After six months

Naina: bhai get ready ur engagement is fixed

Atharv: didi u know I love Vividha a lot i can’t imagine my life without her

Naina: ok I don’t know, papa told to meet that girl

Ath:(sadly) ok ok

In the evening Atharv goes to resort to meet girl

Lawn decorated with beautiful flowers is shown onscreen

Swimming pool is also shown onscreen

Atharv reaches place rain starts to fall slowly

Girl is shown onscreen looking at other side

Ath: see miss I will come to direct matter I love other girl

Girl: (cries) main tumse pyar Karti huin

Ath: are u gone mad? I am telling that I love other girl she is my life

Other girl turns and Atharv is shocked

She is none other than Vividha

Atharv jumps with happiness and by running hugs Vividha

Tumse Mil Ke Maine Jaana
Ishq Kya Mohabbat Kya
Bhool Baitha Sab Kuchh Main To
Din Kya Raat Kya..
Chaahat Mein..

Khali Salam Dua Mulakat Mein
Chehre Ki Rangat Badal Rahi Hai
Teri Sohbat Mein…
Khaali Salaam Dua Mulaakaat Mein
Chehare Ki Rangat Badal Rahi Hai
Teri Sohbat Mein

Yeh Tune Kya Kiya..
Yeh Tune Kya Kiya..
Dooba Main Dil Ki Jannat Mein
Khali Salam Duaa Mulakat Mein
Chehre Ki Rangat Badal Rahi Hai
Teri Sohbat Mein… plays

Viv: I love you very much

Ath lifts her and make 3 rounds

Ath: how did this happen?

Viv: i will tell that pehle mujhe neeche utaro

Atharv lifts down vividha holds vividha from back

Vividha narrates Atharv flash back

Before six months

After Kailash seriously telling Ramakant that Atharv can’t participate in any marriage function ,Naina refusing marriage scene is shown onscreen

Naina: I can’t marry Ankit I love Atharv very much

Kailash: is this way to treat guests

Sujatha: bhai sab sry please sit down

Kailash to uma: aur koi tamasha dekha bakhi hai chalo

Kailash to Ramakant: I am cancelling marriage

Ramakant: bhai sab suniye toh

Kailash with uma left Ramakant house and reaches their house

Kailash in hall loudly announces that he had cancelled Ankit marriage

Vividha,Guddi, Ankit, indumati dadi are shocked

Kailash to all family members

No more decision on this

Vividha goes to Kailash room

Viv: papa I told I will forget Atharv why u did this?

Kailash: that girl Naina don’t know how to talk to elders I don’t want to discuss this matter please go from here

Viv: but papa

Kailash: please go from here

Ankit: (in his room) I really liked Naina I can’t imagine other girl as my wife we both look great together

Vividha comes to Ankit: bhai I am sry papa did this becoz of me

Ankit: no vividha plz don’t say sorry
They will have sibling hug

Later Vividha resigns job which she was doing at ravish

Vividha joins Kailash sweet shop and look over business

Everyday she is in bad mood remembering Atharv

Other side Kailash gets several marriage proposals to both Ankit and Vividha but they don’t agree to any alliance

One day
uma: (to Kailash) see u are getting so many marriage proposals why can’t u understand our children happiness

Kailash: wat abt society members, my prestige

Uma: I am saying this please vividha, Ankit ke pyaar Ko maan jao

Kailash: no I can’t

Kailash thinks about this and calls Ramakant

Ramakant: he’ll bhai sab

Kailash:(with low tone) bhai sab mujhe maaf kardo

Ramakant: bhai sab aap kya bol rahe hai? Please maafi mat maange

Kailash: I am agreeing to both marriages of Vividha, Atharv and Ankit Naina

Ramakant: vividha Atharv?

Kailash: Vividha Atharv love each other

Ramakant: ye toh bahut Khushi ki baat hai I will tell to Atharv

Kailash​: no just tell Atharv that his engagement is fixed with other girl . Vividha wants to surprise Atharv

Ramakant: sure bhai sab

Ramakant after phone call , goes to Naina. Naina is seeing Ankit photo in her phone

Ramakant: (holding her hand) beta tumhari shadi Ankit se hogi?

Naina: papa (with full joy) papa Atharv bhai ki?

Ramakant: (serious face) Atharv marriage will happen with other girl

Naina:(sadly) papa kya baat kar rahe ho

Ramakant: I am just joking his marriage also fixed with vividha
But don’t tell it to Atharv vividha wants to surprise him

Naina: ok papa

Flashback ends

In my ff Kailash just bothers abt society members, his prestige, he don’t beat uma like in serial, he first opposed vitharv love becoz he was afraid of society

To be continued
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