Vitharv made for each other (Episode 13)

Precap: Ankit Naina engagement ceremony takes place

Ravish Vividha engagement takes place

Atharv looks at them sadly

Tu jo nazron ke saamne kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin (x2)

Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na, manaaun kaise?
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhe toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina… plays

Naina: bhai are u fine?

Ath: didi I love her so much I can’t see this happening I am going

Naina: wat will guests think?

Ath: I don’t know I am leaving

Atharv leaves from there and stands near the bridge where he first saw vividha

Atharv cries loudly and shouts vividha I love​ you

Jaana Na Dil se door
Jaana Na Dil se door sad version plays

Here in engagement ceremony vividha’s eyes unknowingly searches for Atharv

Guddi: di whom u are searching?

Viv: Atharv

Guddi: didi why can’t u realise that u love​ him

Viv: I don’t love him

Guddi: ur lips are saying lie but I can see love in ur eyes

Viv: just stop it

Guddi: ok I will stop ,but it’s true that u love him

Viv: no I don’t (goes from there)

After some time, she feels Atharv’s presence everywhere

Jaanam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriyan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan..

Jaanam Dekh Lo Mit Gayi Dooriyan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan …
Kaisi Sarhadein, Kaisi Majbooriyan
Main Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon, Yahaan Hoon… Yahaan plays

See runs into room

Vividha: ( talking to herself ) why I am feeling like this? Why I am feeling his presence everywhere?

Thinking this she fells asleep

After one week Ankit Naina meet at coffee shop

Naina comes with Atharv

Ath:( parking the car) didi tum chalo waise main kabab main Hadi nahi baniya

Naina: bhai( with shy face)

Ath: pressure ur all shy for my brother in law Ankit I will be sitting in nearby park
U call me whenever u finishes ur love date

Naina: bhai bus karo bye

Atharv is in park with laptop on his lap

After some time vividha comes talking to friends

Vividha’s leg slips and by mistakenly falls on Atharv

Atharv immediately stands and holds vividha

They share eye lock

Jaana Na Dil se door
Jaana Na Dil se door plays

Viv: wat are u dng here

Ath: just came with Naina didi, she is with ur brother Ankit in nearby coffee shop

Viv:oh ok ok (smiles)

Atharv gets naina’s phone call

Naina: bhai where are you?

Ath: cmng didi

Ath to Vividha

Ath: ok bye vividha

Atharv sits into car and sees vividha crossing the road

He also sees lorry cmng rashly towards vividha, he gets down and runs fastly and saves vividha

They fell on the ground

Ath: vividha are u fine?(with tears in his eyes)

Viv: yes I am fine

Ath:(angrily) u don’t know how to cross the road, how can I live without u

Viv: Atharv I am fine

They stand up Atharv runs towards his car and brings water

Ath: vividha Pani peelo

Vividha​ drinks water and say thanks to Atharv

Ath: shall we go to hospital,come with me I will drop u to home

Viv: no I am ok, I will go by self

Ath: nothing doing come sit in car

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  1. wow what a episode directly went to my heart I felt so sad for atharva he was so sad for vividha atharva marriage vividha plsssssssss realize your love for atharva plssssss and yes no precap its ok but episode was wow keep writing dear

    1. Optimistic

      Vividha ravish marriage is taking place

  2. It’s awesome dear no more words waiting eagerly for next episode ?????????

  3. Feeling sad for atharv …plz unite them soon …nice episode ?

  4. It’s awesome episode dear keep writing next episode I am so eager to next episode dear ????????

  5. means vividha ravish will unite if vividha ravish marriage is taking place or you will make as in serial that ravish will unite them plssssss tell otherwise I will die in shock plssss tell

    1. Optimistic

      I just modified ur comment friend Atharv was sad abt Ravish Vividha marriage as engagement is over in my ff no worries it’s vitharv only be happy and keep supporting me with ur comments

  6. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear awesome…continue..

  7. and yes sorry for troubling you by asking this nonsense question really sorry and keep writing your ff waiting eagerly for the next episode

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