Vitharv made for each other (Episode 11)

Precap: Atharv proposed to vividha near statue of Liberty USA

Ravish, Arohi are in meeting meanwhile Ravish Mom calls Ravish

Suman: we fixed ur marriage alliance

Rav: wat? with whom? wat are u talking?

Suman: dont worry u will surely be surprised when I will say the name of girl with whom ur marriage is fixed

Rav: (worryingly) ok tell me what’s her name?

Suman: vividha

Rav: wat wat are u talking hw can u take that decision

Suman: me, vividha’s parents thought that u both make gud pair

Rav: but ma we are gud friends I can’t think like that

Suman: I don’t know anything within 15 days ur engagement ceremony

Rav: but

Suman: nothing doing bye

Ravish:(inner voice) I didn’t find my soulmate in vividha,hw vividha will react when I will tell this matter, I will tell this matter as soon as she returns

Other side vitharv are shown near statue of Liberty USA

Ath: I am waiting for ur response

Viv: Mr.Atharv This is life decision , hw can I take it within 15 minutes
That too I don’t know anything about u , u are telling that u love me hw can I trust u

Ath: ok vividha take ur own time if u say yes I will be most happy person,if u say no also u will be good memory

Viv: ok it’s late my friends are waiting for me bye

Ath: ok bye

In the night

Rav: vividha I want to say something important

Viv: me too

Rav: first listen to me our parents fixed our marriage alliance

Viv:(shockingly) wat?

Rav: yes in the mrng Mom called and told the matter

Viv: hw can they decide, u are my best friend but I don’t think we both are soulmates

Rav: ok when we return to India we will tell this matter to our parents

Viv: ok ok now listen to me

Rav: yeah tell me

Viv: Atharv proposed me for marriage

Rav:(smiling) my guess is crct

Viv: u know already abt this

Rav: this is obvious by his looks at u,wat u say

Viv: I said I need time

Rav: oh but u told that u feel something attractive towards him, I thought u will say yes

Viv: I just feel attractive towards him but I don’t love him

Rav: ok ok ur wish lets not argue we will go to India within one week

Viv: ok gud night

In hotel vividha thinking about Atharv’s proposal , moments she spent with Atharv

Viv:( inner voice) do I love him? Or do I like him?
She goes to sleep thinking about Atharv

After one week, Story shifts to ajmeer

house with decoration is shown onscreen

To be continued

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  4. nice episode I really liked it but now what Will happen will vividha accept atharva proposal hope she accepts eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode she will accept na plsss tell me I m very stressed but I know she will accept

  5. Sandy17

    Again suspense ? good going dear

  6. Optimistic

    Friends why comments are getting decreased day by day I will stop my ff if u dnt like story

  7. no plssss don’t stop plsssss I will die if you will stop it all ff are part if my lofe always reading them has become my hobby and yours too

  8. No optimistic we all love ur ff if one person give their opinion about ur ff then it’s also a encouragement to write next episode so pls don’t stop writing vitharv made for each other we all love ur ff

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