Vitharv made for each other (Episode 1)

This is optimistic

This is my second ff

Previously I wrote vitharv kitne pass kitne door

Please check my previous ff vitharv kitne pass kitne door

In my ff all characters are same as original but Atharv will have loving sister and Sujatha and Ramakant are happy couple

Vitharv made for each other second episode

Recap: Atharv vividha characters introduced

Naina: Atharv get up its diwali and u are still sleeping
Atharv: ok didi

Atharv gets ready and enters living room

Sujatha: happy Diwali to all

Sujatha and Ramakant does Aarti

Atharv : Mom where is my gift

Sujatha: beta here it is she gives him a watch

Naina: Atharv here my gift

Atharv: thank you Mom,didi he hugs both

In the evening

Atharv meets his friends and discuss about how to start an enterprise

After meeting Atharv is near bridge thinking about future

After some time one girl comes with some children

It is night winter fog Atmosphere

She lighted crackers and in the crackers light Atharv first sees her foot, hair,face

She is none other than our vividha

Atharv smitten by her beauty

Jaana Na Dil se door
Jaana Na Dil se door plays

Will be continued
Please give me feedback and also check vitharv kitne pass kitne door

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Optimistic the last scene is one of the pavan kalyan’s mve I ri8…

    Any have nyc one dear….

    Write the ff some long….

    1. ha sunanda it was Pawan Kalyan movie tholiprema….
      nice dude carry on @optimistic

  2. Its nice I also got familiar of the last scene with one of the movie … Gud job ?

  3. RAOne

    happy to see you back…….keep wrting

  4. Optimistic

    I am from north some of my south friends told about the scene I thought it is good so I included in my ff keep encouraging me with ur comments

  5. optimistic!!!nice one like it…by the way I’m new end cementing 4 the first Tim ..plz let me know if u read my comment

    1. Optimistic

      Thanks for ur support keep encouraging me with ur comments I have updated my previous ff vitharv kitne pass kitne door all episodes in new article. It will be published soon do check it

  6. sure dear..

  7. I liked it hiw cite was the invident when atharva saw vividha

  8. its nice and cute

  9. Nice dear…Keep writing..

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