Vitharv kitne pass kitne door (episode 7)

Nidhi: I respect you that’s why I wish to marry u
Ravish: I will tell my personal life then decide

Both Vividha and ravish start to narrate flashback

After trying continuely 15 days Vividha to ravish
Viv: I need to tell u something please don’t interrupt me I can’t hide it anymore
Rav: yes carry on
Suman is in door listens to Vividha’s words
Viv: rav I deeply love one person I can’t forget him
Rav: (with shock) wat then why did u marry me
Viv: let me explain
Sum: wat Vividha wat are u talking
Viv: ma mujhe batane do
Sum :(slaps her) and drags her into hall
She calls all family members
Viv: ma I love him he gave me life

Rav:( angrily )u cheated me
Viv: my father forced me to marry u

Viv explains ravish how Atharv Vividha were in love how her father deceived by telling that her marriage will happen with Atharv

All flashback moments are shown
Rav: ok let us end our marriage right now
Sum: wat rav wat are u talking
Rav: I can’t live with the person who doesn’t love me
Rav: ( calls lawyer) lawyer it’s urgent come home

Lawyer arrives
Rav: lawyer make divorce papers fast
Lawyer: wat captain ur marriage happened recently are u joking
Rav: no plz prepare it fast
Sum: beta wat are u doing wat abt society
Dadaji: Tum pagal ho Gaye ho
Rav: this is my life let me decide
Sum: beta samjha karo
Rav: ma both of us will not be happy if we live together
Sum: beta don’t do it
Rav: Vividha and I will be divorced both we will remain good friends
Lawyer: divorce papers are ready
Rav: signs the paper and give it to Vividha
Viv: (stars at him) thinking of Atharv sighns divorce papers

She returns to Jaipur
Explain whole matter to uma,Guddi
Kailash,Ankit listens to Vividha words
Kailash: ( raises his hand to slap her)
Uma: (stops him )don’t dare to do this I am happy with Vividha decision

Guddi:(hugs her) didi I am proud of you

She continues to study further studies everyday remembering Atharv’s thoughts

Jaana na Dil se door plays
Flashback ends
Ath: (hugs Vividha) ty u Vividha ty u very much
Viv: (with joy) I don’t want any trouble more

Rav to Nidhi is ur decision still remained same
Now me and Vividha are gud friends
Guess who plays Nidhi character

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  1. Good .
    I wish you would hv wrttn d real story of JNDSD .

    Nice one.

    Keep writing.

  2. Eva1

    This is how the divorce papers are done without draaaging .
    And also the story might change but suman remains same ???

  3. Good Optimistic. Carry on don’t end please. At least in ff we can see Ravish’s girl??. Can you please post the next ff today itself ?.
    This is how divorce happened without any dragging ?

  4. Who is playing Nidhi’s role???

  5. Wow..
    Nice one…
    Keep it up…

  6. nice thnks for quick divorce and vividha atharva union

  7. bro, you to state forward bring a little drama add spice to it.

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