Vitharv kitne pass kitne door (episode 3)

Rav: wat wat happened shockingly
Viv:wat happened?
Rav: kuch nahi I have to go immediately
Ravish goes from there
Sujatha is shown
Atharv is on bed

Rav: wat happened doctor
Doc: ravish___

After one year

Ravish’s house fully decorated all family members are busy in preparations

Suman: Kalindi make it fast
Kalindi: yes bhabhi

All media people came to ravish felicitation
Ravish getting ready

It’s ajmeer godown shown

Somebody is shown cmng

Guess who is it ??

it is none other than Kailash

Kailash: I have to do something
Ankit sitting with him
Ankit: yes dad we have to do it

In ajmeer in house
Uma: Vividha,Guddi make it fast
Uma:(phone ringing) yes Suman ji we are cmng

They all get into car go to Delhi

Kalindi welcomes them

Rav: uma aunty yaha and main koi dikath nahi huyi na?
Uma: no not at all

A media person is shown smiling and adjusting hair

Guess who media person is?

Wat happened to Atharv, Sujatha

Wat happened to ravish- Vividha relationship

Wat Kailash and Ankit planning?

To be continued
Happy propose day and happy valentine’s weekend

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  1. Wowwwww! It is in sooo suspense
    I can’t wait

    1. Optimistic

      Thanks u very much for ur encouragement keep commenting it will boost my confidence

  2. Dimpurose11234

    Nice. Wt will happen next?

  3. have you united vividha and that ravish where is atharva and why is vividha at ajmer after marriage and where atharva and sujata are and why leap of one year

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