Vitharv kitne pass kitne door (episode 2)

Rav: I don’t believe u are so beautiful u must have atleast one
Viv: thinks of Atharv
Jaana na dil se door
Jaana na Dil se door plays

Rav:(seeing Viv’s state ) ok if u are not comfortable plz leave it
Viv: I want to tell you something which is very important
Rav: ok ok no problem whenever u feel comfortable tell me now take rest
They both sleep

It’s morning all family members are introduced
Suman: Ravish
Rav: yes mom coming
Viv: gud mng mother in law
Suman: very gud mrng vivha
Viv: seeks blessings from all
Suman : vi today u have to make breakfast
Viv: ok mom

After breakfast dadaji gives money as token of appreciation

Still Vividha is in Atharv’s thoughts

It’s evening all will go to temple

In temple
Viv: rav I want to tell you something
Rav: Ha bolo Viv

Viv : main main___
Rav: (phone ringing) excuse me
Viv: aaj batadeti

Rav: wat wat happened shockingly
Viv:wat happened?
Rav: kuch nahi I have to go immediately
Ravish goes from there
Sujatha is shown
Atharv is on bed

Rav: wat happened doctor
Doc: ravish___

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  1. Dimpurose11234

    Wt will happen next, u have good skills. Plz update next part soon.

  2. now wht is going to happen again suspense like in real serial but superb

  3. Short and sweet….nice.
    Keep going..
    Waiting for next epi.

  4. What happened

  5. Avanikamdar

    Nice …

  6. Superb yarrr

  7. Optimistic

    Plz plz encourage me with ur comments in future episodes more interesting things will happen I promise u I am writing for first time I know there are lot of vitharv fans plz do comment

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