Vitharv kitne pass kitne door (episode 1)

Hello this is optimistic here I am also trying to write cc on vitharv Hope u like it

Story same upto Kailash beating Atharv and forcing Vividha to marry ravish
In my story ravish is not wounded he just returned safely from army training

Ravish is simple caring fun loving guy despite army officer
It’s first night for Ravish
Viv is in room
Rav: knocks the door and calls Vividha Vividha
Viv: Ha coming
Rav: are u ok?

Viv: ___(she is in Atharv’s thoughts)
Rav: are u ok ok?
Viv: Ha
Rav: we will discuss our personal life since ours is arranged marriage
Viv: hestitatingly says Ha bolo
Rav: I am sincere, dad’s son etc
Viv: ok ok sadly

Rav: I have a small love story when I am in 9th I fell in love with my classmate
Hw funny it is?
Viv is not in the room she is in thoughts
All flashback moments of Atharv and her flashing infront of her
Rav: Vividha now tell me abt u
Viv: I am Vividha
Rav: that I know
Viv: I studied MBA etc
Rav: Ha ha ok tell me about Ur Love stories
Viv: I don’t have

Rav: are u serious
Viv: yes
Rav: I don’t believe u are so beautiful u must have atleast one
Viv: thinks of Atharv
Jaana na dil se door
Jaana na Dil se door plays

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  1. optimistic plzzz continue. happy to see another ff on vitharv. best of luck. but one request plzzz vitharv.

  2. Well nice story..
    Keep going

  3. Dimpurose11234

    Nice, plz carry on.

  4. Just also gonna come soon with story or series(drama, love & etc ) base on the story of JNDSD. which I hope will gonna indefinitely love. Right now preparing for the exam and simultaneously working on a story. Til the read some else story because when I gonna it will be bang bang. Till then enjoy the story of JNDSD and fan fictions.

  5. Plz encourage me with ur comments in coming days more things expected

  6. Awesome yar. I just luv it. Plsss post the nxt asap soon

  7. @Optimistic can u plsss tell me how 2 write an ff. I mean procedure

    1. Optimistic

      Register urself and click submit article

  8. o God one more ff of vividha atharva so happy plsssss continue

  9. Avanikamdar

    Good start …

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