Hello everyone this is the first time I’m attempting this type of ff so please give your precious comments as you always do

It was almost 10pm when I finished my daily routine and went to sleep. As soon as closed my eyes everything became dark and after a few seconds I was standing somewhere but I couldn’t find where as it was all blurry. Again few seconds later it all got cleared. And I was on cloud nine when I realised where I was standing. Yes I was standing in Mithila – the land of wisdom As soon as I realised it I started wandering around to know more and more about Mithila which I yearned to do since so long. When I made my way through a small rocky path. I saw small houses standing on both sides. They were small but each house had a pial and a pot full of water in front of it for travellers for sure and grains and water were kept in small containers for birds and animals too. Beautiful Rangolis were done in front of the houses. A woman passed by without even noticing me standing on the way. Then it flashed in my mind that no one can see me in this dream world . I continued going further in the path. Suddenly I saw some bright coloured sarees hanged for the dyed color to be dried up in front of a house. They had beautiful floral designs on them. When I got closer to have a clearer look they were so simple but are the most beautiful sarees I saw so far. I heard the sound of handlooms coming from one of the houses nearby. Curious as I was to know who made these wonderful saree patterns I entered the house. To my shocking surprise it wasn’t an experienced professional but a little girl of 10 to 12 years of age. An old man came out from a room and sat near the girl. Dada are these patterns good? she asked. He nodded yes and smiled. Dada why are you lying look they are all messy I’m not at all satisfied with it and you are saying they are good. Calm down dear you are learning just now and I’m sure you will make the most wonderful patterns of the world one day. Come let me teach you how to make patterns in sarees He said. It was so wonderful to see grandpa teaching and granddaughter learning from him. I sat down to enjoy this loveliest relationship of the world for sometime. Suddenly she asked Dada why don’t we ever weave grand silk clothes in Mithila? Even the royal family members do not wear grand clothes why is it so? Is that just because we can’t afford it? He laughed and said you are saying right dear we can’t afford making or wearing silk in because, in Videha it’s price is not just gold coins but the cruel killing of thousands and thousands of silkworms and Mithila does not believe in the killing of organisms for luxurious needs. Mithila is a peace loving country dear. Many people consider this as the weakness of Mithila but this is what makes Videha unique and special and this why our king Rajarishi Janak besides being the most simplest king ever is respected by everyone. Dada you are confusing me is he a Raja or a Rishi? She asked in an innocent voice. He took his granddaughter in his lap. Dear he is a Raja as well as a Rishi Rajarishi is a title bestowed on him by great Maharishis who were impressed by the way how he leads a simple life despite being a king. It’s true that he is a king. But unlike other kings he does not have lust for power. He took the responsibility of a king just to protect and lead his subjects in the path of dharma apart from that he prefers to lead a life of a yogi. No other king has done this before. He said She smiled and hugged him. I could see the admiration in her eyes. And I think no one can avoid admiring the king of Videha-_Rajarishi Janak.

After watching them for sometime I continued my journey. After a long walk I saw a house beautifully decorated with floral arrangements. The house was crowded with many guests. I guessed it was some sort of function and I was right. It was a wedding going on there. The family members welcomed everyone with a warm smile. They were all very happy and excited. After some time the rituals started and I was actually stunned by the way women were respected and were given important duties to perform in the wedding. And each and every ritual had a great hidden meaning in it. At last the wedding was over. And food was served to everyone and the members of both families did it themselves with love and smiling face. After finishing food everyone sat down to gossip and spend time together with their new relatives. Both the families introduced thier relatives to the other and soon what I saw there was not two families but one. The food cooked here is the tastiest food I have ever had a man said. Yes really the food was fantabulous. How do you cook such delicious food? A lady asked the bride’s mother. The mother smiled and said the food which you had was cooked with ingredients got from the crops grown in our field. We grow crops with love in Mithila. They are like our children. After all they are living beings too. And when we cook food using these ingredients we feel like we have achieved something. It is like enjoying success after all that hard work we did. And we cook with special care because if the food doesn’t have good taste then all our efforts will go in vain. The lady smiled and nodded in agreement. I stayed there till evening to enjoy and observe the wedding celebrations. When I came out Mithila was looking like a heaven in the lights of diyas everywhere. And I made my way to the palace which stood at the top of a hill amidst the vast woods. It was not at all a palace except for its enormity of size. I entered the palace unnoticed by the guards and entered a room it was long with Mahadev’s idol at the end and before him was the mighty, powerful and holy Shiv bow. After paying my reverence to the lord and his bow I entered the room of the four princesses and there I saw the best and loving father telling his daughters the story of the great Raghu clan and it’s kings as bed time story. I stood there listening to the story their valour thier truthfulness etc etc… One by one the girls fell asleep.

Impressed by the story I heard just now I wanted to visit Ayodhya which is being ruled by the present Raghu vansh king Dhashrath. But before I could even plan a visit I heard my mom calling me from somewhere far away asking me to wake up. No worries I will surely take u all with me when I visit Ayodhya someday. Will you guys come with me?

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  1. NABANITA626

    It’s so nice tanu……….
    It’s seemed to be that I have realy fine to the place and scenes are flashing in FRONT of my eyes till now….no words to describe your tallent………

  2. So sweet to see that you have written so well and with so much time. I really miss the show, thanks you guys for keeping this page going.

  3. Jayani

    Dis is awsum tanu di… Keep going n I just luv it… It was just like as if it really happened in front of my eyes… Nd pls dis is my humble request… Pls keep continuing dis page.

    Jai Siya Ram

  4. Padmaja

    Wow tanu u took me to mithila dear…… I really enjoyed the journey with u…. of course u also made me to dream and I wandered around with u in the dream land….. and eagerly waiting to continue our journey to ayodhya…. love u dear….

  5. its amazing tanu di .i love each and every scene the best thing abt this ff is that the ff is not fccused only the four couples but in the entire kingdom of mithila
    and tanu di plz write abt your visit to ayodhya also .eagerly waiting for your next ff

  6. Amalina

    Such a sweet, beautifully-written story! Wow!❤️

  7. Jay

    Nice Writing Thanmathi…. U just got clear picture if mithila in front of my eyes…..Waiting to visit Ayodhya with U…….

  8. NABANITA626

    @aman bro,joy bro,THANMATHI,vanshika,padmaja,THARUDI,jay di,vanshika,KISHU,padmaja,varshini
    Please vote for siya ke ram in the poll of which is your favourite historical show….please…

    1. Padmaja

      Hi dii done it…. I have voted for skr…

  9. Vanshika

    Very very very nyc tanu di I enjoyed so much in Mithila.. Waiting to go to Ayodhya ? love u ? I’m impressed ?? waiting for your autograph

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