Vishkanya or Varkanya?!


Alrighty let’s get started.
Vishkanya ek anokhi prem kahani which aired on zee started with fresh concept. It started with a young girl who was locked away in her home for 18 years, a girl who always wanted to see the outside world, explore it and make new friends. Sounds familiar? She’s just like repaunzal from Disney except she’s a vishkanya protected by her mother for a reason or say revenge! The dark mystery of kalpana and the secret of apu made the serial a worthwhile watch. Then the entry of apu’s love interest Malay who was smitten the first time he saw her. The cute meetings between them and beginning of love made all our hearts go out for this Jodi. The ultimate twist when apu discovered who she was and her mission. Of course she backed out at first due to her love for Malay. When the mittals humiliated her family she was hell bent on taking revenge. Now she was made villain and her innocence faded away! Her right to justice was shown as a vampy thing. Well to be honest I thought she’ll go back to being that sweet apu. It was not meant to be! THUD THUD the new entry vardaan showed up. Suddenly the background music turned reverse! This new entry was given a lead’s music and our sweet old apu was given a villainous music. Chalo this too shall pass on it’s a serial after all we thought. BUT NO! The new entry was given all the attention as if she was the lead and apus role sidelined showing less and less! Apu was tortured murdered on the day of her wedding and what did the makers do? Married off the new chipkali entry to Malay! Nowadays she’s shown as the satyavaan savitri and apu as shoorpanaka! Seriously who’s the lead here? Apu or chipkali? The serial’s name should be changed and we promise to no longer will watch the same Bs of maang sindoor and pati ka raksha type story which sadly vishkanya is turning to! It’s becoming varkanya instead of vishkanya! What a way to change serial!
Anyway I have already stopped watching the serial until they throw the chipkali out and bring back Apulay’s sweet and innocent love story.
Until next time keep watching this space???

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  1. Adito u r 100% right and I also don’t watch or read this serial and I only comment for my family members so that I can keep in touch with them it’s the only reason of my comments l wrote a line in the comments of yeh kahan aa gaye hum in capital letters yesterday should we write that line here too? Please answer I am waiting for ur answer

    1. Adito

      Hey ooshi sorry for the late reply. I hadn’t logged in for a long time. 🙁
      Yes you can write np.

  2. agree adito.this serial is so good in beginning and now again same suhag n mangalsutra stuff.if appu and malay married than its more intresting.and no comments for yucky chipkali.

  3. Sareena

    You are absolutely right adito….. When I started watching the serial.. Apu was sweet.. And I left because Apu was made villain and vardaan the lead… I And all that boring stuff was unexpected… I hate that chipkali.. Hope that her role ends..

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