Vishkanya-A luvly Saga 10


Hi frndzz..Sorry for late update..the conclusion..begins here.. Mohan sings”O mistress of mine..Where r u roaming? O.stay n hear..Ur true love is coming..”(Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”)n makes Anura little higher .. Anura cries with fear..The world changes into Eden garden,the first place of Man..(Imaginary one..Not intending someone/something.)Anura remembers the past..n says “I ll tell” “U,Cain,the son of Adam coming to tiz earth with ur brother Abel for a change..At tat time,u met me..We both r joinin in amor..My Sys knows I want to get the powers of u actually.not ur luv.She warns ur brother..God also accepts Ur brother’s not urs tat time.. I think”It’s the perfect time to solve pblms by killing my Sys n Ur brother” So,I told to U”Urs brother wants to kill U..My sys changed him..” U got angry n killed ur brother..tiz place..My sys escaped..I was trying to got her… I failed..Bt ” laugh monstrously”I didn’t miss her now” Mohan shouts”I didn’t fail..” his sword comes from his back n sharply goes to Anura’s neck.. Malay opens his eyes..”Bhaiyaa..Plz don’t kill her..Forgive her” Apu also begs..Apu’s ma n Abi also opening door.. Apu’s ma n Abi shocked while seeing Eden..n corpse of Anura n a rose in her hands put by Mohan. “Anura..”She cries.. Mohan stops the world once again n erased the memory of Anura frm world..His single tear falls down.. The world comes normal.. Time:Now.. Mohan,Apu,Malay,Abi n Apu’s ma r sitting in dining table .. Apu waits for Mohan’s compliment.. Mohan:”Nice as like as ur luv(Malay’s) saga..”..All smiles. End2: Mohan’s single tear falls down..Malay open his eyes..He is in water.. “No..”he shouts..Malay is going to be rainy by a tub of water by Apu..Apu runs n said”Darling..Come away from Dreams.n Sleep.”.. Malay said”I ‘ll catch u ..Dear..don’t run” Hope u like tiz frndzz..Tanq frndzz for encouraging..Tanq all..Write ur valuable comments frndzz…??

Credit to: HarSHaN

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